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Liberty and Freedom - a conversation with my cousin

After sending a link of the video posted here:
( http://www.dailypaul.com/265862/video-ron-paul-the-pursuit-o... ) in email to my cousin, a middle school teacher, below is his response and my reply to him:

"Sad thing is most folks, if they saw this, would think he (Ron Paul) is a quack."

My reply;
"You are correct I am afraid, but I believe that is because our society is systematically taught that they simply have liberty inherently while not teaching our children what it is and that it is a thing that must be maintained as importantly as brushing our teeth...

Wealth and power will always push for socialism, tyranny or both in their self interest. That natural human impulse must always be kept in check by an educated electorate under the principles of liberty and rule of law well outlined in the Constitution if this country is to survive as founded.

Liberty leads to freedom freedom can not truly exist without liberty. When asked, it seems most Americans can define neither freedom or liberty these days. It took me 40 years of life and 15 years of dealing with our corrupt government in business to learn it on my own so, I understand the tenancy toward ignorance.

Maybe the best thing we can do is take back our public schools locally and make sure our kids don't start out with the disadvantage of not understanding the basic civics of our country, their own rights and responsibilities, and the definitions of these two most important words and how they interact, liberty and freedom...

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