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What line would Rand have to cross to lose your support?

Q1: If the sanctions were not enough to lose your support, why not?

Q2: If not, What is the line where Rand would lose your support?

I'm struggling with this a little bit. I am not withdrawing my support yet simply because this country is is SUCH a hopeless straight and getting one of our guys in as POTUS is one of the few things that could actually win this thing for us.

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Foreign Work Visas - Rand Is Pro - I dont agree nor

understand why a foreigner would get preference for high tech jobs over Anerican born citizen. And I do not believe there wouldn't be an American who could fill any high tech job - any job for that matter.

Attending Bohemian Grove

Or maybe not sending me a Merry Christmas email I don't know...

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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That Bridge...

...was long ago crossed.

He's already crossed the line

multiple times.


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I'd be more interested to know what's behind the current upsurge in Rand threads.
Anyhow foreign policy is the issue in my opinion. Rand needs to firm up his stance on exactly what his policy is. I think the line of demarkation would clearly be any show of support for further commitment, extension or intervention.

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no kidding.

I'd love to not hear the name Rand Paul for at least 2 more years.

I'm not sure if its Rand's people testing the waters to keep their finger on the pulse of the Liberty movement, or if its establishment types trying to figure out what they will need to do to lead us away like the pied piper. Or if its just people who are so insecure that they feel they need to have a figure head to march behind in order to feel more cooler.

But there is definitely a statistically "fishy" smelling upsurge in the number of "Why not Rand" threads.

Rand DOES NOT vote against Liberty when the vote is close.

Rand has not ever voted against us except when the vote was already clearly lost by a wide margin.

Every time the vote in the US Senate was close he voted exactly the way his father has voted over the past 30 years.

This is strategy... falling back when the battle is already clearly lost... and then turning and out flanking the enemy and charge full steam ahead when he had a chance to give us a victory.

It takes a lot of battles to win a war, and Rand is smart enough not to throw away the overall victory in a single battle that has already been lost.


In that case explain

In that case explain this:


Rand is FOR sanctions thats why he voted for them.

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He did explain that one

the sanctions passed 98-0, sorry Rand isn't the 1 that his father is, but if you want the support of the sheep you have to run with them once or twice.

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why waste our time worrying about how bad Rand Paul

is when he is what we have. Why not go after Reid and Pelosi, and Graham, and Lieberman, and McCain. Rand is doing one hell of a job, he just knows when to land punches and when not to. He will never lose my support.

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So did you follow

So did you follow Rand's lead and support Romney?

If you are struggling

If you are struggling with this, then you fail to understand what Ron Paul has tried to explain all along.

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Rand gets a free pass?
When this question was reversed, I answered as honestly as I could. No Rand supporters have a "line in the sand?"

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Impossible question

This question is an impossible question to answer.
But when I see it, I'll know. But its hard to say where the tipping point is, because its not like there is only 1 issue to draw the line on, there are hundreds of issues. Each with their own lines in the sand, and some issues matter more than others.

Honestly, its not about 1 vote that is good or bad that makes or breaks it for me. I want to know the man's philosophy on life, and then I'd like to see him spend several years practicing what he preaches.

When its time to pick a candidate, I'd like to review his record and see if, overall, he's my guy.

Its way to early to bother making that decision today, as the decision has no value yet.