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HUGE opportunity Monday-Friday 1pm-3pm CST

I mentioned a few days ago about listening to WVCY radio's Crosstalk program out of Milwaukee, as they are hitting on some poltically relevant issues since Obama got re-elected.

Each weekday, between 1-3pm, the station hosts two shows where they are preaching to the Christian choir from predominantly WND sources and FoxNews sources. Friday's show they talked about the Bakkar oil in North Dakota as though it was the first they heard of it, but we on the DP mentioned it back in '09.

Anyway, my point is, dozens of us could call in these programs and EDUCATE the hosts and the listeners to the TRUTH about how we can do more than call our congressman...we'll never get on the big right-wing shows(and their audiences are already mind-numbed GOP hopeless), but these guys can be prodded, and ideas can be dropped on fertile soil as the culture war is going to rage on.

At this point, Progressives are trying to split the Democrat Party, and Libertarians are trying to split the Republican Party....so the talk radio mass syndicate would tell us to give the fed up false hope....

My suggestion is that we not only provoke deeper thought, but we challenge the bilked Christian Republicans to distrust and throw off the"old guard"(while withdrawing support and bankrupting the worthless K-street pro-family wolves in sheep's clothing that sold them out to MORE of the same); but we encourage them to get involved locally, as well as name names of the compromised celebrities in politics and religious circles who we can PROVE don't have their back, or an ounce of concern for our posterity!!!

These two shows are very easy to get on, and they recognize my voice, so I can't get on every day...but other DPers can!

Search for VCY America Crosstalk and you can listen streaming on a smartphone. The show that is on at 1pm CST before Crosstalk is Worldview Weekend Radio.

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they're talking our issues....right now...

Doing a show on HEADLINES and Obamacare taxes!###

Listen and call in.....



Vic Eliason is on with Larry Pratt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they're talking our issues NOW!!!!

Today......tune in....call in.......

Talk radio and its uses

Excellent idea, and thanx for the heads-up.

By all means try to call in, but even if you can't reach them, then try to reach them on their e-mail, facebook and twitter accounts.

Needless to say, be concise and well informed, mind your manners, and remember that you are, in a sense, speaking for the liberty movement when calling, texting, or e-mailing.


"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

bump for discussion??

well....wouldnt you know it....

I got on....but....he totally misrepresented my beliefs since I now see the Hollywood rapture left behind hoax for what it is!!!

I do not hope to usher in some "the world is gonna get better and better" worldview into government to to then invite the Kingdom of God to Earth, any more than our founders wanted to(and their eschatological view was pre-discovery of the "secret rapture" doctrine most evangelicals now hold to)...Ron Paul certainly wasn't for an unrealistic Christian theocracy either!!!!

See, there's some hypocritical bullying going on by these pre-trip pro-Israel cultural loudmouths with their microphones....they have been in bed with the GOP at the top for years, and they're still taking in $$$$$ for them, falling for their lies, opposing Ron Paul's vision of liberty and freedom all the way...and NOW giving his domestic policy positions lip-service after the fact!!!

Nail these guys on it!!!!!

Doctrinally speaking, there seems good evidence that this splitting the Second Coming of Christ into two seperate events is a 180 year old error that all the church fathers before Darby and Scofield MISSED!!!

What the founders did is what I support!!!! The throwing off of tyrannical parent government by WISE MEN who practice self-restraint from vices common to man, and have enough reverence for a Supreme Being/Creator of all men, to the degree they trust "something" will reward them for telling the TRUTH in both their private and personal lives!

Eschatology DOES impact/paralyze good people into doing nothing, at the same time it repels Christians playing church and being good Republicans away from Ron Paul through buying even more propaganda from wolves in sheeps clothing.....I was just falsely marginalized and collectivised by a guy who has bought into error, making a living supposedly exposing false doctine and false teachers!!!!

He brought up QE4 and the fact that $16 trillion in debt is probably well over $100 trillion in obligations....but how have they treated us and Ron Paul the past 5 years???
Let's get them!!!!!

he said he would talk about....

....the economy.....so formulate your question when he does, tgen be the first to call in!!!

start listening now.....

I'm a Wisconsinite

thanks for the head's up.

I'll be calling in on no topic at all and listening in and weighing in on whatever they happened to have mentioned in the last 40 seconds and giving the 'Paulistinian' view as it may be...

again, thanks!

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

be forewarned....

....I called in today, to say Christians like me were way ahead of the game knowing the pro-family K-street lobbying groups take money but not strong stands, as evidenced by how they marginalized Ron Paul and his supporters for not "fearing radical Islam" insomuch as we need war without a defined end: and because I mentioned Ron Paul by name, I may have shown my cards.

I didn't get on the air because the program ran out of time, although I thought I was the first caller at 1:45...

They want to "win the culture war" they say...so do we....but not in the pro-Israel Christian theocratic state way; what we want is truth telling Statesmen serving in public office, not liars, and not a benevolent dictatorship with a no limit debt ceiling!!!

thoughtful bump....

Tomorrow, on that Worldview Weekend show, I believe the host is going to talk about Rick Warren being a false teacher because of his confused position on homosexuality being a sin and whether or not homosexuals will be going to Heaven.

Rather than get dragged down into this infighting amongst weak worldly pastors who love the popularity and salutations in the marketplace; I want Christians to be told that pre-trib rapture theology is the false teaching that renders them unable to choose proper government leadership; because they think they won't be here for the tribulation period....

The great falling away(the apostasy) that must happen before anti-Christ can be revealed is what clowns like Rick Warren and the Fox News/Left Behind/pro-Israel before America World Net Daily show us!!!

Because I have reconciled for the moment that the lack of TRUE leadership by the church has led us into this political abyss, I likewise submit a hammering of more Left Behind rhetoric by those "exposing" false teachers will further the ERROR that says God will spare us from evil men and their murderous ways....

Is the end here? Is the end near? I don't care...I have to stand for righteousness and rebuke liars and deceivers, just like Ron Paul has!!!

Call in guys, and challenge them....we proved we ARE a huge threat at the convention, and secondly by the recent purging of Amash and others off the budget committee....this is a front that we can influence.....listen weekdays and CALL IN when they bring up our issues...