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The GOP Civil War Begins! Are We Ready?!

To all Ron Paul supporters!

I have made this video for you all to see and I am asking all of you to keep the strategy proposed in here in mind. In expelling Justin Amash and his allies from the House Budget and Finance committees and refusing to back Ken Cuccinelli for Governor in Virginia, the GOP Establishment has officially declared war on us in the Liberty Movement and the Tea Party and we need to be prepared to take certain steps should they become necessary. Please like and share!



In Liberty,

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall.

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No third party has a chance the laws were written purposely

The laws on the books empower the two parties. Yeah it sucks, deal with it. Not fair? What is? The only way we have a chance to effect change and restore our Republic is by redirecting the GOP with us in charge. Will it be easy, we know the answer to that. Will it be quick? No, it is possible? It is the only way we have a chance. We must continue to fight for control of the party and educate people on why freedom is the answer.

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want because you think it would be good for him. – Robert Heinlein


We Need DIRECT Representation

First-past-the-post elections always lead to a two-party balance of power. The people are thus easily divided and manipulated... especially by well-funded "spoiler" candidates. (Romney was the spoiler because his astroturf campaign took votes away from the grassroots candidate Ron Paul.) The tragic result is that under our system most Americans are denied representation. This I believe is the hole in the armor of our Constitution through which corruption has entered to undermine our republic.

Why can't we just eliminate elections and allocate representative power (with limits) according to the number of supporters?

3rd party

NO! that is EXACTLY what they want us to do, run away with our tail in between our legs. what needs to happen is for us to FIGHT BACK! If you'v ever been in a fight you will know that you'll always take a few shots no fight is ever flawless, but you get back up stand your ground look you opponent in the eye and swing HARD!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

The problem is:

As RP has stated many times, along with Thomas Jefferson and George Washington: "Beware of parties!".

Parties, in fact, any organization can be taken over. Imagine if somebody came to the DP and said, "I love what you've done. I want to buy your organization, your website, etc. How's $1 million sound?"

Mr. Nystrom would perhaps not sell, but maybe he would. Who knows. But that is how it happens. Money can buy anything, and HAS. All major parties and organizations, from the Boy Scouts to obviously the GOP and Democrats, have been bought long ago. Any "third party" or a real second party (assuming the Repubs and Dems are one in the same) can and will be co-opted. Look what happen to the Tea Party started by RP and Alex Jones followers back in 2007. Michelle Bachman and many other neo cons like S. Palin claim to be part of the Tea Party.

No, the answer is not party.

The answer YES still is grassroots, but it must be directed towards getting true Constitutionists who are committed to NULLIFICATION so that Wash DC becomes irrelevant. Because right now, they rule us like the King of England did. They shoot us, they imprison us, they tax us to death, they threaten us.

I love the idea of rallying behind that patriot gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, mentioned in the video. We had such an opportunity in KY in Phil Moffitt, but he could only raise $100,000 and STILL only lost by 7,000 votes!!!! If RP or Rand Paul had endorsed him, he would have won. Why they didn't blows my mind. Imagine having a "nullification" governor leading KY right now.

Right now, ALL 50 governors are puppets, just like Obama is, and Romney would have been.

We have to get strong local sheriffs who are committed to employing the "rightful remedy" of nullification of tyrannical federal laws. There is precedent in history. And we have truth on our side. This is where we need RP to step up and start preaching openly and frequently this "rural" doctrine of nullification. He does endorse it. He just needs to emphasize it.

Not sure what this prof means by "rural doctrine", but I suggest getting on the bandwagon of nullification. http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

I partially agree

Grassroots, if they take longer than 1-year to get desired results usually turn into political parties -- Campaign for Liberty, Tea Party, etc.

Under American Capitalism (1790 to 1912) we had "slavery" and only a few could actual vote (decide).

Since there were fewer decision makers it was EASY to see the snakes-in-the-grass (the lobbyists) -- but this tradition goes back to the first empires - monarchies - dynasties (etc).

You cannot eliminate the sell-out factor -- and that factor can ONLY exist when there is another profit-potential on the books OTHER THAN consumers.

Free-Society (profit centers):

1) Consumers-who-Purchase

2) Consumers-who-Invest

Capitalism - Corporatism - Socialism - Monarchism (profit centers):

1) Consumers-who-Purchase

2) Consumers-who-Invest

3) Gov't-Intervention (circumvention of consumer rule via: regulation, price-ceilings, price-floors, bailouts, and barriers to competitive entry into any market OR Monopoly Granting Authority).

That's IT in a nutshell.

Gov't Intervention ALWAYS begins with the votes of the elite and eventually becomes voting for-all.

Unless you can show a form of Capitalism that existed WITHOUT slavery that term at the era it represents needs to stop being the basis for free-market theory.

For there to be Consumer-Rule all Consumers must be free to chose anything and everything. If you believe there are things that should NOT be allowed, as a consumptive choice, then you will need the bigger gang (perpetual war = voting and lobbying).

You know you're over the target when you are getting flack

What? We get a little slap down from the people who managed to lose the last election by ignoring us, so now we run off to form a third party? That's exactly what they want us to do. I say we stay in the Republican party and hold them to their promise of smaller government, fiscal responsibility and constitutional governance. If they want a democrat lite party, let them go start a new party.

my concern is the same

my concern is the same power/money in the gop will leave us with a dead-branded gop while they form a new establishment party to screw the country again. They did it more then once with movements(tea party and i am sure other movements before my time) and their own party.

Ron Paul 2016

what people are failing to

what people are failing to see is the coloradogop is just a few % points from being a 3rd party. So in essence if we created a new 2nd party coalition /the gop becomes a 3rd party= win for liberty as we are the second party if the gop crumbles as it is in colorado slowly but surely as they oppose 2/3 of colorado voters and the colorado constitution.

Ron Paul 2016

This is good

If taking over the party is not possible then we need to do everything we can to destroy it. We can't do that by sitting on the sidelines in some irrelevant third party. This new party cannot be formed until the old one is wrecked!!

Why can't we just call it the New Republican Party. They can't trademark the word Republican can they?

Brand Recognition

If there is going to be a 3rd party created, the selection of a name is of critical importance. Branding is everything.

"Classic" Coke is a better brand than "New" Coke. Classic is cool. And, it implies getting back to what worked before.

And, its not about republican ideals, (which have been branded as pro-corporation rather than small government). Its about the original ideals upon which America was founded.

Something like "Classic American Party" would be better than "New Republican Party" because it emphasizes the things that draw people to the movement, rather than the things they hate.

American Party sounds too nationalistic

has a fascist ring to it. I like the idea of taking back the word republican, they already stole 'liberal' and 'progressive'. This means we give them 'republican' also. Draw the line somewhere. Not that big of a deal ..

I think I agree with you

To me "Classic America" means .... fundamentals of the Constitution, so it has a bit of appeal to it there. But, I can see your point. Republican WAS supposed to mean that, and there is no reason to abandon yet another decent word so it can be co-opted by the other guys.

And, I'm a lot less worried about the name of a party then I am about what direction it wants to go. If the party itself keeps going the other direction, we wont have much use but to let it go, and take the name with it.

If I am purged from the GOP

I will not be inclined to start another third party. I think we need to come up with valid response to the purge.

Staying in is a perpetual challenge.. just when you think you won the rat race, along comes the fat cat.. another rat hole (third party is not a solution.. it's a retreat: FAIL).

we wouldn't be the 3rd party

we wouldn't be the 3rd party in colorado. the gop would! We would be the second party with the coalition. The gop is just a few % from being a 3rd party in many states if we formed a new political coalition involving 3rd parties and ron paul republicans,indy's and dems!Then we wouldn't be a 3rd party. Liberty Party said this 8 years ago and will repeat.

ron paul won colorado with santorum delegates not romney but the way the failed cogop is acting romney won 100% and they want to oppose 2/3 of the colorado voters and the colorado constitution. At some point we have to decide to flush the failed gop down the toilet before they leave us with a dead brandname we cannot even sell to folks. Which is exactly what is happening in colorado. when the cogop/gop leadership ignores the colorado constitution 2/3 of the voters over 2 generations of votes.

the cogop/gop is setting themselves up to die in colorado.

Ron Paul 2016

I see it this way

In CA, and I'm sure many states, the GOP is a third party with Democrats, No Party Preference/Decline to State/Indy voter registration being second.. thing is, these folks have no representation, are not set up, and the only thing they agree on is they don't like either major party. Americans Elect tried to form a second party on line. Nader made 4 Indy runs to break through and he was nominated by many third parties who respected his campaign mission to fight for ballot accessa and open debates. All he/we got were multible law suits in multiple states.. and even Ron Paul had Lawyers for Ron Paul and Richard Gilbert and others seeking law suits from elction, campaign and party "shenanigans".

The fact the GOP is a bad "brandname" is to our advantage, because we don't own the previous shame, we are in to remove it by restoring the republic. We have a goal, a mission, a message and solutions to global, economic and national solutions.

The GOP is as well connected as the Democratic Party.. so it's not going to be a cake walk to take it, but it's a good fight because preseverence, patience, intelligence and respect will pay off.

All we have to do is continue to show up and do what we were doing as grassroots. Expect them to fight us.. they ignored us, laughed at us and now they fight us.. so what happens next?

Another Third Party? No a Second Party

Ron Paul says the Democratic and Republican party is one and the same. Time for a second party. If it happens are you not going to participate?


And Ralph Nader said it in 96

Ron Paul remains a Republican.. go figure.

The GOP purges me, I'm done.

He is still a Republican? Did not vote ,though.

I agree third parties have (since Ross Perot) been ousted from the election process, yet now so have the best Republican nominees. Times are changing and remember, "No army or government can stop and idea whose time has cone". (my favorite quote now that my old favorite one is on a back burner, that being "There is no path to the white house without Ron Paul". Lately Dr Paul has said the Republican and Democratic Parties are "DINOSAURS". This means they are going to be extinct! Even our own state Ron Paul coordinator said "If you want to stay involved in politics and continue to drive the liberty movement forward, your time is best spent building a county Campaign for Liberty organization--not building a local Republican party", and this is the same person before Tamap that encouraged everyone in the state to become a Precinct Delegate. In my district at the State Convention one third of our delegates voted for Dr. Paul. I don't think it would take too much work to build a large Libery organization, especially since the Primaries and the Tampa fiasco.


I know it would take too much work

First of all, I think the exercizes C4L puts folks through is good, good for everyone.

It's not about building a local GOP. The GOP is established, however, they are not the establishment, the Democratic Party is.

When it comes to building a C4L locally, I see no problem with working with all parties and Independents, but when it comes to materializing the message, I see the GOP as the vehicle because it's established, and that is something that, we take advantage of in restoring teh Republic,, or maybe restoring the republic is not an option, we go into the NWO with a "new party" that can easily be co-opted because like OWS that has nothing, and no prefered party registered voters that have no representation, just whatever the other parties offer them on the ballot, have no leadership to take, where the GOP does. c$l teaches us how and provides the extended support we need to take a party..not create one.

That would be a massive job and we don't have the educated, charismic people, MSM, and way too many enemies.

The GOP is in a conflict

The GOP is in a conflict within the republican party. But I would not call it a, "Civil War," simply because establishment republicans are playing politics as usual...it's not like what they did was any kind of surprise attack on the Liberty Movement.

We saw this coming from many, many miles away. Hell, we saw it coming since the GOP tried to hijack Maine. Please hesitate to use the term, "Civil War," in such a liberal fashion....

We MUST STOP fighting the party, because they want us to do that. Don't concentrate on the GOP! What they do not want us to do is start fighting against their own ideas, and the absolute LAST thing they want the Liberty Movement to do is start creating our own ideas...our own vision within the republican party.

If the Liberty Movement wants to win over the GOP, they're gonna have to do it with the power of persuasion, and Big ideas in the time of New Media.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

by the time we take the gop

by the time we take the gop over. the gop establishment will have left us a dead-branded party as they start a new establishment party with their corrupt money. want examples? tea party co-opted, whigs-establishment moved on to the republican party!!

Ron Paul 2016

It is good

But that war is already won. Our real fight is with the Democratic Party Marxists right now. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

It is necessary! War is

It is necessary! War is necessary here, not in Iran or Syria.

You've got to be freaking

You've got to be freaking kidding us, right? You can't be serious I hope.

I can just imagine the international bankers right now - foaming at the mouth over the idea of another American Civil War...they would fund both sides, just as they did during the first one.

"Let's start killing people here at home instead of overseas," is like saying please give me the lethal injection instead of the electric chair.

AMERICA will NEVER again go to war against ourselves, because too many Americans of every religion and race KNOW who benefits.

We must wage a war of information and IDEAS!!!! Don't get fooled into another bloody war, for Christ's sake.

Did you know that OVER 95% of all warfare is psychological, NOT physical bombs, tanks and bullets?

"Because there's a war going on for your mind."

So true....don't think what they want you to think. And the last thing they want you to think is peace, because peace doesn't come with high interest loans, debt, and the sacrifice of our individual rights.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I was talking about

I was talking about methaphorical civil war within the GOP, not an actual violent uprising! Lord have mercy.

I'm pretty sure he meant "war" very figuratively

just sayin'