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Ron Paul speaking tour is $50,000 per engagement

I got pretty excited to hear that Ron was going to go on a speaking tour. I talked to a real great guy at Greater Talent network to ask him the rate to have RP come to our campus. After he asked me to sit down, he gave me the price: yep - $50,000.

He did say that was an initial rate and it could be negotiated later....the company is just putting out feelers for now.....


Wonder if we could have a speaking tour money bomb
UPDATE: Retired Ron Paul Will Speak More on College Campuses

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The price is to meet market

The price is to meet market demand. Sure Ron would do it for 10k, but his time is too precious to be speaking at every Rotary Club and community college in the country. 50k signifies that the demand of the event will speak to enough people that want to hear it it that it's worth his time. Of course if he thinks a place is significant enough he will do it for absolutely nothing. He just doesn't want to put himself out there spread too thin, he has many important things to do that progress the movement other than just giving speeches.

Let the freemarket run its course folks.

If demand for Dr. Paul will support $50k (and I think it does) then he'll get it. If not then he will either just have to adjust his published pricing or, more likely, discount to what people can afford.

here's a list

If it's good enough for Cornel West...

Then it's good enough for Ron Paul and to hear him talk about the joys of the free market.

As opposed to:

"I defend the fundamental claim of Marxist theory: there must be countervailing forces that defend people's needs against the brutality of profit driven capitalism."
- Cornel West

But it will cost you $50,000 to hear him preach about the brutality of profit.


The Clinton's charge $200,000

The Clinton's charge $200,000 per speaking event. So I say if you get Ron Paul at $50,000, that's a pretty good deal!

Price system FTW!

Is no one here realizing

The cost of travel, the commission greater talent gets, in some cases venue reservations, audio equipment.. Besides who are you to tell him he has to do something for free? Your on a site that advocates free markets, but mad that he shouldn't charge? If I was leaving my family to talk about something I have talked about all my life. I would feel inclined to charge money to. And besides he still talks for free all the time! Give me a break!

The money

If RP can get that coinage at a commercial venue...why not?

Universities are commericial and convention halls and so are many churches.

If I were him I would think about getting it in coinage lol

ie. a barrel of quarters :)


He's got plenty of money why

He's got plenty of money why does he need to charge this much? He should just charge enough to cover expenses. The message is more important. And I call BS on the charging that much money gives more credibility.

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"He's got plenty of money"?

How do you know how much money Ron Paul has & who are you to judge how much money is enough for RP?
I certainly don't know but I don't think he earned as much as other doctors or congressmen.

You should not get bent out

You should not get bent out of shape about this. There are a million reasons why you price a product. Just because his service has a retail sticker price of 50K per unit does not mean that much.
Some examples: Once a price is stated Ron simply has a starting point for payment options tax and charity write-offs etc... If you have a valid venue that can not raise the 50K my guess is there is a way to still get him there through creative financial arrangements.

He has to establish a "published price value" to work other angles value trades etc. This is pretty standard.

BTW., I think 50K is price competitive when you look at this market and what others of Paul's level of attraction are asking. Of course his message is unlikely to bring him 400K in one wack (See Hillary Clinton this week - http://www.dailypaul.com/304083/nope-shes-not-a-bankster-pup... ) from Goldman Sacks as you might already assume. His message in fact is most likely to limit his market appeal to those who control our money most don't you think? A 50K sticker price seems pretty nimble to me.

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He's got a big family. At

He's got a big family. At this point he's thinking about what to leave to each of them. How ever much it is, it aint gonna go far at this rate.

Average in

all the free ones he's given. It's nice to see the TRUTH earning respect. The REVOLUTION has reached the next level.

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Great comment, bierdegarde.

Plus, Gore charges triple this amount/speech, $175,000. Ron Paul's price is a bargain. 5,000 people X $20/person = $100,000.


Worth Every Penny!

I think that it is wonderful that an advocate of liberty like Ron Paul can credibly demand a speaker's fee of $50,000 (hopefully including some book, movie, or TV rights when the time comes) per appearance!

We have come a long way since the shameful days when NYU had to be paid by outside charity to keep on the world-renowned economist and philosopher Ludwig von Mises as a "visiting professor".

In their time F.A. Hayek at the University of Chicago and Murray Rothbard at Brooklyn Polytech were neglected almost as shamefully!

It is WONDERFUL that one of ours has finally made it into a celebrity speaker's circle.

Way to go, Ron Paul!

All our love, and with wishes for...


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Believe it or not

charging money also adds credibility.

Sounds weird but it's true. People perceive value for things less if they are free. They think, oh it's not good enough to charge for obviously.

He Should Charge More

He is worth way more than 50K per speaking spot.

this is just a way to cut

this is just a way to cut down on his speaking obligations, he will only go to the most highly-valued events(hence willingness to pay).

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free market at work, which can be a very effective filter.

FAct is:

I rather spend 50 grand on a liberty billboard.

He's Been Speaking for Free for Long Enough

Good for him for charging for his speeches. He's done enough of them for free.

he shouldnt charge people to

he shouldnt charge people to learn the philosophies of freedom. "Sure ill tell you how to save your country, but you gotta pay me first". But to each his own, he has done more for liberty than anyone here but im still upset about the high charge.

not really

he has been getting paid by tax payers.

Tax payers

paid for his activity in congress. He's done speeches outside his role as district representative.

$10 per head is not a budget buster - I would certainly pay

more than that and would gladly pay the cost for friends who need a wake up call. Don't you think people will travel many miles to attend? If he has the right venues, I think 7,500 people would be an easy goal.

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Depends on what state.

Veteran's Day Rally in South Carolina was barely attended - though I was kinda glad so we could get our pic taken with Ron Paul. :-)

I know, kinda selfish.

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very sad news, i guess some

very sad news, i guess some rich folks better step up. as most Americans live paycheck to paycheck so they are not homeless!

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That world is beyond what most understand.

It's not for the average person to hire the guy, it's usually Universities and or large groups that do that for conventions and so forth.

Although, I'd love to be able to have him come to my shop and speak for $8 an hour, it's just unrealistic to expect. :)

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If he gets 4200+ people as he did in Utah that's about $12

per head, or $15 if you count facility fee, I should think, at campus prices.

Maybe the group should make it per head, then do what Ron did, and only go where there is a petition with over 1000 (or 1500) signatures saying they would be interested in going.

If the crowds stayed large, no problem. If they don't, he'd have to rethink it.

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So, how much MORE is Ron Paul worthy than, say,

Bill -monica's friend- Clinton? . . . is what "the free market" will ask.

(While answering the above question, consider this ;-)
"A CNN analysis of Hillary Rodham Clinton's financial disclosure statement last summer – required for her position as secretary of state – found he [Bill Clinton] pulled in $13.4 million in 2011 and has earned $89 million giving speeches since he left office in 2001."
( http://www.sacbee.com/2012/12/03/5026074/bill-clinton-supers...)