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Staying in the Republican Party is like staying with Andy Capp

Remember in the comics, as a kid, you would read Andy Capp? He seemed like a wild crazy cat, at first. Then somehow, as you got older he turned into a late-night boozing, football carousing, wife beating drunkard. And then it wasn't so funny anymore right, like the joke was on you when you realized he was a constant loser.... Well maybe the joke is on us if we continue in the Republican Party.

It's funny what life teaches us and what you can learn from even a simple comic strip. But haven't we become that wife that always gets beat up and still keeps coming back for more?

Well this is an addiction my friend, and we all need to stop! So gather up your lawn chairs and your beergoogles as I'm holding an intervention. I will start first because I'm as guilty as anyone. I suffer from GOP addiction.... I {Lance} realize that I am completely out of my mind to ever think that the GOP can win in 2016 nor any time in our lifetimes and to believe in such fairytales might make me feel better but it is not reality.... Like believing in North Korean unicorns or the Dallas Cowboys making the playoffs.

Being a Republican is like being the laughingstock of the land you don't really want to admit you're a Republican in public. I mean who wants to be associated with freaks and carnival barker's like Dick Morris or Larry Kudlow, these two belong in an insane asylum

Now I know some of you will stay in the Republican Party as an apparatus and realize that the movement is more important than the party and I am not talking to you because we always need plants, but as for me, Im shaken that Monkey-off my back and joining the Democratic party.

The Democrats are riding high right now and I want to be associated with winners not losers.Everyone knows what the definition of insanity and friends I'm getting off that merry-go-round once and for all .Oh and BTW I will never leave the Daily Paul ever I swear there's just too many people on here I like to torture.

Oh and remember this, if you are a libertarian than you are not a Republican, think about it.

This is dedicated to the memory of my dear friend, fellow patriot and most of all most of all, my fellow DPer PUNKSKAYGUY.

RIP my brother, and hope you're reading this somewhere.

Viva La R3volution,me amigo.

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I have chosen the STACKING Party

I have chosen the STACKING Party :




"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

LOL...good luck with that

If you want to have any impact on politics, you have to be involved in one of the two major parties. Both of them are extremely hostile to libertarianism. Most of us have chosen the GOP because it's the slightly easier route, only because the Republicans at least pretend to be in favor of smaller government, which means they have to at least feign agreement with us on certain issues, and can't attack us as violently as we would be attacked in the Democratic Party. Hence I see absolutely no value whatsoever in switching to the Democratic Party. The Titanic sank and you're talking about switching from a crappy, leaking lifeboat to a floating seat cushion. Could be worse though, the people talking about third parties are planning to tread water till the rescue boats arrive.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

there has alway been a movement of libertarians

in the Democratic Party probalbly as lomg as theres been Libertairians Repblican party. This is not anything new Im doing,

Another Unmasking...

The Democrat-wing of the Globalist-Collectivist Party has zero redeeming value and represents a deadly threat, even more immediate, than does the Republican-wing of the Globalist-Collectivist Party.

Anyone who could or would join and lend their support and their numbers to such an enemy-to-the-Constitution apparatus, well, it speaks for itself.

To each his or her own, of course.

This goes to the point I have made here on several occasions, that being, that a goodly portion of the DP-crowd seem more akin to disaffected democrats and to gravitate to disaffected lefty-collectivist positions, rather than to actual constitutionalism and individual liberty.

Of course and in fairness, another goodly chunk of posters here are directly identifiable as disgruntled republicans and seem to gravitate to what are often righty-collectivist positions and thought, rather than actual constitutionalism and individual liberty.

The faux left-right paradigm, frequently on display and always with the same underlying common denominator...collectivism, no matter how veiled or camouflaged.

self governance is the only non-collectivist "party."

"Table for one?"
"Yes, thank you, the queen is hungry. I'll take that booth there, next to that other queen and the king she is dining with. Thank you kindly, your majesty, for seating me."

How would the world look if we treated each other like everything was a meeting of kings and queens?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Still Stuck in the Party-Paradigm, Eh?

Here is a real tough one to puzzle out, so pay attention...

I do not want or need 'party'. I do not require or desire to be 'governed'. I work toward and desire the election ONLY of those who would/will focus entirely on restraining the federal-leviathan to its constitutionally enumerated powers, duties and role.

Those constitutionally authorized powers and duties, employed by the fed-gov, do not 'govern individuals', they properly secure liberties, provide a safe nation from those who would attack or harm, and several other things, primarily to be found in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, further limited and restrained by the Bill of Rights, particularly Amendment IX and Amendment X.

My state, constitutionally, plays a further role beyond that delegated to the fed-gov and that is for the residents/citizens of that sovereign state to address on a state-by-state basis.

Other than that, what are you babbling about?

being in the Republican party.

Is like only being able to see one movie your whole life the The Rocky Horror Picture "Lets Do the timewarp again".

self governance is "party paradigm?"

I'll have whatever you're having, it seems to be some really good stuff.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Im really looking forward to going snowboarding ,fishy

In Colorado s I always go every year this time should really be fun.Fishy you have know idea . Luv ya!

We teach people how we want to be treated

Staying in the GOP teaches Republicans that we like getting disenfranchised and abused. No thanks.


To put an addendum on my comment above.... How would the world look if we all demanded to be treated as the kings and queens of our lives that we are? Would we voluntarily attend a "party" with the likes of the GOP?
I used to think things would be better at the local level, but at the last caucus I attended my "allies" in the GOP were openly hostile. This is after 5 years of "their" people taking some spectacular falls from grace doing things like stalking ex-girlfriends,
(Doesn't he look presidential?)

stealing a neighbor's truck and crashing it in a drunken stupor
(Doesn't he look sorry? The GOP let him keep his seat.)

and sexually harassing an employee at his Capitol office

Here is what that weasel considers an apology:

Note all he had to admit to was "disturbing the peace." The victim's story is in this piece, too.

When we show up asking for a little consideration of the honorable Ron Paul, they wanted no part of it.
(The Dems are no better, I am sure, but no one here is seriously discussing being Democrats.)

You can lead an elephant to truth, but you can't make him love it.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I could not join the Democratic Party

To me, The Democratic Party is THE establishment. Maybe it's living in CA? MSM and peer pressure make it so easy to be a Democrat.

Where, Republicans wear a mantal of shame.. MSM and the elite put pressure to keep the party lean, and to me it's because the GOP represents many special interests.. guns, organized religion, industry and conservative values, issues that people who want a big government they can depend on fight. So, it is not easy being a Republican, and that is actually our biggest advantage, because Ron Paul Republicans have a great message that can redeem the GOP and restore the republic.

Personally, when someone tells me that they are a Democrat, or I see an Obama sticker, I shudder.

Well Grunger

Obviously Im not talking to you. I would prefer you in your perch in the Crows Nest.Cheers darling......

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Well, I may be the weirdest political voyeur around, because ...


because I'm actually a proponent of electing People representatives for the Houses ... out of ...

Z E R O - Party ... AT ALL.

And yet, yes : by the bunch of rep. numbers required. The required dozens of congressmen, senators, etc.

Yes, ZERO Party (the party and partying ain't often fun, anyway, dunno if anyone noticed...)


Not about the Republicans. Not about the Democrats. Not about the Libertarians - to me, to be a libertarian is more a way of life than anything politically practical anyway, but whatever - that's beyond the point.

So, yes ...

to "do" politics - defend / argue ideas / TEXTS - WITHOUT ANY PARTY affiliation, so that the People give a try to make them candidates compete around KNOWN, LIMITED SETS of CORE TEXTS, instead.

Note : non-mandatory, though. Those absolutely attached to joining "their" party still totally free to do so, of course.

But ... HUH ?! How can you even ARGUE politically while NOT from within ANY party ?!

Well, more here :


But well... likely not practical enough or ever.

I dunno.


"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

"libartaran is a way of life"

Well said my friend and WHOEVER is tha hata naga this is a Memorial.