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Numsimatics vs Junk Silver

Do you silver stackers stick with one or the other or both?

I've stacked a couple of slabbed MS69 and MS70 ASE's along with a few old generic Morgans. I don't stack enough to be considered a real stacker but just curious. I like morgans and one I keep in my wallet (not junk but not slabbed) to show people what real money is.

I've gotten a few different responses from stackers of both. Either our currency will collapse and junk silver is best to stack (particularly dimes and low denomination currency, I like dollars though) or numismatics will always hold value and appreciate over time in excess of inflation of FRN's should our FRN's not collapse (Keynesians). If I understand correctly, slabbed coins will always be worth more than melt. But my argument is what if our currency collapses.

Junk, slabbed, generic bullion bars, or generic morgans?

I have a feeling the consensus will be whatever is cheapest over melt.


I'd like all of them. Property first though.

The morgans are cool because you can show what one bought 101 years ago (1911) vs now with the federal reserve even though most were released so much later. But that shows inflation in any case. Dimes would probably be better but dollars make more sense to most people. Wish I could get an oz kuggerand or $20 oz piece to prove the point even more but again, not rich.

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Be careful with morgans

Morgans are one of the most counter fitted coins in the world. Nusmatics will have a market no matter what, it will take a little longer to find buyers but there out there.

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Not in numismatic here.

Not in numismatic here. Just freshly minted generic bullion (private mints, mostly), in 1/2 and single troy ounces. Rounds or bars.

As for junk, mostly Washington quarters (1932-64), no morgans yet, but I'd like some when I get a chance. ;)


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Stack on. :)

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