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Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers.org Video: Indefinite Detention of U.S. Citizens Without Trial Is TREASON

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All people envolved in creating it should be charged with war crimes.

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Great, Stewart. About time, as I have been saying this since...

2011. Now, are you prepared for a little Oathkeepers' "mission creep" to include arresting the bastards?

Actually Bob, I have been

Actually Bob, I have been saying the NDAA was Treason since December of 2011.


It was obviously treason from inception, as I pointed out back then. So, not sure what you mean by "about time."

And the NDAA simply builds on the already ongoing treason which began during the Bush years, in 2001, with the absurd claim that the President could apply the laws of war, and his powers as Commander in Chief, to Americans, and carried out the unlawful military detention of US citizens Jose Padilla and Yasir Hamdi (both of which were sadly upheld by complicit courts). I opposed that as well.

Should they be arrested? Of course, but when you have a government almost completely dominated by oath breakers, who is going to charge them, and who is going to prosecute them, and in what court? Sadly, all three branches of the federal government are now fully complicit in this abomination. I think it is a waste of time to expect the federal government to police itself, or for federal prosecutors or judges to hold oath breakers accountable.

I think the best focal point for resistance is in the states, such as by means of state nullification bills with teeth, which make it a crime to come into that state and take people into military custody, or simply recognize that doing so is a violation of already existing state laws against kidnapping and assault.

That is the best way to approach this, by pitting the states against the federal oath breakers, as is their obligation and duty, under the Tenth Amendment. And by making the states the focal point of resistance, we also help to avoid the dangers of a military coup, which is something we do not want to see. I have heard some people call for the military to step in and arrest the oath breakers in DC. I think that is a very dangerous idea, since it would most likely lead to a military coup. It is the duty and responsibility of the States to police the boundaries of federal power, not the military. Which is why we tell military personnel to refuse orders that violate the Constitution, but we do not call on them to arrest oath breaking politicians. We do not want to see a military coup, which would be like going from the frying pan into the fire.

Let the military stand down, and the states stand up. That is the solution.

And another critical element of the solution is to root the oath breakers out of office, regardless of party. And in fact, we have a special obligation to root them out of whatever party we belong to. So, Republicans have a special duty to root out oath breaking Republicans, like we did in Montana when we purged the oath breaking Denny Rehberg from office last month:

The liberty movement in Montana, including Ron Paul Republicans, refused to support or vote for Rehberg, because of his vote for the NDAA and other horrible bills. Without our support, he lost to Tester. So, we got rid of one oath breaker, running him out of politics, and now we will turn our attention to Tester, who also voted for the NDAA of 2012. He's next.

If you sweep your own porch clean in your state, and we all do likewise in whatever state we live in, and sweep the oath breakers out of our own delegation to Congress, we will eventually sweep the country clean. I hope and pray that we have time to do it that way, in a modern version of what happened in 1800, when the Jeffersonians swept the Federalist from political office in what is now called "the Revolution of 1800" in reaction to the unconstitutional Alien and Sedition laws.

We should follow the advice of Jefferson and Madison, and use the two prong strategy of:

1. Nullification and resistance by the States.

2. Driving the oath breakers from office (anyone who voted for the NDAA of 2012).

And adding a third element:

3. Encourage the active duty military to refuse any and all orders to use military force, military detention, and military trial against Americans under the laws of war. And that is the mission of Oath Keepers, which is why we are doing a billboard campaign outside major bases, and why we are doing a concert for the troops outside of Ft. Hood Texas, on January 18.

Stewart Rhodes

You Swore an Oath to the Constitution ... Not the Politicians.

Guardians of the Republic, Honor Your Oath. Join Us.


Forgot to post the link to

Forgot to post the link to the article on Denny Rehberg:


And he did lose, just as I predicted he would, with over 30,000 liberty votes going to the Libertarian candidate instead, which is far greater than the number of votes by which Tester beat Rehberg. Rehberg was "Conrad Burned." Good riddance!


You Swore an Oath to the Constitution ... Not the Politicians.

Guardians of the Republic, Honor Your Oath. Join Us.


I Did Not Know...

...that you posted here.

A hearty thank you for what you do and for founding the Oath Keepers...this from a founding member Oath Keeper (Peace Officer) who is currently ranked as an active service Captain.

As to the point about arresting the infestation of oath breakers, you are correct. As I see it, there is and will be no accountability for them at this time and as things stand.

Increasing focus on 'official's' keeping their oath, spreading the message of Oath Keepers among the military and police and working hard on state nullification and Tenth Amendment efforts, is the only realistic method at this point and from where I stand.

And I heartily thank you for

And I heartily thank you for stepping up as an active duty police Captain. Good to have you onboard. Please PM me or email me (my email should have been in your membership letter, but if you can't find it, PM me or send an email to our contact email). Would be good to chat further.

One thing I would add to your list is purging the oath breakers from office. It can be done if we all focus on the oath breakers in or from our own state. We must break the two party con game of the "lesser of two evils" that keeps people voting for evil. It has already begun to happen. While the liberty movement is not yet big enough to sweep elections, we are big enough to tip elections and withdraw our support from oath breakers, resulting in their defeat. The Republican Party needs to learn the lesson that they cannot win without us, and that the only way they will win is to run constitutionalists. Until they do, they deserve to lose, and if they refuse to change, the GOP deserves to die.

But I don't know if that change will come in time to make much of a difference at the national level. where it can make a very real difference is at the state level, and we see that state legislatures are willing to pass nullification bills against NDAA - they are clearly far more liberty minded, and constitution minded, than the federal legislature. So, the states must be the focal point, but also we must pick one oath breaking congressman or Senator from each state and focus our efforts on rooting them out of power, in a scorched earth battle to get rid of them, like we did with Rehberg in Montana.

Anyway, nice to meet you and please do contact me. Always good to hear from an oath keeping officer.

Stewart Rhodes

You Swore an Oath to the Constitution ... Not the Politicians.

Guardians of the Republic, Honor Your Oath. Join Us.


Agreed and Also Email/Contact Info Sent

I look forward to our further contact and discussion.

Take care, sir.


Lawyer, Oathkeeper, Veteran sworn to uphold the Constitution... WHO FILES CHARGES?
I want people arrested for the cover up on national TV that began on 9-12. Who does that?
YES it is treason, everywhere you look there is treason. HOW DO WE ARREST THEM?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

See above. You do it in the

See above. You do it in the states, and it is the states who criminalize their actions, and put them at risk of arrest. Take a look at the nullification bill against the NDAA in Texas as an example.


You Swore an Oath to the Constitution ... Not the Politicians.

Guardians of the Republic, Honor Your Oath. Join Us.


We arrest Obama through the states?

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I guess it is not your fault there is no method to prosecute traitors.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Senator Gaetz is THE WORST!

His name is pronounced Gayetz (really)

Hes made a fortune on the State and through the Medical Monopoly but presents himself as a conservitive and claims he gives all his money away and made all his money in the "free market". He is so Full of sh1t.

Sadly, his son Matt is also now a rep in this area. He has gotten fantasically wealthy through campaign donations and pushing favorable legislation. Stolen BP funds, grants, loans, and all kinds of criminal behavior by the Gaetz family is disgusting.