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South Dakota Ron Paul supporter charged criminally. For making "illegal robo calls"

Yes you heard the title right. Yesterday Ron Paul supporter Daniel Willard was issued 4 charges against him for making illegal robo calls. For not providing the website and address of the PAC that was responsible for the calls. And then to make things interesting just 15 minutes after he had been charged Willard sent out a press release announcing his intention to run for South Dakota state GOP chair. Here is a link to a local news outlet that is reporting on the story.

This is a developing story so things could change quickly. Here is another link to a South Dakota political website that should keep this story updated fairly well.

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Mr Willard was a Ron Paul

Mr Willard was a Ron Paul delegate to the state convention as well.

Please pray for Daniel

Please pray for Daniel Willard as I'm sure this is a very stressful time for him.