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What do Truthers really think of Ron Paul?

This is not a thread about if Truthers are right or wrong in any theory. Let us avoid that debate.

Many of us 'discovered' Ron Paul during a 2007/8 debate when Paul went toe to toe with Rudy Giuliani debating the cause of 9/11. Paul plainly stated that it was our foreign policy that caused 9/11.

It is obvious that Ron does not subscribe to Truther Theory. Ron was so certain Bin Laden was behind the attacks, he voted to authorize the use of force to bring him to justice.

What do Truthers really think of Ron Paul? I've been shown nothing but contempt for being 'a 9/11 denier', do they hold the same contempt for Ron Paul?

Before you reply that Ron supports re-opening the 9/11 investigation, he does so "because I think the ineptness was probably hidden, because there was a tremendous amount of ineptness. And that's generally what government investigations do - they hide the inefficiencies and ineptness of government." (from YouTube)

So... why are Truthers here? Paul doesn't support your theories. Does your contempt of me extend to contempt for Ron Paul?

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The "evidence" you show is as worthy of review as any

You are correct, truthers can sometimes get a bit rude about it all but non-truthers do the same thing.
Do you have anything that explains why the central core columns in buildings 1 & 2 didn't stay standing? Everything I've seen discusses how floors can pancake and fall in a perfectly symmetrical manner but I never see anyone explain how the massive core columns disintegrated while the floors were detaching themselves from them.
A good explanation of that and I'm willing to at least consider that perhaps 3 buildings fell into their own footprints that day. Why do non-truthers not discuss how incredibly anomalous that is? I'd like to see someone honestly explain how such an anomaly occurred 3 times that one day.

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Actually, large sections of both cores remained after the rest

of the buildings collapsed. The North Tower "Spire" was about 65 floors, and fell down a few seconds after the rest. Only a few glimpses of the South Tower core were taped, and it is difficult to tell how tall it was, but it was substantial, and similar in height to the North Tower core.
About 10 floors above street level of Tower 1 partial core remained standing, which is where several survivors were rescued.
The core columns were 20 foot sections (mostly) stacked on top of one another. The connections were designed to do nothing more than keep them attached. They were not designed for lateral shearing, and the floor joists were designed to keep columns plumb. The mass of jumbled material pouring through the Towers had a path in between the core columns and down elevator shafts, as well as the large floor spans, which took the largest amount of falling debris. Cross connectors in the core were knocked away, and the mass of material splayed some of the columns, breaking them at their connectors. The splaying continued all the way down, which accounts for the cores eventually falling. This is not speculation. Photos of the debris clearly shows standing columns splayed off center, and the remaining North Tower core is as good as a picture of the collapse in motion. It shows the downward crushing between the columns and the splaying of the columns. There are other photos which show pancaked floors at the bottom of Tower 2.

Undo what Wilson did

Ron Paul could...

Ron Paul could be an expert witness regarding medical matters since that is his field of expertise, however he is not an engineer and therefore his opinion as to what happened on 911 is of little consequence. The official 911 conspiracy theory regarding Muslims highjacking airplanes fits in nicely with his blow-back theory of foreign policy, which to a large degree I agree with, however it does not fit in at all with the physics involved with the collapsing of three skyscrapers.

Let me guess.. You're an engineer.


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And you have analysed the physics behind it?


Please give me your take on the above report concerning the collapse.

no building 7?

no reference or mention of building 7. how come?

Who Has Contempt?

As a 'truther' from day one (being an airline industry insider), I have never seen a single 'truther' say he knows exactly what happened on that day. In fact my own opinion, and that of most insiders I've talked to, is not that the gov orchestrated the whole thing but rather allowed it to happen (and maybe gave it a few nudges on the way). If this were the case, all participants are guilty. A new investigation is the first step in identifying all parties. I don't see any conflict with RP's stance on 9-11 and my own; only in the degree of importance assigned to it. I find the blind trust in the official story appalling, but I would be equally appalled if a gang of truthers were running through the street dragging out assumed participants such as Cheney to administer 'justice' without a real investigation/trial.

I find that perfectly reasonable

Am I wrong that the majority of Truthers believe in the thermite theories?

Like I say in another comment, I could conceive of our government being behind it in some manner... but the focus I see is on thermite, WTC 7, molten steel, etc. To me, these virtually unchecked theories kill the Truther movement.

The more complex the theories get, the less likely they are (to me) to be correct. Easier to just (as you suggest) nudge some people along in the direction you want... MUCH less cover-up involved this way.

Get rid of all the thermite theories and such, and I can almost buy that.

Ron Paul

on 9/11 inside job.

Cool video. I am here because Ron Paul is my hero. We can have different opinions on things and I can still think he is the best chance America has ever had at having true freedom. My husband thinks it is insane that some think our government planned 9/11, and we are happily married without contempt for each other. It's called respect. You can respect the right of another person to disagree with you, and still support them.

If I am in fact, a truther, then I will wear that proudly. Wanting the truth is, and never has been nor will be a bad thing.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

As the official spokesperson for all "Truthers" everywhere

I confess we are here to irritate Bill Gillingham. Ron Paul support is a cover for our real work. Sorry guys, had to spill the beans. Hire a new spokeswoman, I guess.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Tell me

Do you place every individual who questions the official conspiracy theory of what happened on 9/11 under the collectivist title of "Truthers"?

Pretty much...

There are a few that shoot down the more wild theories... but, yeah, if you think it was an inside job, I consider you a Truther. I know not all Truthers believe the same stuff. When a Truther does come out and try to shoot down a particular theory - they get the same level of abuse as a 'denier.'

You know, I can't prove that it wasn't a false flag. But the evidence that it was, hasn't satisfied me in the least. People confuse my views. I am the most skeptical person I know. I am a true Doubting Thomas... but the logic/reasoning/'science' I get from Truthers is bunk in my book.

I don't doubt our government is capable of such things - I'd easily concede that it is possible. What I am sure of though is that the towers were not brought down by thermite. WTC 7 was not brought down by thermite... there were no high-energy particle weapons that dustified the towers, the planes where real planes - not missiles disguised as planes or holograms... etc. Truthers have just not convinced me in the least that they are correct.

The real question is what do

The real question is what do liars really think of Ron Paul?

Who is a liar?

I don't think Truther Theory is a lie... just wrong.

Why are you so disrespectful to others

"Truthers" is a means of demeaning people. Why are you doing that?

i'm sure ron paul knows or

i'm sure ron paul knows or suspects 9-11 was an inside job. he just couldn't say it because he didn't want to divert attention from other issues. besides its getting to the point where a large portion of americans doubt the official story. just like the kennedy assassination but I'm sure u think that was "conspiracy" too. everything that is not endorsed by mainstream media is a conspiracy. so i guess everyone should just watch tv all day and we'll know everything.

f___ all forms of govt.

Kennedy... well, you have Jack Ruby's literally smoking gun

I take Ron Paul at his word - blow-back caused 9/11.

so if one person says

so if one person says something it must be true. try thinking for yourself. ron paul is not your god.

f___ all forms of govt.

I take him at his word, too. His word is he "can't handle

the controversy." I am pretty sure that is his admission that he has been gagged on this. Blow back is one thing, it relates to our foreign policy. Knowing that the "official story" is a cover up is another matter entirely.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Yeah... right...

Ron Paul is using the 9/11 attacks (and knows that it was a false flag) to further his foreign policy views? He knows it was a false flag attack, but is using it to further his blow-back theory? Really?

Ron Paul gagged? Contradiction in terms.

You see what you want to see, don't you?

I do not know what Ron Paul thinks about 9-11, except that he "can't handle the controversy." He believes our imperialistic foreign policy created blow back in the form of "terrorists" of the sort that are reported to have committed the acts on 9-11. He is very clear about blow back being the result of our foreign policy, to say "blow back caused 9-11" is ridiculous. Or do you suggest this blow back was so powerful it knocked down the buildings? There is the policy that led to the attack and there is the crime itself. They have different causes.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

These are the correct answers:

1. Why are Truthers here?
Probably because--like most of us--truthers are concerned about justice and how it either manifests or is suppressed in our society.

2. Does your contempt of me extend to contempt for Ron Paul?
Obviously not.

What would the Founders do?

You're trying

too hard.

Lame reply

Address my question. Why are you here when Ron doesn't believe your theory. Is Ron in the boat with you, or me?

If you don't like my reply

get over it.

Why are you here?

Wow - even more lame than the previous

I am here to disassociate the Freedom movement from the Truther movement.

That, and to take on punks like you.

You should tell that to Dr. Paul


Ron Paul definitely has questions about 9/11, and he isn't disrespectful to people who question the official story like you are being.

Personally, I believe that the official story about 9/11 is BS, but I don't really get into many discussions about it. I try to utilize my time educating myself about Austrian economics and anarcho-capitalism and educating other people. Still, there are a lot of people who become interested in freedom through learning about conspiracies involving the government. A lot of people become interested in the Fed because of the conspiracy at Jekyll Island. Robert McNamara admitting the Gulf of Tonkin incident was fabricated got people to question the government. A lot of people became libertarians after digging into the JFK assassination. Every single person I know who believes 9/11 was an inside job eventually became a libertarian. People questioning government tends to lead people down that path.

Regardless, if someone believes the official story of every thing the government has ever said, but is still a libertarian, then I'm not typically bothered by them. It is when people act like an a-hole to people that don't share their same beliefs that I tend to not like them.

so i guess truth and freedom

so i guess truth and freedom have nothing to do with each other. good point.

f___ all forms of govt.

Just because truth is in the name... doesn't make it true

If you believe that, you must love the Patriot Act.

Good luck

You've started off in a hole.

Anyone that wants a real investigation is a truther.
How should we categorize you?