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Private Practice Doctors shutting down, said Obamacare reason, made only $3,000.00 last month - it begins

There goes our quality medical care, Obama sucks


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As I stated on a thread months ago...

it is not just jobs in medical that will become part time...it is millions of jobs in every field that will become part time. ObamaCare is going to be a huge job killer. That, along with the new taxes on energy production and the continued inflation that will lead to our demise.

Things will get worse before they get worse.

I am not sure about the existing care.

I would not call it quality. Try getting sick. I will be interested in moving to a State that nullifies Obamacare though. I cannot imagine the industry being worse than it is now.

Due to Obamacare your hours will be cut

My doctor who practices natural medicine said she will probably be closing her doors, too. This past Friday, I and my other part-time colleagues were informed that "due to Obamacare we need to reduce your hours. We cannot afford to pay for the mandated healthcare because it would shut our doors.". (We, employees, could work up to 30 hours). This from a community college(of course, Obama worshippers)! Ugh! I have for sometime looked elsewhere for full time employment but it sure seems it will be nearly impossible now. I wonder if we are heading down the path of being a part time working nation?

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" MLK

Catastrophic care

That's all people need, if you brake a bone or get a big cut see a doctor. Western allopathic medicine is all crap anyway. Like the movie says cut, burn and poison. What the doctors know is all wrong. Treat yourself with food and herbs.

70's and 80s

I know we cannot blame doctors today for that time when they were rolling in it like swine in mud.

Yet these conditions set out for them today are sad indeed.

All that stinking schooling and brown-nosing during education needed and drinking cheap coffee and the slave labor during internship should merit something much better than this incoming system.

Hopefully they can find places where they can get their money's worth.


My comment from an earlier thread today

My comment in a thread earlier today.
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"Competent doctors" are next up
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I have tried to warn people, the doctors I worked for 10years ago were already telling their kids NOT to get in to medicine, that managed healthcare was not effective or profitable. SMART people will stop applying for med school.

And while Obama cedes to the UN and prepares to enact gun control, these same people will scoff at you as "paranoid" if you tell them he's coming for the guns.

Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me fifteen times, fool me sixteen times... there seems to be no threshold to how much one will "believe" if it means they do not have to stick their neck out on anything.

Here is where "I told you so" is supposed to fill with me with smug satisfaction, right? Too bad it won't get me decent healthcare, that is what I'd rather have.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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These are sad days in Medicine.

Physicians are looking at a 27.5% decrease in Medicare reimbursements beginning January 1st. This "medical fiscal cliff" will not be going away anytime soon. There will be many doctors taking down their shingles in 2013 even if this is fixed.

do doctors have to take medicare?

Your 27.5% decrease in medicare payments is shocking, no doubt, but can't a doctor simply opt out of medicare payments? I guess I have two questions: (1) can't doctors survive without medicare and (2) is it even legal for a doctor to refuse medicare payments?

A mandated 27.5% decrease in payments in either case is going to be very difficult for any doctor with integrity and business sense to stomach. However, if medicare is something you are forced to accept then this is tantamount to a huge tax increase.

Isn't that nice, btw, to allow the insurance mafia to continue jacking up their rates and the pharmaceutical monopolists to continue to ride the racket of pricing US drugs at a huge multiple of prices charged in other countries while attempting to bleed money from those who are actually on the front lines? Doctors are MOST essential to decent care. New drugs are much less important for the vast, vast majority of patients. And "insurance"? Well, that is such a racket -- those with insurance get probably a 90% "discount" on prices versus those without said "insurance". I was looking at a routine lab bill the other day and the supposed "full price" was something like $800 with Blue Cross getting a negotiated discount of about $700, paying $75 from their $1000+ they get each month, and leaving me with the balance. If I was working poor with no insurance, in other words, the laboratory would have squeezed me for $800 -- to punish me for not going along with the insurance MAFIA "protection" racket.

This would be considered price fixing or anti-trust, I am sure, in any other line of business. But the insurance companies have obviously BOUGHT "our" government and our "justice" system.

Bill of Rights /Amendment X: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Do you need a politician or judge to "interpret" those 28

on the other hand if your rich

or if you are Claire McCaskell you can go on medical vacations to the Caribbean and get the best US doctors