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Goodbye Daily Paul.

I'm going to keep this. Short and sweet because it likely won't be read.

I'm done with the Daily Paul. I used to come to see the breaking articles and topics that we couldn't see in the mainstream media. Additionally, I enjoyed the wit of most members' comments. Not anymore.

1. I am no longer of the belief that top articles are decided by the people.

2. The endless bickering about Rand Paul is destructive to the Liberty movement.

3. The forum is now destructive to my hope for the liberty movement rather than improving it.

Frankly this forum has become a joke. Let me sum it up:

Rand sucks!
Rand is awesome!
Let us smoke pot!
We need to take over the Republican Party!
The Republican Party sucks, we need to go third. Party!
If you don't agree with me you're a NeoCon!
If you don't agree with me you're not a realist!

I think that basically covers it. We need to spend our time preaching about how liberty and the free market are supposed to work, this forum no longer fosters that discussion. Thank you for the enlightening thoughts throughout the election, but I'm better off going my own way now. Good luck to all of you, may we unite again someday under the banner of Liberty.

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Granger. I am really thinking

Granger. I am really thinking our leaders are wanting to destroy the party. I am all in...in my local party but sometimes I wonder why we should fight to fix something that doesn't want to be fixed. I'm thinking in the end this is all for nothing. You know in the UK they have started the UKIP which was started by grouping together several 3rd party's. This party is creating a lot of heat in the parliament.

I'm just saying...anymore of this purging conservatives bs and the constant betrayal and I'm out.


I am sure the ptb have been working a very long time to purge the GOP of conservatives, and why RP was a silent exception.. he didn't make waves, just stood hs ground, didn't gt upset.. didn't seek lime light or money.. didn't care if he was alone..

I have no doubt we are about to lose the republic and the party that represented it. I feel that we are being sold into slavery/global debt.. a war on drugs and federal tyranny in the name of saving the planet that will take us into a UN government, where the Democratic Party is THE PArty, as China has one party.. "We're all generic now".

I think the UKIP will be co-opted, and would any new party that actually had the knowledgable people to go through all the hoops and ladders, to become established to take the Democratic Establishment by 2016.. but I don't see it, and after all my decades of working on the outside, this short time I've been on the inside.. I think this is the right place to be, IF you want to restore the republic. If you have other ideas, than something else is absolutly the way to go.

Yeah, the GOP wants to purge us and why we should be "crashing the party" by joining and showing up and making it our party.

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It's kind of funny... (ironic and strange, not ha ha).

It's kind of funny...

Another post that was getting a good number of readers was about the CIA training internet trolls ( http://www.dailypaul.com/266149/cia-training-internet-trolls ).

Some people suspect "infiltrators".

Others simply chalk it up to juvenile behavior.
..it's a lot easier to destroy than to create.

Don't let yourself be destroyed.

Vote down bad behavior.

Vote up good.

Don't feed the fire (don't argue with people who mainly want to fight or 'win' a discussion).

And above all, don't let other people drag you down.
The "drags" are everywhere.
Leaving here will not get rid of them or help them change.

Block the bad ones. Works

Block the bad ones. Works like a charm.

remember nullification 10th

remember nullification 10th amendment, local elections. That is what is needed. good luck, i understand your frustration! keep doing what you are locally that is all that matters.

keep kicking the status quo establishment back.

Ron Paul 2016

These posts are so stupid.

These posts are so stupid. Leave then, why are you even posting if you don't think people will read it?

So you see the movement dividing and you want to leave? Couldn't this be the biggest threat to our movement so far? I think so, and you want to leave? What about giving your opinion and helping? What about coming to an agreement as some did by voting for Gary Johnson when Paul didn't get the nomination?

We either decide to find common ground, and advance liberty. Or we can continue playing BS games with stupid polls, posts like these, and thinking to far ahead when we need too focus on ISSUES NOT POLITICIANS!

no it is not, simply put alot

no it is not, simply put alot of folks on dp are driving folks away. In their zeal to shove rand or theories down our throats. they are driving folks way!

Good News

Nullification has done more in less then 4 years then the gop leadership has done in a lifetime.

Ron Paul 2016

If you're being driven away

If you're being driven away from a website you love by a person you don't agree with, you don't belong on a forum.

Oh, the drama

I'm sure we all become a bit disappointed and discouraged at times. When I feel that way, I just take a break for a few days. No need to post a long depressing screed with a melodramatic title claiming "I'm finished with the Daily Paul and won't be back," or something to that effect...because I know I'm not and I know I will be. Nothing, not even the division over Rand, brings the mood down around here more than these drama queen "quitter" posts.

See you in a few days. ;-)

I didn't leave. I just showed

I didn't leave. I just showed up less and stopped posting. I wade through the garbage to find something informational, read that, then move on.

I'm with the original poster (I'm speaking for what you probably want... Correct me if you want) in that I wish I could find a forum that we all have a very rich discussion without turning it into slander or an argument. I wish I could post on here and have very constructive criticism and debate without being down voted. I haven't found that yet, so if anyone knows of something better please let me know. This is the best that I can get which is not saying much since I don't post at all but still helps me out with new information. It's a love/hate relationship.

Every since I mentioned that I believe nuclear bombs to be dangerous and want to do something to protect us and was "destroyed" by the community, I basically stopped posting. I definitely wish the community could give me what I said above, but it doesn't so I just live with it. No big deal.

So what if the majority disagreed with you on one issue

It doesn't mean you're wrong. We all end up in that situation sometimes on the DP. I think it's kind of fun being a tiny minority on some issues, I get debate practice and sometimes I win over one or two people. Besides, we're all still a minority on the foreign policy issue and other issues in the liberty movement and we're not about to give up. Just stand your ground and have fun. Ignore the flamers, they usually get down-voted anyway.

It does sound like 1

It does sound like 1 disagreement from my post, but really it's more and it's the atmosphere.

I don't want to complain too much because it's not helpful so I'll say thanks because even this discussion is fun and exactly the tone I like to maintain. :)

What Missy said

I read what I was thinking.. Thanks Missy.

Thank you

Though I disagree with a lot of your posts, I'm glad you and lots of others I disagree with are here. You may be right, I may be wrong. Nothing wrong with difference of opinion and debate. It's a good way to "keep all the bases covered," and continue educating ourselves. I can't believe some people would leave over such a thing.

I agree with many of your posts

This one you posted my exact first thoughts. It's not about agreeing or disagreeing for me.. it's about learning and growing.

I didn't agree with Ron Paul 100% when I began campaigning for him.. now I find myself having few places where I don't agree, and when I don't I wonder "what am I missing?"

...when I don't I wonder "what am I missing?"

Exactly. Education is a life-long process for all of us. Though I have disagreed with a lot of your posts, I've always admired your politeness and how you stand your ground when you really believe in something. Though I have no faith whatsoever in reforming the GOP, I'm glad people like you haven't given up. Your hard work is sure to pay off in some way.

It can be

frustrating at times, but it's life. I was just explaining this to my children the other day. EVERYBODY disagrees on some things. There is no way in hell a whole family is going to agree on everything, let alone a whole "movement" or a whole nation or the whole world. It's not what other people do that counts, it's what YOU contribute. That's all that matters. If you want to see a positive DP, make your comments positive and uplifting. I don't know that there is anything that could keep me away from here. But if you feel you must go, then good luck on your journey, and bless you and your family;)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

I have a article I posted that may work well against liberals

you see claaky,

we post articles here to collaborate on ways to systematically grow this movement and within four years we have become the fastest growing liberty movement in the United States so please atleast hold the door on your way out.

here's that article:


Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. -Henry Ford

Dont let the door

Hit you in the ass on the way out. I mean, really, what do you expect us to say at an over dramatic, exaggerated statement such as yours? You want us to beg you to stay? Have fun trying to find another liberty minded forum that caters to your specific needs.

The whole point of liberty is...

The whole point of liberty is to be tolerant of other people. And the more people we gather under our umbrella the more differences in opinions we are going to be having. I you can't handle the heat in this forum, where you can just ignore the topics you don't like or skip the rants every once in a while, how are gonna handle the world in a real free liberty environment? You better start thinking about moving to an island where you are king and everything goes your way.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Prob is that while

Prob is that while differencing in opinions is one thing...I happen to like a friendly debate...but some on here are way out of line! I've had to use my blocker. I've never seen such garbage and filth!

Bigger tent

We are getting more people under the tent. And some of these people are not even pro Ron Paul or of the liberty minded. But what are you going to do? Just up and leave? This site is a good source of information for me, some good and some bad. I can judge which is which. But words are words and so long as these people are not going to physically harm me, I can easily find a way to move on and get what I want out of this site.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

But why do people have to be

But why do people have to be vulgar? There are ways to disagree without being obscene.

You are judgemental.

I am vulgar. And I am respectable.

When I hit the biker bar and want to drive my point about this f&cked up country filled with nwo planners/elitists who want to take guns away, I am vulgar. In return, I get free beer.

When I attend meetings and want to convey my thoughts about personal and fiscal responsibility, freedom of religion, defending the law of the land, I am kind and respectable. In return, I am either invited to future meetings, or asked to leave.

Different crowds relate to different people. I don't discriminate. Neither should you.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I am not the one who is

I am not the one who is judgmental. I post a respectful opinion and some jerk off calls me a tard or an ass wipe or some other garbage. Like I said, I like debates but some kids around here need to learn some manners. Don't post something you would not say in person and I hardly doubt they would. Weasels...like I said.

I am a hard working mother and wife and I have put my time in for Liberty! I will not be disrespected by some ignorant kid who does nothing but trash people on public forums...it is totally unproductive and they should stay out of politics if that is how they are going to treat people with opposing veiws. The idea is to teach and educate the masses so step aside and let the adults do the work cause nobody is going to listen to some trash talking, ignorant, punk (not you particularly...I'm just speaking in general).

As for you...cheers! I could use a beer.


There has been a lot of hostility lately. At times it bothers me. Other times, I know that many of us are on the same side and just venting frustration. Me included.

I know that this place is frequented by neocons and leftists. What I can't undestand is how some of the Liberty folks stood by principle and cheered Dr. Paul for his solid stances, yet now are willing to sacrifice some of those attributes just to inch ahead. This movement has grown because people have had enough of the bickering and compromise behind closed doors. They see a refreshing sign that this movement can mean something if we stick to principle and honesty.

But now it seems that some consider we who stand by our convictions of Liberty, honesty and not wavering, as anarchists, or worse.

I am afraid NOT of the establishment, for if we stand strong and principled we CAN prevail. What I am afraid of is this movement becoming what it strongly opposes. I fear that if we begin to compromise our values and principles just to inch ahead, it will be a one-term presidency before the cycle repeats. I am afraid that 2007 - 2012 will be considered a fad and simply fade away. Ron Paul has stood the test of time. But it did take time. Dr. Paul is considered a visionary, which I believe. But I also believe that we too can be visionary if we just pause and think, and consider what we want our message to be. In all of our Republic's history, this r3VOLution has the potentiasl to be the largest movement this nation has ever seen.

I wish you well Unknownuser, as I do for all of us, in and for Liberty.

For others who read this post... you can not be an anarchist if you follow the Law of the Land ie: The Constitution.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul



That's called

the internet. It's like this everywhere you go online, just in case you hadn't noticed. I like a friendly debate too, but when people get nasty it doesn't matter, you don't have to sleep next to them, live with them, you don't even know who the hell they are! lol

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine