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RLC National Convention May 10-12th 2013: RECAP

After attending the RLC National Convention in Austin last weekend I have a few things to summarize.

1) The RLC by itself is a great networking tool for the Liberty movement. Local chapters have a lot more unity and cohesiveness than the national chapter at large. The state of Washington has the largest amount of members and the most active chapters. Their state coordinator was elected to the executive board along with another member from the Washington party. She is a very active and energetic woman, she is very active at her precinct level and will be a boon going forward. As for the other states, many are just now getting their charters organized as new states come on board.

2) Judging by the guests and speakers invited, those that attended, were 'friends' of the Liberty movement but not great representatives. Jack Hunter is self explanatory and does not fit this category, nor did Chris Doss who is a YAL speaker, but the Hispanic GOP outreach panel and Steve Stockman were overly pro-GOP neocons and their only concern was getting GOP people elected regardless of values, morals, beliefs. I have a problem with that, but not so much that I'll leave the RLC. I'll wait it out and see where the new officers direct the organization.

3) The low turnout of Convention was not indicative of the overall interest for the group. It is a lot for people to drive and fly from all across the country to Central Texas. Alaska even had 1 delegate and there were 3 from Maine. It will be hard for a group that has no paid staff to produce turnout at future conventions except for the pure dedication of members, and their check books. The next National Convention is being planned to be held in Maine... Not the best choice as it is very far from other state. Texas is also, but a more central location could have been chosen.

4) The website is going to be redone, rebranding will follow, apparel, advertisement, and outreach are all on the slate. The RLC is slowly growing and is trying to advertise more and become more visible.


Update 5/10/2013 4:53pm:
Well I arrived at the hotel, and I have to say East Austin is a colossal steaming pile of excrement. The current schedule doesn't have Silver Circle as attending so that is disappointing. Going to a workshop at 5pm. Will post stuff later. Can't really tell how many people are here right now, maybe 60-70 as far as I can tell.

Thank Goodness Spec's is next door.

5/10/13 6:17:
Just listened to Chris Doss's presentation on conveying the message of liberty. He outlined how you can better convince your audience and where you can go (think low hanging fruit, people who partially already agree with you) to spread your message.

5/11/13 1:41pm
Hotel forgot to set up for breakfast so we have been 30 minutes behind on everything. Jack Hunter talked (and still is at this posting) during lunch. During Q/A an older lady asked when the 'anti-israel" bigots will die down and go away. I had to suppress my giggling as not to out myself... But she and her money are welcome in the RLC as will be tolerated. Israel is not part of the US, nor is Africa, Europe, or Eurasia. We shouldn't be sending any foreign aide in general. Sorry for not updating this morning. Chris Doss is awesome. We vote on Bylaws at 3pm. Also, Jack Hunter is cool and hinted to an effort to beat out Lindsey Graham in SC.

5/11/13 3:15pm
Well we're 45 minutes behind now and people are kind of confused when we vote for the new chairman. Dave Nalle (current chairman) says we will do the scheduled talks, then do the business meeting at 4, since we had a 1 hour break after it anyways.
Vic Berdadelli runs an election boot camp on getting elected and can train potential candidates on being personable, how to talk, how to walk.
Here is his book:
He argued for being pragmatic over ideological when it counts. Ideologes win points on votes in congress, pragmatics get elected.

5/11/13 3:50pm
Waiting outside for the meeting to start, I met an interesting entrepenuer. John Jones, a former Maine RNC delegate made infamous when they were barred from participating in Tampa, of Rocky Mountain Miners are selling their off the shelf Bitcoin miner (Lite, BBQ, Feather). They don't have a website yet but they are building models for people to start mining without having preexisting knowledge of bitcoin. I'm one of the Bitcoin skeptics but might invest in one of their models later this year.

5/11/13 6:33pm
It is 6:33pm, we haven't even voted for the first candidate for Chairman and Steve Stockman was supposed to talk during dinner at 7:00pm. The board has a serious maturity and inexperience issue that they are unable to keep a meeting properly functioning and follow Robert's Rules. Will post later, I need a beer.

5/11/13 8:16
We finally struck down the two proposed ammendments for the bylaws which took an eternity due to formentioned issue. We ate dinner in front of Steve Stockman who said nothing of importance and is a neo-con. Not sure why he was invited...

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There was a time when this would be Front Paged.

Thanks for the summary. Just wish more DPers would get more active in making the right kind of change happen in our country.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

I believe that was ((((((((MN))))))))

I agree with you ((((((Nonna))))))

I believe ((((((MN)))))) gave those of us who are actually working in the system some time of day.

I am under the impression that the Mods could care less being GJ's supporters.

5/11/13 9:25am Listening to

5/11/13 9:25am
Listening to Hispanic Outreach panel...

Southern Agrarian

5/11/13 11:45pm Late last

5/11/13 11:45pm
Late last night we finally elected officers. I have to say Dave Nalle did a good job for his service as the outgoing chair for the past two years, but he suffers from ADD as far as I can tell, is somewhat unprofressional, and was the cause of some of the issues yesterday where he failed to take order in the meeting. Instead he'd run his mouth about something or ignore people speaking with Points of Order. He has a very incomprehensible voice which is rushed and it makes him really hard to understand sometimes. Matt Nye is younger and a little more articulate so I feel he will be a fresh face for the RLC. A lot of rebranding was talked about as the website is outdated and new chapters are forming. Paid part time or full time staff may be hired to alleviate some of the organizational issues.

We left the hotel at 12:15am to go to 6th street which closed shortly thereafter. Dave Nalle was somewhat cynical about the new executive board we had elected so my opinion of him degraded through the night even more. Had time for 1 Guinness at some bar downtown, got back to hotel at 2:45am.

3 more training sessions today then I'm getting out of here.

Southern Agrarian

I find this a bit incorrect

I find this a bit incorrect myself. "Dave Nalle was somewhat cynical about the new executive board we had elected so my opinion of him degraded through the night even more"
I was there as well. And even if he was, is he not allowed a personal opinion, especially since he is no longer chair? I know plenty more who are cynical about this issue as well. Funny, I don't feel the need to express "bar talk" with official business as shown here.

5/11/13 10:37pm We voted in

5/11/13 10:37pm
We voted in Matt Nye as the new chairman, he previously managed the RLC database. Now we are voting on the Alternates at Large and Board members. We are still 30 minutes away from being done, 30 minutes from downtown and 6th street, and many are wondering if we will have time to actually make it down there though many people paid to go. A lot of people who voted are retiring to their rooms as they are exhausted from all the day's events so it will be interesting to see who stays up.

Southern Agrarian


Looking forward to your summary of the event and how it effects our cause.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox



Southern Agrarian

Met some real life Bitcoiners

Met some real life Bitcoiners in person. They even brought their machine with them and plug it in where ever they go.

Southern Agrarian

There's 1 guy from Alaska

There's 1 guy from Alaska here who I have sat with a few times. He has been joking how they have two people in their state who claim to be the State GOP chair.

Also, F- Holiday Inn. The breakfast they served late gave me excruciating.... well. You know...

Southern Agrarian

Thanks for keep us posted! I am curious as to what was

the response to the "older lady [who] asked when the 'anti-israel" bigots will die down and go away". Hard to fathom that she would be part of the RLC (with emphasis on the L), though.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Some people grimaced. Jack

Some people grimaced. Jack fielded the question like a pro and quoted Ron that we should treat Israel as another country.. etc.

Southern Agrarian



“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

update day 2

update day 2

Southern Agrarian



Southern Agrarian

I'm confused again

There was just a post made.. 10 days ago about the RNC being in Hollywood, CA.. had youtube inbedded with Jeremy Blosser and Reince Preibus... I was/ am/ bummed I didn't know and made arrangements to be there.

You're confused a lot The

You're confused a lot The Granger, aren't you?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I have my moments


Sounds like fun....but did they seriously

have to invite that backstabbing POS Prince Pubis....I mean
Reince Preibus? After what he did to RP at the RNC, I'd hope all that is heard during his speech is crickets.


I just looked over the schedule, no sign of Preibus. In many states, the RLC has become the Liberty Movement in the GOP.

Most important for all readers here (and those who have left):

Show up! 90% of the fight is showing up.

Hope To See Doctor Paul There..

Should be a good venue..

Just a friendly reminder,

Just a friendly reminder, National Convention is coming in less than a month.

Southern Agrarian

Day Updated.

Day Updated.

Southern Agrarian