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Best form of Silver to buy

I have never owned any Gold or silver items before, I am thinking of buying some silver

What is the best ways to purchase them?


If one of those, what kind of(eg, what kind of coins, from where etc)

And if neither of those, in what other form?

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90% US silver dimes 1964 or

90% US silver dimes 1964 or older.

You're correct

people will quickly become aware of there value and they have an established track record, making them much more effective for trade. A bar would be suspect because you can silver coat anything.

But I would add junk silver nickles, quarters and dollars to the mix also.

I was banking one day and the

I was banking one day and the teller told me she looks at all the dimes and quarters she gets and trades them out for her own. Now that's a good position to be in if you know what you are doing.

I use to work for a bank

They never payed the tellers very well. She might have made up for that low pay.

Word, even if not.. she was

Word, even if not.. she was damn smart to do it.

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I prefer old Morgan and Peace dollars

The older the better, Most later circulated Morgans sell for close to melt and are getting more rare by the day. As the price goes up more and more will be melted.

This gives extra potential for growth in value, because of silver prices and rarity of the coin.

Plus I also just kind of dig old stuff. The stories these coins could tell...

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problem is with your silver

problem is with your silver dollar you can make only one purchase in a SHTF scenario. If I have 10 silver dimes I will be able to make 10 purchases to your one AND what happens if you can't get change back for your silver dollar. Get the dimes first then quarters, halves and then dollars.

and 1 gram rounds!

They even have some one gram rounds for when you wanna be real cheap! lol that's like 1/31 of an ounce.

and 1 gram rounds!

They even have some one gram rounds for when you wanna be real cheap! lol that's like 1/31 of an ounce.

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True, but you get more silver for currency buying dollars

I hope that title makes sense lol.

You always pay higher markup on dimes quarters and halves.

I think the best silver purchase for SHTF is to by rolls of silver war nickels.

I don't expect silver to keep me alive if SHTF. I have other plans for that.

For me, silver is my retirement account. I'll sell when I know I have enough to retire.

The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

Be aware

Some silver dollars are good copies (fake). Just saying Dimes and Quaters are a bit safer?

Re: fakes

Yep. Chinese counterfeiters just LOVE faking American coins, Morgans being way up on the list.

Anyway, the fake Morgan dollars are almost always real silver, it's usually just the mint marks that are fake. They're getting harder to tell apart too, since at least one Chinese counterfeiter (allegedly) has access to some old US Morgan dies. **To be fair, I cannot confirm this, as I heard it through the PM dealer grapevine** Just another reason why I stay away from numismatic coins :/

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generic silver bars or rounds

everything else has to much premium

The premium is worth it, IMO

Otherwise, you'll have a hard time trading/bartering it with certain people.

For example, it is far easier to get rid of a 10ozt Engelhard or Johnson Matthey bar than a 10ozt generic one (like say, Refco).

To me (and likely, to you) silver is silver no matter what name is stamped on it, but some people can get very particular about which brands they're willing to handle.

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the most versatile and trusted forms for commerce/barter (and easiest to sell back to a dealer for paper currency if needed) are U.S. Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Morgan dollars, and pre-1965 dimes, quarters, and half-dollars (aka 'junk' silver).

You can buy junk silver coins individually, in rolls of like denomination, or mixed bags. A mixture of denominations is best. Like the poster below said would you rather pay $10.84 for a loaf of bread (today's value of a half-dollar), or $2.10 (a dime)? Some coins may be worth more due to their numismatic 'collector' value, but all will at least have their 'melt' value.

The price of precious metals fluctuates throughout the day, every day. The price is referred to as 'spot.' Check the spot price on www.kitco.com, click on 'all metal quotes' at the top. Then try to find a local shop that charges the least amount over spot, and buy it there. Large quantities - online is best, and Tulving.com is great.

Daily silver coin melt values: http://www.coinflation.com/silver_coin_values.html

You'll find better deals on generic rounds and bars, but you may run into hassles when you try to 'spend' them, or if you ever need to sell some back to a dealer for paper currency. Folks will be wary of accepting them without testing, etc.

Happy Stacking!

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I like

coins, but I have a bit of a numismatic bend, meaning that I collect coins silver or not, so I am biased.

I would think it is easier to fake a bar of silver or gold rather than fake a common date Mercury dime or Franklin half dollar.

I like bullion too though, but a lot of it carries a higher premium (like Canadian Maple Leafs or American Eagles) than other junk stuff.

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You are not going to get

You are not going to get anything fake from a reputable company.

Depends on why you want it

and of course, how many FRNs you can part with at a given time.

pre-65 "junk" silver is almost always the cheapest way to go, and would work well in a SHTF scenario (easily recognized, small, several denominations).

10ozt bars are good for longer term storage of value and are also fairly easy to liquidate when needed. 50ozt bars (which are becoming quite rare, in my experience) and 100ozt bars will very likely carry lower premiums, but are far more difficult to liquidate (will become even more difficult once more fakes start popping up).

Rounds typically carry a higher premium than the other two, but are generally viewed as trustworthy and desirable. These would also function well in a post-SHTF scenario (just my opinion, naturally...)

As far as where to buy silver, you can find spot silver on CraigsList semi-regularly, but make sure to meet in a public place and BRING A TEST KIT WITH YOU.

Failing that, there's always the local coin/pawn shops...although I would NOT recommend selling to those places.

You can always order online from about 78540394750239 different websites. Many around here seem to swear by provident metals, but personally I want to see and touch something before I spend hundreds or even thousands on it.

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Really depends on how much

Really depends on how much you're willing to spend.

If you live in America I recommend junk silver (dimes, quarters, half dollars, silver dollars) and 1 oz American Silver Eagles.

If you got a $16K I recommend Tulving.com. You'll pay the least in terms of premiums, shipping, and shipping insurance. If you just want to buy a couple coins at a time then the best thing is to go to your local coin shop (LCS). They higher premiums but if you become a regular and get to know the store keeper they will likely give you good deals in the future.

liberty dimes

circulated ones (junk dimes)

they are worth about $2.50 each

a roll is small, and costs $125 (ish)

$2.50 is worth enough to buy something, but not worth enough to make you look rich if you pull a few out of your pocket.

you wont need to "divide" them into smaller units.

liberty is better than silver roosevelt dimes becuase ALL liberty dimes were silver, so there is no doubt.
and they are so tarnished that its hard to fake one.

besides, "Liberty" ... need I say more?

you can buy a roll at any coin collecting shop.

Thank you

But do you think the Kennedy 1964 half dollars would better?

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Say you want to buy a loaf of bread. Would you rather give a $2.50 dime or a $10.00 half dollar?

There ya go.

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melt your silver and exchange by weight


Let's melt!

So when I melt, should I make dime, quarter and dollar sizes, so that I may have the correct change, lol?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Life is not just about bread

What if you need to fill up your tank?
What if you want to buy a fire arm?
What about those things you need that cost way more then $2.50?

If I had $5000 to spend, not sure I would want 2000 dimes.

Then charge it on a credit card.

Come on JonForRon, I was merely making the point that different denomitations would be wise.

You guys are too uptight!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I missed that point,

I guess were on the same page.



And don't forget pre and post 1982 pennies. Pre 82 cause they're worth $.02, and post 82 cause they're worthless and you can melt and make reloads out of 'em. Well, that's what a 'true' conservative would do anyway ;-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

at the same time

who goes food shopping just to buy a single loaf of bread?

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hungry broke people do

hungry broke people do

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