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Silver Socialism... could it work?


from History we can see when the King of England tried to gather shareholders to charter a royally financed school, Dartmouth College, the Jeffersonian legislature in New Hampshire used socialism to try to oust the king from its educational institutions. Could there be other means of socialized fodder to burst the bubbles modern day "kings" create?

If I were a socialist I would have my respective state issue silver as part of the cash assistance program (AFDC/TANF) for the indigent;now hear me out before tearing me apart.

These assistance programs were already in effect and are pressed upon every state in some aspect. The policy I suggest would encourage the impoverished to save without spending right away. As the dollar falls the ones who save are rewarded more so than ones who hold dollars; savings will be negatively correlated to the length of the welfare lines.

The outcome of this policy would be a democratic party split between growing hard money activists and possibly an emergence on the left of a libertarian democratic party.

This policy is also supported by Article 1, Section 10, the tenth amendment, and could spur opposition against nullification procedure.

It is completely constitutional in scope and has already been talked about for general issuance.

here is a link to the CSM on an article about states issuing metals: