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CIA training internet trolls.


"According to Lynnae Williams, former CIA clandestine service trainee and DIA analyst, the FBI and CIA use trolls to monitor social media and interact with users to discredit information disseminated on the web. Williams explains that the CIA provides training videos to new recruits on how to troll the internet. Once a target is locked-in, all open source information is obtained on the individual, and then any angle to discredit them in public forum is used on social media sites.

Software is used to sift through the “mountains” of users on social networking sites. At the Atlanta CIA branch where Williams was trained, she personally witnessed CIA-sponsored and sanctioned trolling of Americans on social networking sites."

Soooooo.... Hi, fellas. And ladies. I seem to have this shoe here, fit anybody? And some folks thought you guys did it for sport. Haha! No, no. They take our tax money and pay you with it, to spy on us. That's OK. I suspect some of you get pretty uncomfortable hanging out here, we make you look at some stuff you'd probably rather not see.
WATCH OUT! The truth is going to get to you!

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Oh no doubt and I'm sure they're here on the DP

In fact, I'd bet money they even have applications to simulate human convers¹ç¶♥♥↓¹N»Ü–ë 011011110110100000100000011100110110100001101001011101000010000001110100011010000110010101111001001001110111001001100101001000000110111101101110001000000111010001101111001000000110110101100101

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their human conv. apps....

are probably more believable than they are



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This will be fun! It's like "Where's Waldo?"

Lets monitor the most 'controversial' story threads, and see if we can find the troll in the mix!

What do you think their strategy will be on the Daily Paul??

Hmmm .. (*thinking like a govt spook agency tool*)

You Mean All those Post After the Aurora Shooting

About how the Government brainwashed the suspect were really the CIA trying to make us look stupid. I knew people on this site weren't that crazy.

I knew it...

I knew those were the "rat bastards" who were always voting down my comments. I knew it...because true "freedumb" loving folks just don't blindly down vote another "freedumb" lover's comments.

The Daily Paul...

...is the most important internet venue for an internet-based political movement, and this political movement is the greatest current threat to the establishment. You better believe there are paid trolls here.

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I know various three letter agencies do this kind of thing

i.e., monitoring & trolling various websites.

See for example:


But as its source this LiveLink.com article only links to Lynnae William's twitter page, which has 134,000+ tweets.

Rather than comb through all of those for the relevant tweets, is there somewhere that I can easily read quotes directly from her about FBI & CIA social media disinfo campaigns, training, etc? Has she written an article on her blog maybe?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Tweet her and ask.

I don't twit, so I can't be any more helpful than that.

(Edit: Duh - now I see your update.)

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It seems the LiveLink.com article is actually just an unattributed copy/paste of an article from a couple weeks ago by Susanne Posel.

I still would like to find direct quotes of Williams talking about this. Posel says, "Software is used to sift through the “mountains” of users on social networking sites. At the Atlanta CIA branch where Williams was trained, she personally witnessed CIA-sponsored and sanctioned trolling of Americans on social networking sites."

I searched terms like "mountains", "social media", "Atlanta", & so on within Williams' blog (ciacorrupt.blogspot.com) and came up empty handed. I don't doubt that she has made these claims, but Williams' own words are more valuable than an unsourced, second-hand paraphrase. Let's find 'em.

P.S. here is a Daily Beast article about her.

been saying this for years

and you acn see the effects of it, here.

the most effective method of control is flattery because the target begins thinking it is their own idea.

I knew it! Rat bastards. The

I knew it! Rat bastards. The DP is full of them!

You mean I could be getting paid for this?

Dang it. I've been a troll for free.

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I met a troll in training in 1995.

I didn't have any idea what he was talking about at the time - he just said he was going to have a job as a bbs cop.

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That was something different...

In the BBS days, they had cops go undercover on BBSes to find pirate software, and illegal porn.

They would then do a sting, seize all equipment and assets and shutdown the BBS.

In those days, they were actually looking for laws being broken, at least... Though I am not defending them.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

He said his job would be to look for anti-government speech

and report it. It was going to be his first job out of high school.

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Rats! I have been

I have been outed.
(twiddles mustache)

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Most important post of the day

Thank you my friend.

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