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Rand Paul To Be On With Jerry Doyle Today - The Rush To War With Syria

5:15pm Pacific

Tune In Here - http://www.talkstreamlive.com/listen.htm?as=27&s=13166&k=3d5...

Youtube will follow shortly after if you miss it

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Here is a YouTube link.

Rand Paul On The Rush To War In Syria - The Jerry Doyle Show


In events involving two or

When two or more things are involved in pursuit of an outcome, either those things are with or against each other.

In war, the US government goes to war with a government against a government or if not that, then the US government goes to war against a government, where "with," or having an ally, isn't involved.

Is this topic about the US government going to war with or against Syria?

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...for goodness sake...

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