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Video: Woman Brutally Tased By Police For Trying To Buy iPhones

A Chinese woman living in Massachusetts was tased repeatedly by police at a mall after store owners called police when she attempted to buy more than one iPhone as gifts for her family.

WMUR news reports that 44-year-old Xiaojie Li was visiting the mall in Nashua, New Hampshire, last week to buy christmas presents, but ran into trouble at the Apple store.

Li, who cannot speak English very well, was confused when workers refused to allow her to buy more than two iPhones. According to her daughter, Li recorded video of other customers buying multiple iPhones, prompting Apple staff to ask her to leave.




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She got what she deserved

She knew she was breaking the rules, not much else to it. Plus this was police enforcing the civil rights of a private store owner.

welcome to america

home of the fee, land of the slave.

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She was Tased for Resisting Arrest

not for trying to buy Iphones

That was the name of the article dutk

but regardless...that little woman should not have been tased. Barney Fife could have "handled" her without resorting so such excessive use of force. Its disgusting!

Just Because

the biased reporter disingenuously titled this video in a way to create a scandal for views is no excuse for you to do the same.

I'll try to get your approval for my OP posts in the future

I really do want to remain PC for you.

maybe or maybe not

Physically Restraining a small person who doesn't want to be restrained can cause far worse injures than a 5 second tasering. Physically restraining someone can cause torn ligaments and muscles and broken bones and even death

Well then dutk I guess we are lucky we have tasers

Whatever would we do without them?

Misuse of tasers

makes cops look like cowards. We need good cops. Everyone loses when the moral authority of police is compromised by brutal tactics. Taser policy, as described in the above article, makes no sense. Upstanding citizens need to fight aggressively for sensible policing policy at the county level. It would be revolutionary, if the attention spent on national political dramas was redirecting locally.

Welcome to Apple! May we TAZE you.


It's no wonder why the rest

It's no wonder why the rest of the world hates us.

Can someone set a reminder for us to go check how court went?

I really would like to see how the judge and DA justify this crap.