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When 911-Truth becomes 911-Fact (what is the hoped-for outcome)

I've tried 100 times (at least) to get some honest answers on this question (here on DP) and usually only get 10 to 20 responses; which is VERY revealing.

Here goes: If 911-Truth gets a full-public-hearing and it comes out that Truthers were 100% right (or nearly so) on every point and suspicion they raise -- what is the outcome?

Would it lead to Bigger Gov't or Smaller Gov't?
---Base your answer NOT on emotion, but on historical observation

Would the Trials, the Sentencing, the Lawsuits, and the Media Spectacle INCREASE the size and reach of gov't or decrease it; would it increase corporatism or decrease it?

My answer:

1st -- Gov't Gets Bigger from a Judicial stand point alone (just imagine the hearings).

2nd -- Gov't Gets Bigger as Reparation Payouts approach $100 Trillion (the US will pay 99% of it).

3rd -- The US is declared bankrupt and the UN creates one-world gov't.

The "Truth" will only set you free if the conclusion that it is OUR (the individuals fault) not if you think a small number of people acted separate from "us" (the world really).

If you convince people that abdication of consumer-rule is the cause then 911-Truth would be one truth that would set us free. If you demand the "truth" come out during a period of high abdication (voting) and bribery (lobbying) then people will seek out a more "absolute" gov't then they had before.

The Dems will easily hijack the Truth Movement -- since it happend during the Bush Admin. Those guys are NOT the free-market solution types; they'll blame corporations and bankers, but that will ONLY lead to greater protection schemas not less.

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I foresee some kind of...

Civil War. There are far too many people that can't see, or don't want to see. Also, I guess I view ALL government and ALL courts as corrupt...so there could never be a "fair trial" of the guilty. The brainwashed neocons and Dems have their collective heads in the sand bucket that 90%+ of the population doesn't even realize that there's a problem!! Until our national leadership roles are taken over by force...a true rebellion...and all 525 criminals and anyone else who's complicit lashed at the stocks. Until that day, we're just pissing in the wind.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry


You're even more delusional than the truthers. That's a new low, man, a new low...

I don't understand, you think the "truth movement" can't be

Hijacked and govt will shrink?

Make them pay.

Although I am not willing to say with certainty that Mossad was behind the 911 attacks, but if I had to bet, that would be my #1 suspect. Que bono, or who benefited from the attacks? The evidence seems to point to 911 being an Israeli covert operation. If that ever is proven, then I would hope that the USA would launch an all-out hydrogen bomb attack on Israel and flush the toilet once and for all. I would hope that all those in our government including present and former elected officials who were involved directly or in the cover-up would be publicly beheaded and their heads placed on pikes on the White House lawn.

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What about the established fact funding and training

had Saudi connections?
I'm not saying I know the answer, but I don't understand how you can believe it was Mossad when Saudi hands are all over it.
We have strong evidence of Saudi funding in the FBI files released through the 911 Commission. The problem is most of that data was blacked out. Very little got through, and it was buried deep in the report. Shouldn't that arouse suspicion of Saudis? They are big buddies with the Bushes, after all.

Undo what Wilson did

I hope that it will signal that The People

have learned to value truth for the sake of knowing the truth.
Honestly, I prefer an amnesty period for all who will come forward and unburden their souls. Those who choose not to are to be tried and the ones who committed treason and did not avail themselves of their opportunity for amnesty, are to be, according to the Constitution, hung by the neck until dead if I am not mistaken.
Truth and justice are just too expensive and messy for you?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Come on, this was an easy one -- why is the truth so scary?

*oooh, look a butterfly*

Let me get this straight

Are you trying to imply that avoiding truth and justice on a monumental scale is important in order to limit government?

If so, you might need to rethink the validity of your goals.

BTW, I don't see government shrinking as a result of the mainstream version of events from 9/11. Do you?


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

There are a lot of more crucial "truths" to begin


Truthers only want the show, its not about truth its about the spectacle and the hope for chaos.

There's no way 911-fact would lead people to think "let's have less regulation / less intervention"