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What is this thing on Mars?

Could be computer glitch, it does not seem to register any altitude, but it looks like it is reflecting light off the top surfaces, so it could be there. Unfortunately, I cannot hop over to Mars and see for myself, but I can invite you to google earth to see what I am looking at.
There is a tab on google earth that lets you pick earth, sky or Mars. Pick Mars. (The icon look like Saturn.)
Then put "Puyo" in the location search. It will take you to a crater, looks a little like a hieroglyph for a bird once you back up a bit. Back up until you see another marker for "Puyo" at about the 11:00 position. Back out / reposition until you can see two lines, looking a bit like ridges but more like computer paste spots between images, one line runs through Puyo crater and the other runs through a dark blob to the right and above Puyo crater. Follow the dark blob down the "ridge" to a point straight across from the "Puyo" marker and zoom in. The coordinates are
83 52 1 N by 19 30 E

I mean, I don't know and I know you probably don't know either, but WTF is that?

Kudos to this guy for finding it and posting it:

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digital artifact



Ancient ruins?

I have been following all the various Mars missions since they started. Quite fascinating to say the least. The latest Curiosity mission is amazing. But, I have no doubt Mars was a viable planet in the distant past, until a devastating event occurred. Too many strange things have been photographed since the entire planet has been mapped by the latest camera technology. And, those are the photos that NASA lets us see and I have no doubt some have been altered.
Richard Hoagland has been involved quite deeply in all of this, and has some interesting facts and information, that if you choose to believe it or not, still raises questions. He has several videos on his website giving talks at various places. Worth a bit of time to hear what he has to say. Click on the Video Viewscreen and check out Curiosity's Stealth Mission.

Seems obvious

It is a space of missing data on the google site. I'm not a computer guy, but it seems like when a defined line isn't found, the computer patches it - much like trying to alter a color in photoshop.

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Looks like Software

Good answer.

It looks like a computer fallback operation and a splicing problem.

I could imagine that the stitching software is tweaked for Earth that has many straight lines on it put thier by humans. So the software tries to use simialr logic on Mars.

Can't say that

I can see anything of note at those coordinates. (That video clip talked about geometric shapes, something that looked like a ziggurat?) But if you go to, for instance, 84 21 N 137 45 E, you'll see some (can't miss) interesting formations, black, at the base of a very long, arched ridge; if you zoom in on the ridge, you'll see geometric forms on the entire length - something like a Grecian border (or tire treads). It's got to just be the way some things photograph that close up. But thanks for this post, fishyculture. You've introduced me to google Mars. It's fascinating.

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Maybe that is what I should have made the post about.

This kid's video is what turned me on to google Mars.
Did you try following my other directions, search for Puyo? The thing does look a bit like a ziggurat, but it looks a bit like pixels, too. I remain resolute: I dunno. But google Mars is FUN.

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I did, but I wasn't

sure what you meant in those directions. I'm confused. This could be my misunderstanding, but... The (N) coordinate of the Puyo marker is 83 56, for the Puyo Crater marker 83 43. You said that what you were referring to was straight across from Puyo marker; I wasn't sure which you meant, but neither jibes with 83 52 1 N.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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There are far more provocative "structures" on Mars than that...

"Sphinx" on Mars http://www.enterprisemission.com/Path-sphinx.html
"Glass Tunnels" or transportation tubes on Mars http://www.enterprisemission.com/images/arthur.jpg

These are NASA photographs, but the markups are Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara. Hoagland was Walter Cronkite's Science Editor at CBS News and Mike Bara is his associate.

Here is what the late Arthur C. Clarke ("2001: A Space Odyssey" said to former Astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

"I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars," Clarke told SPACE.com Sunday as Buzz Aldrin listened. "There are some incredible photographs from [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], which to me are pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars! Have a look at them. I don't see any other interpretation."



Having seen the Sphinx personally, I do not buy the comparison.

However, the glass tunnels are quite interesting. We know on Earth that when sand is struck by lightning it forms glass rods. Is it possible that electronic principles work with martian dust? I am not sure - since it is believed Mars has oxidized.

Although, it does provide one striking possibility, that perhaps the electronic field of mars itself is intensified by its former liquid and now metallic properties. Which when combined with ultra intense lightning, could cause surface reformation.

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You may be correct; then there is the infamous "Face on Mars"

that NASA has been attempting to debunk ever since the Viking photos were released in 1976. Hoagland addressed the United Nations on this subject and his address and slide-show can be seen near the end of "Mystery of the Sphinx", the 1993 Emmy Award winning documentary narrated by Charlton Heston, which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhDmCuffwOI

You might also want to catch Hoagland's latest presentation on the "Curiosity" mission.


That looks really neat... and how else could you explain that formation with today's understanding.

Don't get me wrong about your first post, it's very interesting, I am just remaining skeptic about the Sphinx connection.

Great stuff though, Bob!

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Hi! ;)" Is it possible that

Hi! ;)

" Is it possible that electronic principles work with martian dust? "

Well, it just might! There's even the serious idea that electricity CAUSED the huge canyon on Mars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valles_Marineris

You might find this interesting:

"David Talbott - Lightning Scarred Planet Mars & The Electric Sun
December 6, 2012

David Talbott is a comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols. His research has been the primary catalyst behind the “Saturn Model,” and is the subject of the feature documentary, “Remembering the End of the World.” He is the author of The Saturn Myth and co-author with Wallace Thornhill of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe. David returns to Red Ice to discuss more about the electric universe and plasma cosmology. We’ll begin talking about Mars, the Moon and hemispheric electric discharge. Then, David explains how our planetary system once moved in a more chaotic way, unrecognizable to us today. Through reconfiguring our planetary past, he reveals archetypal memories which tell specific stories from the age of Gods and wonders. Later, he shares interesting information about the Sun which has brought solar physics to a halt. We’ll discuss the Sun’s anomalous attributes. David presents a more plausible model of the Sun."


Be sure to check the relevant links on that page, including:

Thunderbolts of the Gods & The Electric Universe::

Also quite a few things can be found on YouTube, right here:


For example:

The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars:


quite ironic!

get it?

I would be more incline to believe that oxidized particle dust was formed into glass from high heat and pressure.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Or they are remnants of

Or they are remnants of volcanic tubes in high silica formations.

Southern Agrarian

That's not mars

It's YouTube.

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you have to follow the directions to get to Mars

All those symbols above the youtube link, they are an attempt at communication.

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Is it Gingrich?

It is chunky, but no.

I cannot believe no one is curious about this. There was the "big life changing" announcement one day and then suddenly it was "oops, we got nothing" the next, and then some youtuber finds SOMETHING. I don't know what, but at least I am curious enough to have a look.

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