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Yale Legal Scholar and Oathkeeper: NDAA is "Declaration of War" on American People

Yale Legal Scholar and Oathkeepers Founder Says NDAA Violates "Treason Clause" of Constitution

Making the argument that the Constitution already specifically provides for acts of treason in wartime, Yale Law School graduate and legal scholar Stewart Rhodes declared in a speech before county sheriffs and other law enforcement officials that the NDAA military detention of US citizens law is unconstitutional. Rhodes said, moreover, that the Constitution already stipulates how American "enemy combatants" are to be treated in Article 3 of the US Constitution, in the "Treason Clause."

The Treason Clause states that suspected enemies of the nation who are US citizens are guaranteed a civil trial which must include the testimony of two witnesses, or a confession, to convict... FULL ARTICLE...

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good articles on Feinstein amendment to NDAA

which some people seem to think fixed it:

Business Insider: Actually, The Newest Version Of NDAA Makes It EASIER To Detain Citizens Indefinitely

Feinstein Amendment Further Entrenches Power of Military Indefinite Detention

Release the Sandy Hook video.