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Full 720 HD:The Who stole the show 121212 Sandy concert


McCartney will do well but Daltrey and the band really put on one hell of a versatile set. Superb. The audience was electrified.

Who Are You

the second song, I don't know the name but the screen showed Moon singing it behind the drums at a concert. So it was like a Moon tribute.

Pinball Wizard / Tommy


Baba O'Reily

and the last was a duo with Roger and Pete. Something about Tea for Two? Possibly a british traditional song??

Great. They blew the Stones out of NYC.

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Just watched. Again. What

Just watched. Again.

What a great show!

Bump for early rebels.

Bump for early rebels.

Thank you. :)

Thank you. :)

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Don't forget to buy their

Don't forget to buy their album, because playing music for charity increases your credibility when all those that played bring up politics next cycle...

Southern Agrarian