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Oregon Shopping Mall Shooter Appeared Numb to Friends a Week Before the Deadly Attack - Another MK Ultra?

Sansburn, who dated the 22-year-old for one year told ABC News how Roberts loved 'to make you laugh, smile, make you feel comfortable.

But she said she saw her ex, who attended Clackamas Community college, for the last time a week ago and said he 'seemed numb,' and she didn't understand what had caused the transformation.

'Jake was never the violent type. He didn't go out of his way to try to hurt people or upset people. His main goal was to make you laugh, smile, make you feel comfortable. I never would have guessed him to do anything like this ever,' she said.

But on Tuesday afternoon, wearing a load-bearing vest and a white hockey mask, ran into Clackamas Town Center near Portland and allegedly opened fire with an AR15 rifle he had stolen from an acquaintance the day before.

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