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Globalist Controlled Bitcoin Becomes “Bank” Supported By Technocrats.

The “experimental new digital currency” known as Bitcoin has been given that status of a “payment service provider” (PSP) by French financial institutions Aqoba and Crédit Mutuel. Officially, they are not a PSP because of the banks they are aligned with who are. This means Bitcoin is able to take advantage of their PSP status without having to be one themself.

Crédit Mutuel is the “main component of the Crédit Mutuel-CIC Group” which includes a federation of French financial institutions that have assets totaling over $581 billion. The federation’s holding corporation, the Banque Federative du Crédit Mutuel (BFCM) control French and foreign operational subsidiaries in Germany, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Crédit Mutuel is classified as a retail bank, yet it also services corporate investments, asset management, private banking and conducts international activities. They also are involved in:

• Finance leasing
• Real estate investment
• Property development
• Collection services
• Insurance policies

Bitcoin now has an International Bank ID number (IBAN) which allows transactions through PayPal and WorldPay and other digital payment networks; as well as issue debit cards, enabled to process monetary transfers to other banks and accept transfer of digital currency to their own “location”.


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That would be a great idea

If it wasn't open source. A lot of people have that same idea but anyone can inspect and audit the code and ho one has found any kind of crazy back door. Again anyone can access the source code at any time. Why is the Linux the most secure operating system in the world? Because it is open source.

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    so what happens if all the

    so what happens if all the computers get fried? we all have no money then?

    Every single TCP/IP-capable device

    So you think every single TCP/IP-capable device destroyed, and every copy of the BlockChain (even those on printed paper) could be destroyed simulatneously? I'll take that bet.


    arent you the little schitcoin encyclopedia?/

    have an answer for everything even though they dont make sense!

    "I'll take that bet"
    spoken in true lib fashion bettin' with every one elses money.

    "OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

    Rand Paul 2016



    You just have to have faith...BELIEVE.

    What if just YOUR (my) computer gets fried...
    What if there becomes an identifier that enables them to disable those bit coins owned by any individual. A digital currency has endless possibilities for "control", far more control than can be afforded with a physical currency.

    The only problem the "powers that be" have had is resistance to the implementation of a digital currency. Having all of ones money on a debit card and nowhere else is not a new idea. Possibly this resistance is due to THEM trying to implement the currency. So, why not just have it seem as though it is OUR idea, and have US implement it upon ourselves...then once implemented, take control of it. Mission accomplished. All digital currency with the ability to shut out from all commerce those social misfits who think their own version of liberty is superior to the Elite's version of liberty.

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    That would be a great idea

    If it wasn't open source. A lot of people have that same idea but anyone can inspect and audit the code and ho one has found any kind of crazy back door. Again anyone can access the source code at any time. Why is the Linux the most secure operating system in the world? Because it is open source.

    Sorry my other comment was supposed to be a reply to do this not it's own comment.

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    If anyone is interested in far more accurate reporting..

    .. on this topic, here, read these:

    Virtual cash exchange becomes bank

    Bitcoin-Central Gets Bank Status

    Bitcoin-Central Is Now The World's First Bitcoin Bank...Kind Of

    Bitcoin going mainstream? Exchange approved to operate as a bank

    Bitcoins join global bank network

    Bitcoin's Greatness Not Realized By Succumbing To Regulation

    This article is highly

    This article is highly misleading. I'm no bitcoin expert, but Credit Mutuel is a bank choosing to hold bitcoin, not bitcoin itself. The PSP status is merely a recognition of bitcoin by the bank as a legitimate payment method.

    Bit Coins Protection Against Dollar Crash?

    Thanks for this thread some of the proponents of Bit Coin have convinced me to start accumulating Bit Coins. I researched them when they first came out and liked the concept however being in the computer/network business was skeptical that they could not be hacked.

    I am still skeptical especially with government super computers but lets face it we are heading for electronic currency anyway and these are decentralized untraceable and nontaxable that is better then the dollar.

    There biggest vulnerability seems to be if we had a sustained power black out. So why not continue to invest in gold and silver to hedge against that but in the mean time lets move the economy to Bitcoins as a hedge against a dollar crash? We now have the power to do it with bit coins lets do it?

    My idea is to promote bit-coins in your local area as a local currency like Ithaca hours or Berk Shares etc. Why not promote bit coins the same way? Get local stores and merchants to except them and screw the dollar it is nothing but a wealth killer for the middle class to steal the wealth and funnel it to the banksters?

    A few people in most major cities and towns could change the country doing this? I think the guys who started Ithaca hours wrote a book on how they did it may be worth reading? They had to print a currency though, with bit coins they currency is ready made just start an exchange or what ever it takes?

    We sit here and listen to people bitch and moan about the goddamn republican party and try to work with all that corruption. Here is something we can do right now and take matters into our own hands and cut the banksters out of the deal! You don't need a bank to store bitcoins for you? If paypal gets in on the act it's over we will have a new free world currency untraceable nontaxable etc. of course with bitcoin who needs paypal? We won't need all their banking networks to transfer money??? Shit this is bigger then I thought. Jeeze we can cut the banks out of this whole thing if Bit coin catches on.

    Of course morons will still use the banking networks because that is what they are used to doing and programmed to do. That is why theses banks are jumping on the band wagon now before we cut them out completely. All you need is a computer for bit-coins. We need to strike while the iron is hot?

    What are we waiting for. Fuck these assholes and their currency monopoly lets take it from them we have the tools now lets do it!!!

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    Get Prepared!

    Bitcoin just needs

    to become a hell of a lot easier for people to use and transport than it is now for common folk. I think that is its biggest draw back the fact that it is hard for older people or people with little knowledge of safely backing up computers and files to safely get in on the mix.

    I still have a hard time explaining to my grandmother that Facebook is not a program and she's not running the Facebook program that she is actually using a browser to visit a webpage. She still doesn't understand that she can use the same browser for searches and looking at other webpages since I made a link to Facebook from her desktop she thinks the internet is Facebook.

    How do I explain Bitcoin to her if she can't even understand a browser. Imagine trying to explain Bitorrent or FTP or some protocol to her explaining to her that they are also the internet but are just a different protocol. Not easy.

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    what kind of jewelry can i

    what kind of jewelry can i make with a "bit-coin"?

    is bit-coin attractive to the eye?

    Jewelry and over-priced AV cables! Bazing!

    A few oz of metal is about as useful to me as a string of bits, so..... what's your point? IDGAF about jewelry and neither does any other practical human being. Is gold useful for anything BESIDES jewelry?

    Trading "gold" and "silver" as metals is about as arbitrary in the year 20XX as trading cadmium or any other semi-rare metal... the key is that its value comes from its scarcity, not that it's pretty, or that it happens to have 79 protons and neutrons.

    there are plenty of things

    there are plenty of things which are scarce, but make terrible currency--four leaf clovers, for example. it all comes down to whether people desire the item and want to use it as a medium of exchange. in this case, gold is rare, durable, has a variety of industrial uses, and looks pretty. you don't have to trade gold, per se, you can use things which are backed by gold.

    bit coin is intangible and has nothing of value backing it, much like 95% of all FRN assets.

    I hear what you're saying

    I hear what you are saying.

    As far as metals go, I would say it has FAR FEWER industrial uses than most. (Maybe we should trade silicon instead??) And since its appearance is subjective, I fail to see how its appearance could contribute to it's "universal currency" status.

    So basically what you are saying is that gold is valuable to people as a currency because it has properties are looking for in a currency. Durability. Scarcity. Infinitely divisible. Transportable. I don't disagree with you at all. I don't think gold is bad, and like many others here, I think it's smart to have some.


    Bitcoin has all these same traits, plus some advantages over gold. Not only is it infinitely divisible, but it's more practical to use in small divisions over, say, gold shavings. Not only is Bitcoin transportable, but it's transportable at the speed of light via a TCP/IP connection, if you can manage to find one anywhere (sarcasm). Bitcoins cannot be destroyed... or smelted into other crypto-currencies. Bitcoins will never exceed 21 Million units, whereas gold is still being mined today, and could potentially be synthesized in a lab, once we figure out that whole "fusion" thing.

    So basically what I'm saying is that the same things that make gold an excellent currency ALSO make Bitcoin an excellent currency... perhaps even more excellent than gold, but time will be the test of that.


    Bingo Bango!

    People need to really think outside the box when it comes to Bitcoins. Shift the paradigm just a little bit. I hated bitcoins at first but after researching it and understanding it I've come to Realize that technology and some smart programmers have created a far superior currency than Gold or Silver and way infinitely far more superior than Dollars. Now, Bitcoins I only treat as a currency but not as money, money is Gold and Silver, but Bitcoins can represent Gold and Silver if people agree to it just as dollars can represent gold and silver if it is backed by it. What is awesome about bitcoins is there is no central authority, it can't be manipulated and is always at every transaction being audited. So, What currency do you prefer? Dollars that are constantly being printed, devalued, and manipulated or Bitcoins which are as sound and honest a currency can ever be?


    "technology and some smart

    "technology and some smart programmers have created a far superior currency"
    americans want the free market to create currency.
    but thanks anyway. we know what happens when "smart programmers" get involved with our currency..
    technology and printers gave us the sad usd.
    i rest my case.
    schitcoin has been debunked. bitcoins 15 seconds are over.
    bitcoin....sounded like something that should be in a horses mouth anyway..
    was this hillaries idea?

    "OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

    Rand Paul 2016

    Yes, the free market.

    Clearly you don't understand the free market. If there was no need for a decentralized, transportable, scarce, durable, infinitely divisible currency with more flexibility and ease-of-use than gold (especially in a digital world) why does it exist?

    You might ask, what's the profit motive?

    The profit motive is to NOT get ripped off by central monetary authorities who continue to devalue our dollar, decide how we spend it, freeze our accounts, etc.

    It's getting more obvious that you are less interested in understanding Bitcoin by your increasingly adolesent responses ("schitcoin", "titcoin", etc.). If you're interested in discussing the pros and cons of Bitcoin, there are many here who are happy to do so. If you're interested continuing to plug your ears and stick our your tongue like an insolent child, there are many here who are happy to ignore you.

    Good day.


    u forgot cripcoin

    "OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

    Rand Paul 2016

    In fact!

    Yes! It is attractive to some and not to their eye but to their brain. It's actually arguably what drove the initial demand for them which sparked their function as a medium of exchange.

    sounds like the

    sounds like the rationalization that lead bankers to set up the fiat FRN.

    sounds like..

    You have no clue as to how bitcoins work.

    Sounds like your being a stubborn ignorant bastard.

    Do us all a favor and research it. If you still don't like Bitcoins explain to us why in a logical fashion. Maybe there is something that us Bitcoin proponents over looked. Oh, and if you use dollars can you please explain why prefer a currency that empowers psychopaths and criminals rather than one that empowers liberty.



    " explain to us"?
    all three of you who shill for schitcoin??

    "OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

    Rand Paul 2016

    You just made his point

    The fact that you can't articulate arguments with facts so you just resort to dumb verbal attacks. I think you just have some massive cognitive dissonance with the following facts:

    Gold whether you like it or not believe it or not is controlled and manipulated by the central banks

    Silver not as much but is manipulated by the speculative bankers like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs so they control the market regardless of how many rounds or whatever else you own.

    The problem with our economic situation is Fractional Reserve Banking not fiat currency. We can go back to a gold standard today and we would still have major issues if it was used like it has always been used which is with a one to ten or more reserve ratio.

    The Global bankster would only care if we went back to a gold standard because they wouldn't be able to create as much money but believe me they would still control and run the world.

    Bitcoin bypasses all of this completely because it can never be turned into a fractional reserve system. If a bank had 1 bitcoin it would be impossible for them to lend out 10 bitcoins they can lend out something else that is backed by Bitcoin like 10 Shillcoins or whatever you want to call them but they would not be Bitcoins.

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    I see that the biggest opponents

    of Bitcoin are the ones that know the least about it. For a community of supposed open minded individuals there is still a lot of work to be done on accepting or even looking into other opinions. The problem here is that we all think we know so much more than everyone else that it makes some of us in this crowd blissfully ignorant to some great alternative points of view. Specially when it comes to money and monetary systems.

    Bitcoin isn't just a digital currency it is a whole system. You can never ever ever have a fractional reserve system with Bitcoin so there is no creating money out of nothing. In essence the power of the bank is absolutely nill with Bitcoins and even Bitcoin deposits because they will never be able to create some arbitrary amount at the drop of a hat like they do now.

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    Picking my battles

    I am well down the path toward self reliance, and trying to cut ties to currency best I can. The last thing I want is another "currency." I don't care if others use bitcoin, I don't see why it bothers you if I don't want to.
    I don't like money. I want to spend my learning time focusing on things I like. If things collapse, I will be the one selling food to other people. So, if you come to me to buy food, remember, I don't like bitcoin. Other than that, do what you want.

    Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

    Ron Paul

    talked a lot about legalization of currencies to bridge out from the self-implosion of The Fed. Bitcoin is one of them. I dont see why people wait for legislation to legalize currencies (never going to happen) when you can take action against The Fed today?

    His name is Edward Snowden

    What is Capitalism?

    As I said, use bitcoin them.

    Competing currencies implies choice, and I choose not to use bitcoin. I just do not understand why that bothers anyone.

    Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

    A very good question

    It does not bother me if you choose.not to redeem frns for bitcoin. What does bother me is the misinformation about them that is spread all over here. But to understand what trading or holding them means is something else more importantly. Bitcoin, like metals require work and capital to be mined with do take a lot of computing power to create. When you buy them you dont just recieve the currency, you support the community of bitcoin; much like you supporting the prospector for removing ore from underground so he can continue prospecting. The bitcoin miner can put more capital into mining bitcoin. Why support the community? Because it is decentralized depriving private banks and corperations from running this country down with fiat money and putting wealth back into the hands of The People. I dont expect this to can your mind on bitcoin however I do wish this clears up any misinformation

    His name is Edward Snowden

    What is Capitalism?

    Who is bothered by your choice?

    I certainly am not. Do what ever you like as long as you don't harm anyone or their property.

    What most of us who spread information about Bitcoin object to is all the missinformation that is thrown back at us as a reason for not using Bitcoin. And so non of us are saying you should use Bitcoin but we do want you to have your facts straight and reject it for the right reason instead of some fallacies.

    Personally most of my money is in gold and I'd never bother with Bitcoin if I didn't research it extensively and managed to understand it pretty much precisely how it works which prompted me to buy some as a speculative investment + they've proven useful to me in a few purchases so far.

    It's the misinformation that is being spread that is disgusting, not people not choosing to use Bitcoin personally.


    Way to show your integrity and intellectual honesty whoever thought this post deserved to be down voted. And don't worry, you don't need to change, you can go extinct.