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New political Party now formally active: “Free Dominion”

I'd been looking to create a new association for some time and despite several minor obstacles, the "Free Dominion" Political Party is now formally active.

Details about its History, Philosophy and Platform can be found under the Free Dominion Political Party's Facebook page
(sorry to those not participating, it's all I can afford right now)
(not to be confused with a Canadian blog of similar name but different philosophy)
while other functions such as its Organization remain to be seen.

Synopsis of Platform

A) If an individual wishes to fund a public road rather than what they might judge to be an unjust military conflict or abusive department for example, they should have that prerogative. Subsequently, all taxation should be abolished while public domain can be endowed by the dignity of choice

B) Arguing that the ethical function of government is to distill conscience, the US Constitution’s principled Bill of Rights should include Amendments which explicitly state that an individual’s
i. property
ii. currency (inc. monetary specie)
iii. corporality (one’s body)
iv. sovereignty (freedom to travel)
v. philosophy (ex. free speech)
vi. spirituality (ex. freedom of religion)
shall not be violated

When such agency is violated, one is entitled to a just trial in a civil society and if convicted, associated prerogatives are forfeited until duly absolved

C) Affirming the open publication of civil references as optimal guides, statutes which otherwise restrict the free exchange of demonstrable value as viable currency (including precious metals or other economic articles) should be repealed.

Municipal institutions which subsequently practice counterfeit accreditation should therefore be dissolved

D) Finally rejecting the critical forejudgment of guilt without innocence, mandated policies of speculative insurance should be null and void

Summarily I believe what makes the platform unique is that it argues for dignifying the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain, and for reserving the right to withdraw from institutional abuse (including all taxation).

In any case feel free to drop a line or polemic ; )

Michael Galganski

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