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Massie joins Ron Paul, Amash, Jones in Opposition to House NDAA (Only 4 nay votes)

This is 'breaking' and this is the only source I have, but I believe it, from the Ron Paul Forums

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399-4, with 28 not voting.

Procedural or not, here is the list of Patriots who voted "no," the list of spineless-jellyfish who did not vote at all, and the list of traitors for voted "yes."


the actual House version passed 290-190-12

The recent vote was a procedural vote to merge the House and Senate versions.

The real fiscal year 2013 NDAA vote for the House is here:
290(aye)-190(no)-12(no votes)
16 Republicans voted NO and
104 Democrats voted NO

Sure maybe all of them should have said no again but it really was not a vote on the bill itself. So the title of this post is misleading.

No, it wasn't

a motion to merge the House and Senate versions.

It was a motion to instruct conferees to keep a certain section of the House NDAA bill related to promoting security of women in Afghanistan if the House rejects the conference report.

is the worse than last year. more voted aye it seems this time

i know my congressman switched from no to yes. sigh...

Just for clarification..

This would be the House version of the bill which does NOT have the Feinstein amendment added in the Senate version.

This isn't even the final NDAA bill

It was a vote on a procedural motion to instruct the conferees to resolve the differences between the House and Senate bills.

It's great that they all voted together but this is not a vote on NDAA.

But what were the instructions? Without the procedural passage

it couldn't go forward, so it is a vote on the bill in that sense, isn't it? VERY often the procedural votes are as important as the bill. Could they move to pass the bill without this? I thought not.

But I did make it clear in the thread title, I thought, that this was the House version.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Is "Pragmatist"

a kind of Douchebag?

"Rand is a pragmatist"

Rand: take heed of how a

Rand: take heed of how a statesman who launched a revolution votes with principle over politics.

The 2013 NDAA is anti constitution, even with the Feinstein amendment. Read it for yourself.

But it was going to pass any

But it was going to pass any regardless of Rand's vote because he is in the minority

which is better, the NDAA with the Fienstien amendment or NDAA without

Rand is a pragmatist