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Rand Paul on The Mark Levin Show - 12/12/2012

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Did anyone listen?

I'm not a MSM, radio, TV, sincerely not interested in any talking head.. so it was on;y after reading this thread I thought I would listen..

At 2:10.. Levin askes Rand, "What is the Republican Party about, because I can't figure it out?" Rand says, he'll tell him what the GOP should be.. and Levin is "No, no no.. I want to know what it is".

Unlike some here, I fully believe TPTB that dictate to the body of the GOP through many ways.. they ran Romney wanting Obama 4 more years. They fought us to keep Obama.. they are fighting us now, with this purge to work with Obama..

Anyways.. I'm continuing to listen: Rand talks about negotiation between the GOP and Obama, GOP refusing to be a position of strength.

Balancing a buget.. GOP purge Rand mentions that..

Levin mentions the purge,, and Rand says he's upset about it and explains why he disagrees with Obama and Biehners.. Rand is doing a great job explaing the economy..

Rand says Obamacare will bankrupt the states.

Levin says there is a counter attack against Obama by 24 states and then Rand promotes "Right to work".

Levin askes if part of the problem is GOP leaders unable to talk about liberty..

Right to work? He obviously

Right to work? He obviously hasn't listened to Ron who knows full well that right to work laws violate freedom of contract. Rand is just another right-wing panderer. As the last election shows, this group is the past not the future.

"right to work laws violate freedom of contract"

Huh? Whose rights are violated? The unions "rights" (e.g. collective bargaining) are State-granted privileges allowing them to violate other people's rights, such as by forcing employers to accept contracts which prohibit the hire of non-union labor, or forcing workers to join the union and pay dues. To abridge those "rights" of the union is to limit the extent to which unions can violate the genuine rights of individuals. This is precisely what right to work laws do - they limit the unions' "rights" (read: State-granted privileges).

Right to work laws don't solve the problem, mind you. For that, we need to repeal the National Labor Relations Act and related legislation, thereby destroy coercive unionism, and get the State out of labor relations altogether - but right to work laws are a good step in the right direction.

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This is where I will invoke "it's good enough for Ron but not good for Ran"? Ron's campaign let out numerous pro-right-to-work statements, because of the very fact it subdues federal requirements to involve unionization in a corporation. I'm not defending the libertarian nature of any form of legislation, but if you oppose right-to-work, it's just I want it also known that that was a stance that Ron campaigned on.

Can't make the NWO happen fast enough?

that your future for us, a NWO?

I may be wrong but,

I see Levin as a Fascist , Zionist, Maxwell Smart. My Sister listens to this A-Hole like clockwork, among others like Rush Lickballs. How do you turn the brainwashed around? It is hopeless. I am convinced that , especially "Social Conservatives, say they are against socialism; but on the other hand they want everyone to live in their regimented nicey nice world of seudo-religious war mongering, gay hating, lock the doper up world.
Liberty, they want it only for themselves.


Pat Buchanan is extremely

Pat Buchanan is extremely socially conservative but no warmonger. Ron Paul doesn't take too kindly to gays on a personal and state level either.

Support Rand, Amash & other liberty candidates? Check out: http://www.LibertyConservatives.com/

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Uh...you get people like Rand Paul in front of your sister

That's kind of the whole point of going onto Levin's show or Hannity's or whomever. You go to where your target audience is. Today's neocons are tomorrow's patriots.

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I think it is a mistake to label these folks neocons. Their identity is tied to support for military and thus, war propaganda. They are not ideological neoconservatives like Kristol etc.

In the same way there are libertarians and anarchists whose identities are tied to guns and pot.

If we can get folks to move away from those identity extremes, we can create a powerful common sense coalition.

You're right about

exposure in the media; but it is they're kind if patriotism that scares me. Patriotism is like Democracy. Both terms are dangerous in the wrong hands. I guess you have to keep trying, although it might be hopeless.


"Today's neocons are tomorrow's patriots."

Let me fix that forya..

"Today's neocons are tomorrow's neopatriots"

As we're seeing here on DP, they aren't changing to Dr.Paul's message, they are changing IT so maybe well wind up either split or somewhere in the middle.. with a little bit social programs and a dash of fascism.. Maybe it won't be full blown neocon but it won't be the healthy Liberty we want.

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Being on a Neocon show is a

Being on a Neocon show is a good thing. We need to get more libertarian messages out there to the masses and make them mainstream. That doesn't mean that Levin is suddenly a good guy or that Rand doesn't have things to make up for, but rather a marketing 101 move.


I used to listen to Levin, Limbaugh, Beck, etc.

But yet, I'm here now. People CAN change their minds. These talk shows are just a way to get to the larger audience.

Thanks for the logic

Rand Paul was not on the radio for the sake of Mark Levin, he was on to get his message out to the misdirected listeners of the show. Rand handled himself well, the interview showed Rand in a favorable light and Levin treated him with respect. No one here has more disrespect that I do toward Levin and the other so called radio Republicans, but Rand needs that megaphone to get the liberty message out.

They agreed on everything

Actually that was an interview in which Rand and Levin agreed on everything. It was illustration that there is a natural liberty Republican coalition potential.

If they agreed on everything

If they agreed on everything you can be sure the most important issues were not discussed

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It's a win win situation for

It's a win win situation for both...Rand gets the message out and Levin sounds more credible and his ratings go up.

maybe, if he went on showing some cojones

he might have even got some press out of it,
but when he appears as a wishy washy, go along to play along, GOP owned whiner it's a nonevent, and only further shows the questionable path he's on.

You mean just like Ron Paul right?

On shows where he was being called too old or crazy or too extreme, Ron Paul would come out with guns blazing and take no prisoners right? He would tear the host and their listeners down by calling them corrupt neocons and constitution destroyers, right?

NO of course not. Ron Paul is a lesson in how to rise above and to show your quality without attacking in kind. You don't gain respect by slamming people into the ground. You gain respect by arguing your case reasonably and sticking to the facts. By attacking back and even defending yourself you either look weak or you look petty or at the very least you cause people to take a defensive stance.

The beauty of Ron Paul was his ability to get people to drop their defensiveness and simply listen to him. We could all learn from him as he is a master at it.

Why criticize Rand for trying to do the same thing?

Are these folks liberals?

I sometimes wonder of they only people left here are liberals.

During the election Ron created a lot of contrast with Republicans in order to get noticed. Rand is creating contrast with the Establishment by being MORE conservative than they are. Ron's fiscally conservative message was lost because all they focused on was his anti-war rhetoric. Rand is smartly downplaying the nonintervention beliefs in order to build bridges with the fiscal conservatives.

I guess

it is better to keep a calm demeanor like Ron Paul. and if he gets pissed it is hard to tell. He just keeps on track. Invincibility of a kind.


yes, Ron has a great style

and he would have brought up foreign policy in the economic part (the elephant in the room)
but did rand? nope. why? because the creep levin would've went bat crazy, and that might mess up having more interviews. probably agreed on beforehand.

oh pu-leeze

if it had been ron paul on the interview it would have been night and day. i didn't mean rand had to be an a hole, but he could have come across as someone aware, and not hiding from history. there's a point to this play along biz he's involved in, and to his father's credit he never engaged in such behavior, in fact he took others to task for doing so. the beauty of ron paul is that he always told it like it was, even though others might find that challenging or even uncomfortable.

Back up your statement with facts

show me in the interview where Ron would have answered more aggressively.

Show me the interviews where Ron Paul "took others to task" who were interviewing him. Show me where he made people feel uncomfortable with anything other than simply giving his point of view on things.

Put your money where your mouth is

what don't you understand about "others might"?

i don't appreciate your twisting of what i wrote to serve your own agenda.

also i never said "aggressively" that's your word.

maybe we interpret "taking to task differently"
when he was misrepresented, or when he disagreed he was not shy about pointing that out.

i would suggest that you give posts a closer read rather than a quick scan.


i'm going to do your homework for you?
isn't that a wee bit lazy and demanding?

for starters go back and watch the debates.

he took santorum to task for playing along to get along. that's what my sentence states RS being the other.

ron never went on this hate filled creep's show. wonder why?

you make the claim...be prepared to back it up

if it were that easy you could have 5 video's in a second

the reason you balk at "homework" is because you know it would take too much time and would likely come out fruitless.

Easy to shoot off your mouth but much harder to actually back it up

first of all

i never said he should be "aggressive" we all know ron paul's style of being a gentleman yet firm. BUT also for not using the avoidance tactic like rand does (a discussion of economics and no mention of foreign policy!) that should be fairly insulting for those who have been inspired by ron paul. i took the time to explain my "playing along to get along" point. ron paul certainly did chide santorum in front of the world on that issue, and do you remember rudy at the previous debates?

so just who is shooting their mouth off?

demanding that someone put up links to videos especially when they don't even understand what was written is lame.

really? be a compliant guest on this man's show? no, really?

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the worst

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