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Denver Drug Agent: Our Problems ‘Have Exploded’ With Pot Legalization (video). This story is laughable

THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – No matter how regulated marijuana is, now that pot is legal in Colorado it will be hard to keep away from curious and unknowing kids, according to a member of a Denver-area drug task force.

“There’s plenty of evidence that this a harmful thing for kids. I can’t even believe I have to say that,” Sgt. Jim Gerhardt with the North Metro Drug Task Force told CBS4. “We’ve seen children infant age that have been getting into this stuff and hospitalized, and this has been under medical marijuana. I can’t imagine how bad it’s going to get with full blown legalization.”

At Arapahoe House, a drug and alcohol counseling center in Thornton, Angela Bornemann said marijuana use is already the most common addiction in teens they see. She says they are now expecting to see more and more problem dependance cases with the passage of Amendment 64.

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When I was in high school...

the best place to find weed was at school. Teens get weed from other teens. Forty years later I'll bet that is still a true statement. I ask you all (whatever age you are), was(is) it like that in your high school?


was my main reason for going in the tenth grade... I'd go, get stoned and my girlfriend and me would skip out and do what we wanted.

At this point in life, I don't even like it anymore...

“Children are more likely to become dependant when they start use early. Even if it’s an advertant use,” she said.

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

for the record, you skipped

for the record, you skipped school not the pot nor did the marijuana make you skip school just sounded like your use of pot is why you skipped school etc. I would highly doubt that.

Ron Paul 2016

For the record

It was about the girl! Sex does that... I liked sex far better than school!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Things haven't changed, it's

Things haven't changed, it's still like that. It's probably the one thing school can teach you: to be an entrepreneur. The experience of selling drugs is better than a business degree.

If heroin were fully legalized tomorrow...

I still wouldn't touch the stuff. Needles for fun? no thanks.

If some kid wants to try weed they'll find it - being legal now won't make that cause a flood of kids to start toking up. And getting necrotic hematomas that they hide from their parents until they have to have their arms cut off from the needle hole injection.

why are pandas exempt from RICO statutes?

I'm suppose the newspapers before 1937 were full of stories

of little kiddies getting stoned.

What ARE those drug warriors smoking?

“We’ve seen children infant

“We’ve seen children infant age that have been getting into this stuff and hospitalized"

How does an infant get weed? Moreover, why does an infant who has tried marijuana need to go to the hospital? Did he have a bad trip and think he was dying? The phrasing implied the "infant" (between 1 and 12 months) was intelligent enough to pick up a drug habit as if it knew what it was doing. Did it just walk down to the store and pick up a bunch of joints and a lighter? no. You could make the same argument for alcohol, as they are both legal in Colorado.

OH Nooooo!

Next the infants will be wearing their diapers real low and ball caps backwards!

At least Mom and Dad won't have to hide their joints down their baby's pants anymore.

Google has over 67K stories

infants eating pot brownies by accident seems pretty common.. It would still fall under child abuse, not drug laws anyways.. they are gonna hate losing the money http://www.google.com/search?q=infant+ingests+marijuana&rls=...

child abuse?

i think not. maybe child neglect. here in Colorado weed is legal now so it definitely would not be child abuse. in Colorado it's going to be the same charge as if the kid would have gotten into alcohol or prescribed pills. shit happens but if it happened to my kid i would pray it was marijuana rather than anything else including otc cough medicine that could kill them.

how many deaths or serious injuries resulted in the 67k stories? none?!?
you can bet that no long term damage was done to the child either. young kids all over the country have been legally ingesting marijuana for medical purposes for over 10-15 years without any long term problems.

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Parents were arrested

abuse, neglect.. seems it depends on the details of the case.

Though I think the folks who claim medical marijuana is the industry in the Emerald Triangle, and I think they are full of it, and the county just hired an attorney because the federal government is attempting to go around the sheriff.. I have heard plenty of "cool" doctors and vetinarians go off (these are folks who do not "go off") but I have seen them go off on folks who bring in kids and animals that got into their stash.

Let's face it, if you're taking you kid or pet to the ER.. it's because you don't think they will live, eh? I'd say going to the ER is a serious injury.. after all, this was happening before legalization.. so not only was the person freaked out about what the kid or pet was doing to take them to an ER, but knowing it was cannabis and illegal.. that's pretty freaking out in my book.

what an idiot..... how bad

what an idiot..... how bad was it back in the early 1900's or 1800's or even before then when there was no prohibition. I hate cops.

infants are smoking it now....

how can you not take THAT seriously? I mean....

did I read that right?

He is worried about job security, that's all.

His whole purpose in life (arresting people for victimless crimes) is in jeopardy of being completely defunded by the state legislature.


I know

That's why I had to post this, cause it was so ridiculous, it was almost laughable.

but, but..I saw it on the TeeVee!!!

it MUST be true!!!

oh! the humanity! whatever shall we do?

outlaw brownies?