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Deutsche Bank Accounts Are Frozen

Deutsche Bank Accounts Are Frozen


Deutsche Bank Warns of Big Hit to Profit
MUNICH—Deutsche Bank AG, DBK.XE -2.71%grappling with a series of legal problems on both sides of the Atlantic, warned that restructuring costs would result in a substantial hit to the bank's fourth-quarter earnings and could tip it into a loss for the last three months of the year.


Four Deutsche Bank employees jailed on Thursday


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Here Is Another One, HSBC:


How long before the FED is exposed ??


This may explain why they were suddenly wanting an audit of

their gold at the Fed here.

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Deutsche Bank is probably the centre for terrorist money


When the FBI investigated the put options placed on the airlines involved in 9/11, prior to 9/11, the trail led back to Deutsche Bank.

When the trail led from Deutsche Bank to Saudi Arabian royal princes, the FBI dropped their investigation.

There are various other stories of terrorist funding via Deutsche Bank, principally routed from Saudi Arabia.

Another article on the tax evasion charges

Josef Ackermann was a major league player in the banking world, but has just stood down as Deutsche Bank CEO.

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Not to mention other suspicious things from the Busch Admin...

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I didn't realize that

Deutschland uber Alles

Auch, viva mi Reichmarken!

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