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Alaska to investigate possible volcano tomorrow and other oddities you may have missed

Of course, in Alaska, "tomorrow" is next spring. This story gets odd if you dig in a bit.

The Louisiana sinkhole that drained a lake, including sucking down barges. Old story, but interesting in light of the current sinkhole activity there.
In case you are unaware of the current sinkhole, here is an update:

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Lots of seismic activity in unusual places now because of

fracking. If you look at the seismic activity from last Friday, you will see 2.0-3.0 "quakes" in Texas, Kansas, West Virginia, etc. Odd spots for this much activity.

Lake Peigneur was a hallow

Lake Peigneur was a hallow salt dome. Texas, Louisiana, Florida and pretty much all coastal states have numerous karst formations which leave the landscape dotted with ponds and sink holes. It is a natural process. Though Lake Peigneur was man made through breaching the roof of the mine.

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