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Obama says "the people of Colorado and Washington have spoken" "We have bigger fish to fry"

Well, do you believe him? I don't. After Eric Holder said the Feds won't be bothering with Medical Marijuana States, he proceeded to raid hundreds of clinics in Colorado AND California...


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DAMN that dude is a F~N LIAR..

Are you kidding me??????????? If thats allowed surely we will be growing the Ruderalis Strain, in ALL 50 STATES for all our clean burning FUELS then aye? and how about all the nutritious FOOD and FIBER that this plant could give us..I mean why allow a plant that produces fuels that give off carbonDIOXIDE unlike those earth destroying fossil fuels..You think that Kenyan is going to allow this to happen..because IF you allow the strains of Cannabis that have THC in them to be legal to smoke..(which by the way is THEE most powerful non toxic life saving plants on our planet)HOW CAN WE NOT BE GROWING THE STRAIN THAT HAS NO THC?? for the cleanest burning fuels you can imagine..the FOOD and the FIBER that has 10's of THOUSANDS of uses..all 100% BIO-degradable..AWESOME for the ground as it breaks down..BIG OIL/BIG PHARMA AINT GOING TO ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN! BUSTS AHEAD..who wants to bet me on this? Any takers???

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reverse psychology

reverse psychology

Watch for a slew of raids this weekend

They have done the TV thing and now they'll raid hundreds of people and businesses and not talk about it on tv. That way it never actually happened and people can show their friends the interview to prove that any reports of raids are obviously wrong.
I get a video of Obama talking about ending the war in Iraq about once a month from someone trying to convince me that Obama ended that war. TV land is a funny world.

Most Democrats I talk to

Most Democrats I talk to think Obama is pro-legalization, I kid you not. Its because of misdirection like this.

Ventura 2012

I managed to soldier through

I managed to soldier through the entire interview, and I found the comment around the 2:20 mark actually more interesting. I assume this Robin person is some MSM White House shill "reporter". I find it quite astonishing that everything is out on the table now.

Remember JFK's speech about the press keeping the government accountable and holding their feet to the fire? Well it looks like those days are long gone.

They speak about this Robin person as if she is a family member, who they know and love so dearly. It's as if they have absolutely no qualms about showing the true nature of their relationship with their paid propaganda arm.

can we take that to the bank?

like those other pesky promises?

as gary johnson pointed out: he says some good things, but doesn't follow through, like so many politicians.

i won't hold my breath, unless i'm toking ;-)

Oh, ok we'll just take your word on THAT too.

On another note: fried fish mmmmmmmmm

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Just put my fish shack on the

Just put my fish shack on the lake! Fried Walleye! Mmmmmmm!

Those are nice words,

and only time will tell, but there was recently a poll that showed Americans in majority support states rights in this decision, so if he does go after these states, it's not going to be with public support IMO.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

We should start arresting the

We should start arresting the DEA.

Now you're TALKIN...

Arresting officials is what we need to be doing. Period. It's legal. It's not quick, but it WORKS.

If we want to send the government a message, take them away from their families and MONEY for a long period of time.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

He can say whatever he wants to make himself look good

It's the attorney general's final call, no doubt I'm sure they will find a replacement for Holder who is rabidly anti-legalization.


The AG isn't independently elected or selected. He/she serves

at the pleasure of the President.

If Obama orders Holder to back off, he'll back off.

If Holder doesn't back off, that means Obama condones the raids and prosecutions despite this statement above.

True enough

But Obama will get a pass from the media while these simple facts are ignored. The raids will be kept hush-hush and will only be reported in the alternative media.