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22 Students Injured in KNIFE Attack

In China, but I think the globalists better start seeking to ban knives ASAP (sarc)....

Of course if one teacher had a gun there wouldn't have been more than a few injured at best imo.

It does go to show that it isn't guns that kill people, it's people that kill people.


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One of the common links to

One of the common links to well over half of these slayings in recent years is psychotropic medications. There have been a rash of slayings where the perpetrators have failed to take their meds, a situation well known to have horrible results. It is even most likely that these people would have been FAR better off had they never taken the meds to begin with. It is an immediate withdrawal of the meds when the patient "feels better" that puts them into a disastrous mental "crash", resulting in actions they would otherwise not commit, even had they been mentally ill BUT had never taken the drugs to begin with.

These mass murders are another benefit of Big Pharma...

Adam Lanza on medications

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No one died in this attack

This is a perfect story at the perfect time for gun grabbers to take advantage of. Two separate attacks, one with guns one without, with two very different outcomes.

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How about... China School

How about...
China School attacks 2010-2011

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There had also been a spate

There had also been a spate of copycat knife attacks in Japan in the 90s if memory serves.

im sure there are countless fatal attacks

that don't involve firearms. All I am saying, pushing this story, especially at this time, fits in nicely with the gun control agenda.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety
-Benjamin Franklin

Yes, there are already

Yes, there are already articles comparing the number of overall deaths in Chinese knife attacks to overall deaths in American firearms attacks.

Unfortunately we half no example of death comparisons of well armed citizens (school faculty) to unarmed citizens...

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Good find

Good points.

Thanks for posting.

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i'm willing to bet a person

i'm willing to bet a person like bruce lee could walk into a mall or any public place and kill over 10 people with his bare hands in a matter of seconds.

people kill people, guns and knives are merely instruments in doing so.

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Not if we ban hands also.

We can simply ban hands when we ban guns and all will be well.

no-one died in the Chinese knife attack


Are you sure that wasn't his intent?

Some sociopaths choose to maim rather than kill their victims. We don't know at this point what the man was intending to do only that nobody was killed and that a bunch of kids were badly hurt.

However, kindergartners did die in this other attack...


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fortunately he didn't

have a gun.

or a machete

...thinking of Rwanda where hundreds of thousands of people including children were slaughtered.

If the Chinese guy really wanted to and got the correct knowledge he could have easily killed all those kids with his knife instead of wounding them.
just sayin.


this Katana sword:


which I bet could kill more in that situation than a six shot revolver.

You should read

what Ferfal has to say about Argentine "gauchos" or knife fighters. If you don't know who Ferfal is, briefly, he survived Argentina's economic collapse and now blogs about it. He became a "survivalist" and is now very much considered, among other things, a gun and weapons expert. Quote:

3) Knives are still VERY effective weapons. This is sometimes forgotten due to the popularity of firearms today. There’s more than enough documentation of people using guns ( mostly soldiers or police) against gauchos and ending up dead.


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I suppose it's a lot easier to defend yourself

against someone with a knife than it is to defend yourself against someone with a gun ... unless you're carrying a gun too.

so what..

so what..

so when was the last big school knife rampage

and how many did he kill?

Maybe if knives

were popularized in our society over guns there would be. If you enter a classroom of 20 plus UNARMED people and guard the exit you can easily slaughter people at will with say a Katana blade like this one:


It takes way more "guts" (if

It takes way more "guts" (if you allow me to use that term in such a despicable fashion) to knife 20 people than it is to shoot them. I have no doubt that, all else equal, that in a world without guns, there would be fewer mass killings. The question really is whether we can ever outlaw our way into a situation where there are no guns.

You can't

know there would be fewer mass killings.

A world without guns means people will glamorize knife, sword, machete, ninja star, and whatever else lethal tools there are both in real world fights and movies.

The tools may change but people don't. This world's early history with and without guns was quite violent. Don't forget accounts of soldiers, for example, throwing babies in the air so the could fall down upon their bayonets.

It takes less guts to set up a time delay bomb for mass murder than shooting people, but you don't see that often do you?

Well timed.

They are both tragedies, but neither are the fault of the weapon.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.



It is a sad day, well month actually

with all the harm to kids going on. I can't imagine what a person has in their mind when they attack kids with knife or gun, but certainly the knife or gun had no influence on a crazy person's intent.

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Gun Vs. Knife BALANCE.

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