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The True Source Of Random & Mass Shootings And Violence


Published on Jul 23, 2012
Please visit LIKE and SHARE our PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/C... Find out why Dr. Ron Paul is crusading to STOP mandatory mental screening and forced drugging of our children. This video highlights the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, including nearly all recent mass-shootings and school shootings.

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I believe the warnings are listed in the insert. Not sure about the homicide part, but risk of suicide has been there for decades.

Again, it is claimed and attributed to the increase of energy one feels after the lifting of the depressed state.

Your comment is taken

right from the industries excuse. The trials on normal controls tell a different story don't they henry9?

Once you experience first hand the horror these drugs can cause you will never fall for that bullcrap.

I can tell you for certain it is not simply more energy.

It can cause a whole new way of thinking, if you can call it thinking.

To all those condemning this video:

I have first-hand knowledge that these drugs can do just what this video says. Abrupt changes in behavior--hostile behavior, obsessive violent & suicidal thoughts, in an otherwise very caring person.
The drugs did it. These drugs can change the person. They change the brain. When the drugs were gone, so was the behavior.
Read the fine print of side effects on these psychoactives. Look up words you don't understand. It's right on the insert.

You are % correct mnayden

It happened to my BF not once but twice. He was put on a sleu of psyc meds for none other than severe back pain.

His went nuts on the shit. Something else no one talks about that is caused by SSRI's is something called waking REM. The person is walking around talking but in a state of REM sleep. This is one of the scariest things you will ever witness.

Just to to let you know that when I reported the behaviors to the clinician they said "OH he must be bi-polar" They immediately attached another psych DX to the behavior but not to the drugs.

He got off the drugs and he was fine. Dr. Breggin is absolutely right!

It terrifies me to think how many ticking time bombs are walking around on these drugs.


Besides my own, my husband and I watched helplessly as a coworker of his got depressed, got put on medication, got worse and then shot himself. He knew my story, but could not believe it, not even as it happened to him.
Arguing that these drugs help some people is sickening. If a blood pressure drug caused strokes in 10% of the people taking it, the drug would be banned. If insulin caused 10% of diabetics to go into diabetic shock, the drug would be banned. You cannot give depressed people a drug that may cause suicide - it is malpractice and immoral.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

please stop posting $cientology propaganda on this website

if you want me to come back. you're losing credibility fast if you don't check your sources.

visit xenu.net to learn how this predatory organization through its many front groups ruins the lives of countless families by employing their own form of mind control and bogus science.

seriously.... who posted this garbage?

Dr Peter Breggin

is not a Scientologist.

i don't know that. but what

i don't know that. but what i do know is that CCHR is a front group for scientology... a predatory cult that has its members talk to ashtrays, offer touch assists, mould clay figures to express their feelings, make confessions using a voltmeter, take dangerous doses of niacin for their 'purification rundown', etc. all while defrauding them and their families of all their money. wake up!!!!

this sensationalist kony-2012 video is so over-the-top, i feel bad for anyone that DOESN'T know what scientology does through their practice of disconnection and fraud.

get informed and PLEASE pull this bogus propaganda off this once-credible site, instead of ordering an action kit w/ your hard-earned money.

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Not a big fan of this video.

It has been long established in the psychiatric community that antidepressant medication can induce suicidal tendencies. The reason being is; profoundly depressed people tend to be extremely anergic (lack of energy) while all the while having wishes to die. This prevents or inhibits them from carrying out acts of self harm or harm to others.

Once the depression starts to lift and the energy returns...guess what? They still want to die or harm others, but now are able to pull it off.

I have witnessed many who have benefited and a few tragic endings from those on SSRIs.

I also endorse the effectiveness of anti-psychotic meds for those tormented by the horrible disease of schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.

Yes, big pharma has a heavy hand... but it is not all bad.

p.s. 8-)

Yes henry9

You can control many horrific emotions by giving someone a chemical lobotomy.

Read the inserts before you spew your bullshit.

This video does not present a good argument

It's full of anecdotes, emotional scare tactics, unqualified people giving opinions (that jackass Mike Adams), and logical fallacies

"Did we see this before 1960?" YES.

The video opens with Charles Whitman (NOT on anti-depressants)


Jeffrey Dahmer (NOT on anti-depressants)

Hinckley (insane before taking drugs)


Now let's bring in our witness, Mike Adams, a quack who has never taken a science class and makes money promoting his scientology-esque fantasy worldview!

Now everyone, let's all repeat how wonderful and infomative this video is! Let's bitch about the media lies and distorts information, and praise how this video presents the unbiased truth! Let's all be hypocritical bastards and ignore a terrible video just because it agrees with our worldview!

70% connection between shootings and antidepressants.

You come up with TWO who were not? Thanks for bringing the exceptions that prove the rule. Guess what, this kid was on medication, too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You people are unbelievabe. The VIDEO used those FIRST.

"This kid was on medication, too?"

What are you implying there? That I can't think because I was on them? Are you one of those foil hatters who claims "He uses the fluoride, man, because he drinks the fluoride." Your claims about SSRIS are not self-evident despite your attempts to portray them as so.

Why does my FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE not matter to anyone? Only the anecdotes that agree with the premise are considered, right? Just ignore everyone who doesn't blame the drugs, right!

Let me explain to you people why "conspiracy theorists" have such a poor reputation in the science community - because some conspiracy theorists are the most close-minded, intolerant people you can ever debate. Here is the formula-

#1 Mind is made up. Conspiracy is real (vaccines cause autism, SSRIS cause murder, et cetara)
#2. Any studies/anecdotes verifying #1 are legit because #1 is true.
#3. Studies and anecdotes countering #1 are ignored, or blamed on the conspiracy.
#4. Government and corporations can't be trusted, unless the agree the conspiracy, in which case that is the best evidence and should be cited over and over again.
#5. Everyone disagreeing with the conspiracy is a shill for the government/corporations and their brain is damaged by the conspiracy.
#6. One doctor/scientist is always right in the face of thousands of wrong ones. The motivations of the dissenting professionals are evil, motivations of the lone scientist are pure.
#7. Use Alex Jones and Mike Adams as a source, even though they know nothing about science and have blatant agenda to promote their worldview and make money.

Helping YOU does not mean the drug is GOOD.

Healthcare is not supposed to give drugs to people that might kill them. It is not tolerated in any circumstance EXCEPT giving them to depressed people I am glad you found the help you were after, but there are other ways to CURE depression, these pills put you at incredible risk, too. If you really dug into this, you would be angry at the risk they took with your life.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


can you sight your source? I have been waiting to find out if this was the case, and suspected it all along.


It is an incredible database of all the things Pharma is trying to hide.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

We pretty much saw it coming

Back in summer of 07 when the mortgage market was destroyed there were whispers that it was so bad that 1 billion people would starve to death. Financial distress kills and the govt knows ssri's do as well.

Thank you Goldman Sachs, Tim Gietner, Alan Greenspan, George Bush Republicans and all the other crooks that gave us this mess and created the conditions for this to happen.

Can't blame the Dems for jumping on the opportunity to make political hay since they hate the second amendment..

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007


also think parents should be more responsible with the games they allow their children to play. I have noticed that many game systems include games that glorify murder...either street thugs killing everybody or military killing everybody... I believe that over time a child can/could/does become desensitized to killing.

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

That argument doesn't pan

That argument doesn't pan out. I've played tons of games like that, as have millions of other kids and adults, and the vast majority still would be hesitant to ever kill a single person. Somehow the activity doesn't carry over to desensitization of the real life situation.

Perhaps other

factors need come into play for SOME people and perhaps playing these games regularly is enough for SOME people to become desensitized. I do know that I was not brought up on what I call "blood and gut" movies...and whenever I am viewing one, I feel the need to turn my head--I just cannot stand it. "Bonnie and Clyde" made me ill at the end where 'they' keep shooting and shooting and shooting them (and the car)...yet my grandchildren have no problem watching that kind of 'garbage'...

O.P.O.G.G. - Fighting the attempted devolution of the rEVOLution
Ron Paul 2012...and beyond

Jim Goad tweet

"If you see a pattern in all these mass shootings, please pretend it has nothing to do with psychiatric medication."

how do "they" feel...

...in their "prisons" of their sedated minds .... I heard "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" was somewhat an inspiration for this song..... Just take me out of here.....


Big Pharma & Medical Profession Hides Info

In many ways people's reaction to guns is the same they have regarding our foreign policy - simplistic.

They are presented a surface-level explanation and often with a "boogeyman", emotions are running high and they react: "Guns are Bad", "Bomb Iran"...

We are not going to hear anything about the role of psychotropics in this mass murder case.

John Q Public will almost never do the due diligence and research. He will also avoid taking responsibility, he may be giving this poison to his kid.

Big Pharma will make sure the light shines elsewhere.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo

Thanks for sharing me this "ammo" against my socialist, pro...

gun control classmate (Obamite) of mine in HS...btw, he's losing his argument for gun control in our FB chat at each and every turn since last night.

Have you asked him how he

Have you asked him how he feels about all the innocent children Obama has killed in other countries?

I haven't...but he's open minded and after our discussion, I....

seemed to pry more of the "cracks" of his socialist "coconut". Have a feeling he will be on our/the "Liberty" side of things, shortly.

since our nation has turned the ....

....separation of church and state upside down, throwing all references to morals tied to the Creator out of our public schools; the children and immature craving the knowledge of what actual authority governs the world and conduct....whether anyone likes it or not, it's God....and teaching that works, and did work in America for generations!

When this teaching is absent, people(searching) in need of answers will numb themselves, as they walk around in a sea of confusing and competing philosophies....and what's worse than the drugs/substances that destroy the physiology of the user, is the counterfeit religions that put them in bondage to a false God/Christ....because when that seeker/believer finds the Christ of the Bible, hears the expositional preaching of the whole counsel of God, they're going to experience those emotions where they think "has another person in authority lied/deceived me again"; and the answer is, sadly, "yes" because mankind is inherently sinful, bent on survival apart from his Creator's laws, and Satan does his best work through his angels who appear as angels of light.

Given a proper biblical education, Christians are made aware of the devil's devices, and we are instructed to mark and avoid them ... As well as warnwarn others. We are attached to Ron Paul because we are sober, and know his Christian fruit; we used to have more people like him running for office, we used to demand it....this nation needs a shot of courage!

Seek Christ while he may be found!!!!!

Whitman had a brain tumor

But I'm sure the drugs didn't help.

Mind Control

1/3 MK Ultra CIA mind control through mental and physical trauma
1/3 obedience training and loss of self worth through compulsory education (Public AND Private schools)
1/3 false psychological "science" which "diagnoses" common and ordinary emotional states as an excuse to prescribe psychotropic drugs to the masses
1 whole Zombie army ready to do its master's bidding as a tool to manipulate mass psychology.

~ Engage in the war of attrition: http://pacalliance.us/redamendment/