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Oregon Mall Shooting Stopped By Licensed Gun Carrier

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Title doesn't accurately describe video

Very misleading title, don't put a spin on things that aren't true

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title of this seems disingenuous

the guy didn't stop the shooter at all.

Maybe Alex Jones posted this.

Maybe Alex Jones posted this. ;)

Agreed. This sort of

Agreed. This sort of sensationalist title is the same kind of spin we routinely show repulsion for when done by the OSM. OP: please rename the title.

Hollow points

would have upped confidence. Two methods, first few rounds in your clip are hollow or your first clip is and your backups are solid.

Another thing, at first blush I was like "ok no way to tell if this guy stopped anything" BUT is several of these gases the gunman fires until he sees opposition coming and then they kill themselves. Maybe just the sight of this guy training on the killer made the killer figure "ok, time's up".

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

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the "Century" theater sign @ 1:53. That's the same theater chain where the Aurora (Batman) shooting took place. Just an odd coincidence.

It's easy to armchair QB, but I think I'd have waited for the people in the background to pass and would have taken the shot. But, I'm very confident in my shooting ability. I missed a perfect score by 3 (out of 350) points in my CC class. Also why was this guy aiming for the head instead of center mass? Seems like an easier shot.
He would have felt worse if the guy would have continued to kill and he missed his opportunity. At least there was a CC person in the mall, and could have stopped further deaths.

This shit is getting crazy.


the bad guy had body armor on. which kind of complicates it a bit.

No it doesn't... Body armor

No it doesn't... Body armor is not magic. Even if the shooter had the highest level of armor on, one hit would have brought him to the ground from the sheer pain and broken bones. If not, subsequent hits would have put him on the ground. Even with body armor on, the impact and shock of .40 cal round could have easily stopped the shooter, with a chest impact.

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point. It's going to be coming at you at about 1000fps and with about 2200lbs of pressure per square foot, and around 33,000lbs psi.
It's not going to feel good.

22 Cal

I believe he had a 22 cal. handgun, which is lethal with a well placed shot.

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it is true that a 22lr is lethal out to even 2 to 300 yards, the guy in the interview was reportedly using a Glock MODEL 22, which fires a 40 caliber round.
It's what most law enforcement agencies are using these days. It still packs close to the punch of a 45 but you can have more rounds in the magazine, and not as much recoil.

Responsible people own responsible guns

I live in Oregon and this year got my CHL. It does require going to a certified trainer to get signed off. I was fortunate to go to an all day class that was taught by a Detective for the local police force. I learned a great deal about the responsibility of carrying a firearm and when to use it or not use it. Foremost is your own personal safety if being threatened, but then there is a major decision that has to be made as to whether the use of deadly force is needed or not. Are there innocent people who may be injured as a consequence of your decision, etc. By the way, of the 20 people in the class, 12 were women.
So, in this case at the Oregon Mall, I can totally relate to what this young man went through in his head deciding to not fire a shot at that time. When all is said and done, if you fire your weapon and kill or injure someone, you and only you have to answer to it, right or wrong.
Since I got my CHL, I have not carried my gun in public. I got it because it is my right to have it, but with everything going on lately, I may just start carrying. You never know.
Responsible people own responsible guns.

Not only that, but if you

Not only that, but if you discharge your gun in a crowded location and injure or kill someone, you are liable for that. You could be sued into bankruptcy.

Smart kid. Good for him for

Smart kid. Good for him for using all of his senses in an almost no-win situation.

Props to this guy.

In my platoon, our platoon commander had us add a 5th weapons safety rule to the original 4. The 5th was "Know your target and what lies beyond and in-between." It's very crucial under pressure to maintain situational awareness and to understand that bullets go through certain objects and individuals depending on caliber and the composition of said material. The last thing you want is to miss and hit friendlys or miss and have your round go through a wall with friendlys on the other side of it. Regardless, this guys only responsibility as a gun owner with a concealed carry permit was to protect himself and/or his loved ones. Since he had concerns of injuring a civilian if his shot wasn't on, he did the right thing not to take the shot. And from the sounds of it, just the gunman knowing someone else had a gun made him end it and tak his life. The guy handled the situation appropriately.


Most of us

do not know how we'd react in a situation like that. We all would like to think we'd be heroes, but....

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The young man made the right decision.

He claimed he did not have a clear backdrop and possibly shot an innocent bystander if he had fired at the criminal. This was not an easy decision to make and we cannot second guess his decision since we were not there to see what he was seeing. His comment about tunnel-vision is very accurate, it is one of the most common occurrences in high stress shootings.

He protected a number of people either way.

Thanks for posting this video, especially in light of recent events.