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The Khan Academy: Free, world-class education available online.


Vi Hart is the math genius featured in a recent popular thread (math doodles.) I was exploring her youtube channel today and came to the conclusion that this is an exceptionally brilliant person, and got curious what her day job was. She lists herself as a member of the staff at Khan Academy, and I followed the link. What I found blew my mind.

This is a team of some of the brightest young minds around, teaming up to make education available to anyone willing to invest their time. You don't get a degree, but I can see a day when employers would prefer a badge from Khan over a degree.

They have lessons in "Fractional Reserve Banking" that concludes with this commentary:


The guy is no Ron Paul but he does pretty darn well, and no kid is going to hear this in public school.

This is how we restore education, by participating and supporting efforts like this. Actually, this is how we take education to heights never imagined, where anyone truly can learn anything, just for taking the time to seek answers.

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My Bretherin, we must be

My Bretherin, we must be careful of the islamist infiltration into our school systems. [/sarcasm of ron paul islamophobe]

I absolutely love

Sal's videos! I found out about him when I started organic chem this year. I find I far better understand the concepts he goes over in approx 10 than I do when my professor explains them in an hour lecture.

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Over 200 Free Online Courses

Here is decades' worth of knowledge freely available online for those who love to learn. Links that fit under multiple categories are listed only once.

Here is the original post http://goo.gl/8HLFw

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EDUCATION is not only for the rich, we need to get it out of our heads where a private school means many football fields, top food, top computers etc. A private school could be a building in the slums... (youtube private school in slums of Kenya) also the poor in India send their kids to private schools.

All of us should take out kids out and put them in private schools, if there is enough of us then the market will take care of the rest.

The Kahn Academy is a wonderful resource for any

homeschooling parent, especially the Math video's. We have also watched many of the Humanities video's, specifically Art. Science courses are yet a bit complicated for our 9 year old and unfortunately the History section is severely lacking in content. Great site.

I discovered the Khan academy

I discovered the Khan academy about 2 years ago and have gone through many videos.I tell everyone,including my son,this is the future of education.Free or with minimal fees.

Khan is awesome.

I've been taking "classes" there for a while. I think the format of learning and the tests are, BAR NONE, the best in education right now. It's hands on and put forward in a simple way so you actually learn instead of remember.

I hope the entire education system is taking note of Sal and his work.

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I was hoping to see something like this someday, but glad to see it today.

Thanks for the post.


Great find and post! Thanks.

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I just earned my time telling

I just earned my time telling badge! Just thought I'd check out the format. I like it. I've never felt so addicted to learning. About to finish my arithmetic badge, let's see how far I get in one night.

Just in time to hit the time warp?


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Cyril's picture

Thanks for posting. Really cool content !

Thanks for posting. Really cool content !

Some truth once in a while is so refreshing.

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Sal is good, but be wary

He's pretty good. I'm taking the core finance videos right now, but be wary. There are times where his liberalism seeps through. He'll say things like "congress spends money on cutting taxes" or something to that effect, as though every dollar we make naturally is owed to congress, and they - our benevolent rulers - allow us to keep a remainder. As far as teaching the mechanics of finance, he's fantastic.

That is impressive!

When I had Econ in college and learned about fractional reserve banking, they didn't do nearly the job that he does in 20 minutes. I would say that Khan Academy is definitely worth looking into.

Thanks for the great post

I mean it, many thanks. I will be looking this over for my kids.

Bump for Knowledge

Thanks for the post.

Just open the box and see

Glad to see this come back to life.

I think Tom Woods should do his classes here. Anybody know how to reach him?

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You could post this video on his YouTube channel and have a few of us ask him to take a look. He is a busy guy.. but Im sure he would find a few minutes to see what the link was about.

Who knows.. maybe build another bridge! :)

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