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I Smell Something Very Rotten: What We Are Being Told Is A Complete LIE


Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver II said, "All the wounds that I know of at this point were caused by the LONG weapon."

A RIFLE was fired according to the medical expert, NOT a handgun...

But that's not what America is being told.

All the witnesses are dead. The supposed shooter is dead. His mother is dead. All that is left is an empty frame for the old state run media to fill in for us.

"Nancy Lanza legally owned a Sig Sauer and a Glock, both HANDGUNS commonly used by police, and a military-style Bushmaster (rifle) .223 M4 carbine, according to law enforcement officials..."

But the Bushmaster was NOT fired! It was found in the back seat of Nancy Lanza's car, unused.


The Wall Street Journal first cast doubt on Nancy Lanza’s connection to the school.

"No one has heard of her," Lillian Bittman, a former school board official, told the Journal. “Teachers don’t know her.”

“Relatives” told ABC News she may have volunteered there, but she wasn’t a teacher. A parent told the Associated Press Lanza was a substitute, but they couldn’t verify that with any records at the school. The Stanford Advocate reported the same thing.

The Newtown area superintendant said Nancy Lanza was NOT a teacher at the school and was NOT in their database at all on the Today show Saturday morning. It would appear she has no major connection to the school at all.


So...a RIFLE was used, but the one Adam Lanza had was not fired, he was on Meds, his divorced father apparently works for General Electric, his brother has not spoken to him in two years, and nobody in the world seems to know anything about Nancy Lanza, the supposed shooters supposed mother.

It's almost 2013 for Christ's sake. It shouldn't be difficult to verify and ascertain exactly who the mother is, where she worked, etc.

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Several of her friends were on CNN today

They wanted to set the record straight that she was not a survivalist. Said she was a funny, kind, generous normal person who loved her kids. She volunteered at the school when Adam was attending. She was a housewife and was divorced and did not have a real job, but volunteered and did charities (Wealthy housewife with nice spousal support) She liked to garden, decorate her home for all the holidays and grew up in a rural community and always had guns since she was young.

Can anybody find out her middle name?


It really needs to not be Elaine. If this is who died, we have a very interesting situation here.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Her middle name is not Elaine

Adam Lanza's mom's name is Nancy J. Lanza. It's listed as such in many news articles and even on WhitePages.com.

well sometimes...

Sometimes people have multiple middle names, but only one get's logged in a certain listing.

edit: It seems that everyone in the household has a J middle name. It could just be carried on with the last name. e.g. the father has a J middle name and it could have been associated with everyone then.

edit: the news agencies use the same resources we do!


=The Mother: Nancy Lanza


Notice... Morgan Stanley.

=The Father: Peter Lanza


Notice address associated with him... "120-405 Morgan St, Stamford, CT, US" this is down the street from the office of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Nancy Elane Lanza IS the mother!

I appreciate what you're trying to do

But you are making a big jump to a conclusion without looking at the other facts to see if they fit.

Peter Lanza and Nancy Lanza were married in the early 80s and divorced in 2009. Peter then remarried and moved to Stamford, where his new wife lives.

"According to a neighbor, Lanza and his wife were married fairly recently. While his wife has lived in the neighborhood for at least a decade, Lanza only moved in a few years ago, at about the time they got married." (source) Again this is his NEW wife, not Adam's mom Nancy.

Nancy stayed in Sandy Hook CT and Adam lived with her. Sandy Hook is almost an hour from Stamford. She did not live in Stamford with her ex-husband Peter.

Also their full names are reportedly Nancy Jean Lanza & Peter John Lanza. That is reportedly what it says on the divorce papers, which were reportedly made public today. I am trying to find them for myself but many articles list these full names and I think they're probably correct.

Adam Lanza's father, Peter

Adam Lanza's father, Peter Lanza, is scheduled to testify in the Libor scandal.

James Holmes, the shooter in Aurora, CO also had a father who is supposed to testify in the Libor scandal, Robert Holmes.


So, the "Sandy Hook" & "Aurora" Theater Shootings & the LIBOR Scandal are all connected?
Well they are.

The father of Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza, "Peter Lanza", was the tax director for General Electric, a corporation that paid -0- taxes on 14.2 billion dollars in profits last year, and He was scheduled to testify in the ongoing global LIBOR scandal.

The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO, and He too was to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.

That's right, BOTH men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.



This coincidence is impossible to overlook.
Two mass shootings connected to LIBOR!

Will the link be investigated,...will it even get a mention?


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Can you please provide

Can you please provide additional sources for this claim? It is very important to be able to defend yourself with references. I am not doubting or believing your assertions. Just skeptical. Please give us more. thanks

Can this be sourced?

I see this rumor flying with NO SOURCE. Please be careful - they will fire up the disinfo machine to discredit those who notice what we were not supposed to.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

nothing shocks me anymore.

and no, I do not think it will get a mention.
I did a news search on google for LIBOR. very little mention of anything here in the states. there appears to be a blackout on this subject. go ahead, try it yourself.
I wonder why?

OK Really Weird Batman Connection!

I don't know what to make of this but here it is....

Apparently within the Batman Movie The Dark Knight Rises there is a scene where commissioner Gordon is standing over a map showing bombing targets of the villain. Target number one is named....

Sandy Hook!

I don't have the movie but people who do say they have corroborated it. Any of you have the movie??? It's on the far left side of the map

Here's what it looks like :




If any of you have the movie, can you pop it in and check for it?

i saw a picture of this too

i saw a picture of this too and i have the movie so i checked just to make sure it wasn't a photoshop and it is real, not photoshopped

Tell me these conneticut policemen don't look like UN/military?


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i thought i read the rifle was found in the car.
this story claims it to be the primary weapon.

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So did I...


According to the law enforcement official, the Glock and Sig Sauer handguns were found inside the school with the deceased gunman. The Bushmaster was found in a car outside the school. The official did not know if the car was registered to the gunman, to his mother or to someone else.


This story gets more bizarre by the hour.

Listen to police scanner

Listen to police scanner recording in this video.
The scanner starts around 2:30 mark in the video.

Here's a guy who's fairly confident about the 2nd shooter.

Everything about this event is disturbing

But it's easier for me to believe that the power-hungry sociopaths ruling this world orchestrated this as a means to advance some power/money agenda than it is for me to believe some young man right around my age killed these children just for the sake of killing.

Remember, Madison Albright admitted (on 60 minutes) that the deaths of 500,000 children in the 90's was worth their goal in Iraq. What's 28 innocent lives to these monsters in advancing their goals on the homefront?

The inconsistancies in the offical story are already piling up. I was watching the coverage right after the tragedy took place and heard the two-shooter reports. Then I heard the captured party reports. Then I heard the shooter dead on the scene reports. They're lying.

The power to destroy a thing is the absolute control over it

Are you guys serious?!?!?!

Guys, I just told you that I recently, after being the biggest defender of the 911's official story, that I have pretty much started believing 911 was inside in small doses. However, this kind of shit is what makes us look like a tin foil hat wearing bunch of weirdos. I swear ON MY LIFE I HAVE NOT HEARD OF ONE SINGLE TRAGEDY ON THIS FORUM THAT WAS NOT AUTOMATICALLY CONSIDERED A EVIL NWO CONSPIRACY! This is fucking stupid. God damn 30 beautiful children or so were just shot by a Teacher at the school's son and you are already saying its a conspiracy. Why is this not suprising at the daily paul???? Do you think literally EVERY SINGLE TRAGEDY IS A CONSPIRACY?!?!?!?!?!?! Is there anything that is not a conspiracy? Do you all think the world is just WAAAAAAAAY Too complex for just simple explanations that are the most obvious at first???? Jeez guys. We look like idiots right now, im sorry but its the truth...

Ron Paul 2012

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who's we?

do you have a mouse in your pocket?
the only ones who do not question everything
especially seeing the unofficial/official has changed
already,just like the batman shooter
what good does it do to want to know truth,then deny or not look
at every possible angle(no matter how painful it is,or will become)
we question everything as we do not like being lied to
for example,there is info from cops at the scene who nabbed
2 other suspects,where did they go? who are they?
why were some reportedly shot with a rifle?,but the shooter had pistols?
batman debacle,eyewitnesses report more than one shooter
cops state they found a gasmask in a different area,leading away from the shooters car(2 gasmasks)
1 cop reports he was sitting in locked car,had to break window to get him out
another cops says he was in unlocked car,and yet another says,he was
resting against outside of car with his gasmask next to him
but in all accounts(3) they all state he was incoherent
eye witness testimony says cops dressed in riot gear hold shotguns
were already at the theatre(at the time of the shooting),none of these cops, so they say lifted a finger to help
bloody foot prints leading away from theatre,in opposite direction from where the shooters car was parked!!
why didn't the camera catch who ever it was that placed the second gas mask down underneath it?(or see it take place?)
why all the blame for a lonenut(lone gunman?)
why has there never been no talk of the 2 other incidents across this country that were thwarted by cops before they could take place
there was a reporting of other batman shooters for the same premiere
was there a correlation between the 3,and if connected somehow,how did they plan for the same day,and at the same movie premiere?
yes it is good to question(everything)

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There is a reason why people automatically scrutinize big events

there are patterns
The story almost always changes
It always ends up being a lone gunman or lone bomber after being reported by witnesses as having multiple shooters.
There is always a linked government agenda.
The background of the parents and the shooters are showing parallels.
Shooters always die so no investigation or court case is ever completed

Take 5 min and watch this video and then maybe you'll understand that we should all be skeptical of official government stories.


since i woke up

I entertain all conspiracies as truth for a while and see what sticks. some do, some dont. some take longer than others to reject or accept.

it took 10 years for me to realize buildings dont magically disintegrate. that wont happen again

his mom wasn't a teacher at the school, maybe a substitute

His mom used to work "in finance."

Has not worked there for a while, lived on VERY generous alimony. Don't have time to source it right now, but look around.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


lets all follow your advise and not question anything. because we all know the government and media never lie to us.

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The shooter's father is

The shooter's father is linked to the Libor scandal same as the Aurora shooter.


Blessings )o(

Isn't muddying up the data part of false flag cover ups?

I mean every false flag has missing pieces of info and just off the wall weirdness. And this is deliberate isn't it? I know its to early for conspiracies but I know I am not the only one who has the same gut feeling. After everything us DPers have seen, how can we not wonder.

Obama's tears were not of grief but of guilt. But I doubt they were genuine at all.

If it's a false flag event then..

...Obama's tears were neither "of grief" or "of guilt" but rather "of crocodile".

Ol' Bill Clinton

must have taught Obomba how to do that most effectively as the cameras roll!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Slow down, folks

The media often get things wrong in the first few minutes or hours. So do the cops. And cops often run their mouths before they know anything, and the media laps it up and puts it out there before any verification. Also, the media is famous for reporting on other reporting, thereby repeating the same mistakes and lies endlessly without doing any basic verification.

This clip raises questions: who were the two guys? Innocent people running away from the scene of an active shooting? Or perpetrators? Inconclusive.

Is the father really going to testify about the Libor scandal? Verification is needed.

What guns were the kids shot with, and what guns were found at the scene? Ballistics verification needed.

Verify, verify, verify. Passing around hypotheticals before verification feeds the paranoid and alienates the rational.

I find this YouTube interesting, but it may be complete bunk.

Get up to speed, Ron.

The media actually reports the truth, catches live footage on scene, in the first few minutes. THEN the story starts to drift.
There is video footage of a suspect being chased into the woods. WHERE IS HE? There is eyewitness testimony from a kid who saw the cops with someone handcuffed. WHERE IS HE? There is audio of cops stating they have a suspect "proned out." WHERE IS HE? All accounts said Adam was found dead with 2 handguns on him, yet the coroner says all fatalities were from rifle wounds. WHERE ARE THE RIFLES?
If you "wait" you will only see the finished portrait that the media presents. If you want to know the truth, you have to catch it as it flies by.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Again, verify

Good question...who WERE the two men caught by the police? Mistakes? Verify.

What WERE the kids shot with...and what guns were found with Adam? Verify.

Conflicting reports are par for the course. The search for the truth requires verification from mulitiple sources, if possible, to sort out the truth from falsehood in conflicting reports.

As I said, the media gets it wrong all the time. Cops are not much better. I have dealt with the media, and I have seen my words twisted and distorted by idiot reporters.

If there is a cover up, it will become obvious when, during verification, the official story can't be supported.

Questioned & Released?

It is obvious that the police had apprehended at least one other possible suspect. This is definitely recorded. But, the question pops up when it is not reported that "another possible suspect has been questioned and released", or is being detained for further questioning.

So where is that statement? Where is the guy they apprehended. Seems would be a very very important statement to release about the so called second shooter suspect.

The police were very quick to pickup his brother, handcuff him, and question him as the shooter, until the ID was straightened out. Obviously, he was released after questioning.