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What is your favorite music/band/artist?

Ive been a member for over 5 years now. One thread I can't remember seeing posted was asking who our favorite artists are. We are a super creative bunch and Im sure our tastes in creativity reflect it.

Please name, link or describe the artist that is your favorite. Please don't limit it to one kind. Name your favorite visual artist, video maker, sculptor, musician, lyricist... song writer.

Ill give you an example:

Visual: Glenn Barr. Younger guy from Detroit. His art has a Detroit feel. Dark and menacing but still playful and fun. http://glbarr.com/

Music: Brother Ali. An albino hip hop MC from Milwaukee. He wrote the most powerful anti-government song Ive ever heard. This is his video 'Uncle Same Goddamn' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO18F4aKGzQ

Do one, two.. three.. lets just share some of our favorite artists!! Im curious and excited to see what the DP community likes.

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Eric Johnson

great musician and a great dude as well.

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Alan Parsons

Excellent music, very underrated. Most people have only heard the "Project", and they had many (many) hits in the '80s. But you should checkout some of the more recent stuff link "A Valid Path".

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bad co. zeppelin. boston.

bad co. zeppelin. boston. rush. skynyrd, foreigner. AC/DC. in that order with a few more after it.

Dream Theater

"Breaking All Illusions"

With the sun in place
There's a test of faith
Streams of thought awaken

New realities
Breaking all illusions

Sudden burst of heat
Burning source of life
Masterful destruction

Power's not an act
It's understanding truth
Changing my direction

Live in the moment
Breathe in a new beginning
Wisdom revealed
As I unlearn to learn

Life's biggest battles
Often are fought alone
My spirit brings me home

Emerald thoughts flow
Through my consciousness
Drawn to curses left behind
Test of will the threshold to one's faith
Starts a fire in the mind

Searching out
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began
Sights remembered
In the light

Searching out
Reaching in
To arrive
Where I began
Sound remembered
Come alive

Embrace the days
Don't turn away
Life's true intent needs patience
Karma starts the signal

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happy to see so many Tom Waits fans

I must have been 7 or 8 when I first heard Jimmy Hendrix and I thought I would die he was so good.
In my pre-teens Billy Holiday stole my heart. Later I fell in love with the guitar sound of Robert Johnson and the Delta Blues.
I looked through (quickly) every post but didn't see The Counting Crows. Mr Jones is CLASSIC!
And I didn't see anyone mention the Dave Matthews Band
But I must confess, my favorite piece of music is this
Favorite authors - JD Salinger and Jack Kerouac
edit - first concert - Yes, 1976

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Good old funk:

Good old funk: Chic- Good Times


The Rolling Stones

The original bad-ass boys, and a 50-year body of work that is achieved by few.

"Would you want your daughter to marry a Rolling Stone?"

And Keith Richards, despite all the joke about his lifestyle and outliving cockroaches... his guitar hooks and riffs capture my attention every time.

Before the Stones and the "British Invasion"

there were *lots* of white people in America who barely knew that
blues music existed - the Stones were instrumental in
changing that - they and other Brits and Irish helped jump
start the careers of a lot of great musicians that were nearly
unknown in their own country until then...


Simple, fast, to the point makes me bob my head and sing along every time.... My 4 year old lives them too!

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Ramones kick"ed" asss

The most fun live shows I've ever been to.

No doubt! I was fortunate to

No doubt! I was fortunate to see them 4 times,, once at a small club where they played a stage at the end of the outdoor volleyball court. Awesome show! 1-2-3-4

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.

The Byrds -

were pretty cool - a lot of their original work was good, they
also popularized a lot of Bob Dylan's material to people that
had never heard of him through their various covers of Dylan's
material - like Chimes of Freedom:


Credence Clearwater Revival

and of their albums -

Cosmos Factory

"Let the Midnight Special, shine a light on me..."

Apparently, John Fogarty still rocks.

Frank Sinatra

The greatest singer in recorded history, in my opinion.

The Beatles will probably always be my favorite band.

Anything "chillout" will do....

Seems "chillout" music has never caught on in U.S., but here's a great example:

Grateful Dead...

Anything they have ever done...And it was the best live...I miss Jerry!

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Dead Heads

Just a shout out to you from a fellow Dead Head. I miss Jerry too! I miss the tours...

Gamma Rat



I'm pretty sure that even the

Dead would admit that they have done some lame
stuff at times. But most of the times I saw them it was
a pretty amazing experience..

Personal favorite show - Veneta, Oregon Springfield Creamery Benefit
with New Riders of the Purple Sage - August, 1972


I always loved that they stayed...

Apolitical for the most part...Then the remaining members did a benefit to help Obama...Of course that was after Bush had destroyed the states, and I knew it was a bad move anyways...Now look what we have...I would even take Bush over Obama at this point...That is my "lamest" act The Dead committed...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!


Good question

No short list.

Like this Band

Delta Blues are nice

The risque stuff is surprising for many I suppose because it is "Old Days"
New days got here the same way as always.

Some Bo Carter:




Not Risque-Excellent:


Not sure how short the genre list would be either

Strong evidence of a superior being, Music, Beer, Whiskey.

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I mean to rout you out!

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the violet burning

they are easily the most influential musicians in my life:

Though I definitely love me some Jeff Buckley as well:


It has always been Journey, but the Steve Perry Journey! You can tell when a band writes and sings their own songs. It comes out in the voice and music. To me, Steve Perry has the best voice I have ever heard. Been following him forever! Wish he would come back with new stuff. Journey is crazy for not asking him back. They haven't been very successful without him. I also have liked Creed. Daughtry is one of my newer favorites.

They did! He declined!

Hi Kron! Like you, I have been a big-time Journey fan over the years. I have also been in the music BIZ for 30 years. The Journey guys have in fact invited Steve Perry back into the fold several times in recent years, but Steve keeps resisting the stage and the limelight and, therefore, has not grabbed the offer. Steve recently had a new recording studio built into his home, so let's hope that he DOES eventually release something new.

Robby Lane

I have been following Steve Perry...

...forever! It was my 1st concert when I was 16 and Pat Benatar was the opening act...believe it or not, it was the only concert I ever went to that I got front row tickets...been hooked ever since! I have every Journey cd and every Steve Perry cd. I don't care if he does something with Journey or on his own, it would just be great to hear him again. I would love it if he would do a tour, but he is getting up there in years and some stop, but a lot don't! Wonder if his hips are any better. I know that's why he stopped with Journey. The last cd he did with them, they had a tour schedualed for it and he needed hip surgery and told them to wait till he recovered. They didn't and just got a new singer. He told them not to ruin the name Journey and to call it something else till he got back, but they didn't. I can see he does have some conflicts with them and a possible stubborn streak, but hey, he really is the one that put them on the map and they haven't had much popularity without him. I saw them only once without him and their new guy at that time didn't sound too bad but it still sucked without Perry! Never went to see them after that, or got any of their cd's they made without Perry.

Pink Floyd

Lots of space

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Take a look at Darkside of the Moon's album cover

Then do some research on pyramids & rainbow bridges.

"Somewhere, over the rainbow..."