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National Security ALERT - The 9/11 Pentagon Event

Unlike the events in NYC on that fateful day, when there are actual video cameras recording the sights and sounds, as well as physical evidence and eyewitness testimony...the events that the Pentagon....will rely mostly upon physical evidence and eyewitness testimony...sans the videographic evidence, of which there is little to none.

No mind, as there are PLENTY of Pentagon police and Arlington Cemetery employees, as well as other civilians as well, willing to go on record as to what (and geographically WHERE) precisely they saw that day.

And all--count them, ALL--of their testimonies...DIRECTLY conflict with the National Transportation Safety Board's "official" plane track and damage field (light poles).

In other words, the countless eyewitness evidence of the trajectory of the plane, and the official Government's account...are in opposition.

So, in sum:

1. There WAS a large commercial jetliner.

2. But it did NOT follow the straight-line path endorsed by the NTSB and "corroborated" by the broken light poles...rather, it followed the banked path that at least THREE Pentagon policemen, FOUR Arlington Cemetery employees, and other eyewitnesses, including two who were AVIATORS, saw...and on a path physically and impossibly TOO FAR NORTH to take down those light poles.

3. Some of these eyewitnesses report the plane "lifting up" "going full throttle" "jet leaving the area".

Fill in the blanks as needed. YOU DECIDE.

Watch this excellent and thorough independent documentary below. Worth your time, I can promise you.


~Christopher M
Norfolk, VA

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Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.