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Massive New Surveillance Program Uncovered by Wall Street Journal

When a former senior White House official describes a nationwide surveillance effort as “breathtaking,” you know civil liberties activists are preparing for a fight.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that the little-known National Counterterrorism Center, based in an unmarked building in McLean, Va., has been granted sweeping new authority to store and monitor massive datasets about innocent Americans.

After internal wrangling over privacy and civil liberties issues, the Justice Department reportedly signed off on controversial new guidelines earlier this year. The guidelines allow the NCTC, for the first time, to keep data about innocent U.S. citizens for up to five years, using “predictive pattern-matching,” to analyze it for suspicious patterns of behavior.

The data the counterterrorism center has access to, according to the Journal, includes “entire government databases—flight records, casino-employee lists, the names of Americans hosting foreign-exchange students and many others.”


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Its far worse than you think: this is called job protection

Its far worse than you think: this is called job protection for security bureaucrats.

Up to now, the $100 billion a year security bureaucracy has had to justify its existence with contrived plots like the Times Square bomber: finding a dupe, setting him up, going through the motions. Its all very hard work and time consuming.

These powers make it easy: playing connecto by, for example, cross checking years of posts on the Daily Pail, listening to Alex Jones, reading antiwar.com, and emails about gun shows to a heated online rant about how many school children Obama has murdered, would build a sufficient portrait of a "threat" in the making.

Arrest and prolonged detainment without civil rights would be initiated. But for what purpose, again?

To justify the existence of the security bureaucracy! And that's what's so horrifying about this.

Henceforth, every single American has the potential of being a victim of a bureaucrat's job-saving program. Not because they did anything wrong, but "that's how the dice were rolled." Its snake-eyes for some dupe who's dots were connected one lazy afternoon.

After picking from a selection of potentials and determining that person's victimization will not cause any political problems, the unfortunate "threat" will be arrested and rolled out before the public as proof the bureaucrats are doing their job.

They'll do that more or less as critics question their effectiveness and very purpose. It leaves all of us as potential future victims of a faceless, soulless bureaucracy out to defend its own, luxurious existence.

And that's far scarier than any real terrorist threat out there.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


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All of these 'official' programs and legislation ...

.. are only announced to try and 'legally' justify programs that they've already been doing ('illegally' and covertly) for a long time.

ie. They've been tracking everyone for years already. They only come up with new excuses legislatively to try justify what they have already developed and implemented when they are challenged on it.

The concept is simple:

Turn everyone's life into a searchable Google engine.

They scan every keyword that you've use on any form of communications device - phone, text, email, social media, site forums, voice recordings in public places, video logs.

Also government records, financial records, credit card medical records etc etc ...

They scan this data and cross reference it against whatever profile they want to set up: 'terrorist', activist, truther, prepper .. whatever ...

The more you use certain words, phrases, buy certain items, visit and read certain types of sites, show certain behavior patterns?

The more likely you are to trigger a red flag to be reviewed by an actual operator. Who will then monitor you, put you up for review, to see whether or not you should be 'kicked up the chain' for further bureaucratic review.

Obviously anyone and everyone that does not fit the mold of an unaware, oblivious drone that simply goes back and forth to work, shops for average boring and watches TV can be a potential target, and can be worked up into a 'credible threat' by the bureaucrats that actually implement this stuff.

Its an authoritarian control freaks wet dream.