Judge Andrew Napolitano on Ron Paul

See what Judge Andrew Napolitano has to say about freedom and Ron Paul as a candidate.


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Judge needs to be Veep

Seriously. I mean, yeah, SCOTUS would be great, but this guy is above politics in every sense of the phrase--just like Paul, a pure consitutionalist. He needs to Paul's Veep.

What a fantastic interview

Every time I hear Judge Napolitano, I'm more and more impressed with his intellect. He exemplifies the best qualities of the smartest lawyers I've ever met, and I've met a lot of lawyers. He'd be an ideal Supreme Court nominee, IMO, and possibly even a good man to consider for the Vice Presidency. (The consternation-factor at Fox News alone -- let alone the rest of our biased news media -- would be worth good entertainment-money if that somehow came to pass!)

Great Link!!

This was is a great interview, thanks for the link!!

There is some good Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney analysis here:


What about Orielly

Here's a link to the video, it's not very well edited, but it good to hear.

Isn't judge Napolitano a regular guest on the "factor"? Bill is a big supporter of the Patriot Act, so why don't these two have a discussion about it.

David Allen Show

Here is a working link to the David Allen Show and another source to watch/listen to Judge Napolitano's moving speech on the Libertarian cause and Ron Paul's campaign. Two Thumbs way up on this one folks. Pass this interview on to everyone you know. The clock is ticking.


You might drop a note or comment to the show and let them know how much we appreciate their support!


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Rand Paul Interview Today.

Rand will also be interviewed today on "The David Allen Show" October 2, 2007, at 4:30PM EST.


Digg It???

Please don't laugh, I have never done it. How does one Digg this?


The Constitution in Exile

I have his book "The constitution in Exile"

It's reviewed by, Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh among others. Interesting considering those three seem to be haters of Ron Paul... no?

Jacksonville, FL

Our meetup group along with David Allen help setup this interview.

You can just download the MP3 file

I really hate it when people use the word "podcast".
Fercrissake, a so-called "podcast" is nothing more than just an MP3 audio file, only that there's some interview or news item in it instead of music.
It's like adding green food color to bread dough and marketing the finished bread as "Cadillac". "No sir that's not green bread, that's genuine Cadillac!"

Here's the link:
Just copy&paste the link in your browser's URL window and when it starts loading the page right-click the page and select to save the page as a file.

If you already have Quicktime installed (or any other similar plug-in) it'll prolly intercept the MP3 and instead try to play it right there and then.

The Judge on the David Allen Show

I would also like to see this David Allen appearance by the judge.

Maybe someone can post a link when it goes to YouTube.



There is no video available!

More of the Judge

Here's Part 4 of Napolitano's Speech at the Future of Freedom Foundation Conference for anyone who has not seen it . . .


Ron Paul also spoke at the conference.

Judge Napolitano FFF Speech on Ron Paul, etc.

Great speech! Here's Part 1 of 4, so you can start from the begining. The other 3 parts are there too.

I highly recommend watching/listening to this and passing it on to everyone you know.




Great find.

Thanks for finding this interview!

SCOTUS material

Should future president Ron Paul have the opportunity to make a Supreme Court appointment we've found the man -- Andrew Napolitano.

Christmas gifts!

I hope he hits all media outlets at least once!

Let's all buy the book so it goes to #1 on Amazon, etc.

Hell, let's buy everyone on our Xmas list a book!

Great Interview !!!!

Thanks for the web link, this interview and the book a " Nation of Sheep " will definitely boost the already robust campaign of Dr. Paul !!!

With the Judge going around to all outlets to promote his book Ron Paul will be mentioned as the Champion of the Constitution what GREAT advertising right before the primaries.

Go Ron Paul Go !!!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

that was great!!!

that was an awesome interview. probably the best that i've heard...

how do I listen to this?

I don't see anything to download and I'm unfamiliar with podcasts

You need Apple's free QuickTime

You need Apple's free QuickTime player for this particular piece. You can get the Windows version here: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/

I despise Apple Corporation

If someone uploads this to YouTube or GV, or other Apple-free free-viewing site, please send me a YT mail to my ProspectorSam account. thx

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Well since you apparently

Well since you apparently like to flagellate yourself with Microsoft software, I took the effort of locating the direct link to the mp3 file for you.


now please quit you're whinin ;)

I love the Judge

I read Constitutional Chaos when it first came out. The Judge is one of the few allies we have in the MSM. This is good to hear.

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wrote an Email to the Judge, I WILL be buying his book!!

I was fortunate,

to get an advance copy of the book. It's due to arrive any day. Can't wait to get my hands on it!! It's scheduled for release around October 21st.