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DTE Energy sues customers who removed smart meter

Lillian Cusumano says she had flu-like symptoms and a "stabbing headache" after the so-called smart meter was installed at her Addison Township home more than a year ago. Her husband Dominic tells The Macomb Daily he put the old meter back on the house.


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There are ways to shield from the radiation

unless you also find it creepy they know when you're using your appliances and when you're home and that kind of stuff.

I've seen videos on youtube of shielding with aluminum foil works pretty well. I would layer that sh*t up until it looked like a Hershey's Kiss and let the meter company deal with it every time they need to get a reading. Cheapest kick I'd get to mess with the man.

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In other states, it will cost you to opt out and receive monthly

fees for having removed the smart meters.

Link below explains what you will be dealing with...


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Thanks for the link


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Let Me Get This Straight

You want to sue me for NOT using your product that you attached to my home without my permission? Hmmm...

Opted out

Texas just passed a law that allows homeowners to opt out

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