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Petition: Avoid the "Fiscal Cliff" By Forgiving the National Debt!

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Inform the American People that they have the Right to Forgive the National Debt

WHEREAS since the default of 1933 the the incorporated United States of America, doing business as the government has been operating on the private credit of the American People;

WHEREAS the national debt is not a debt owed to any corporation, organization or country and is in reality a debt owed to the American People;

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bold text above does not seem to be sinking in... as evidenced by a lot of comments below. WE DON'T OWE IT - IT IS OWED TO US!

WHEREAS we the people can at any time forgive the national debt thereby eliminating the need for taxation to pay it off;

We the American People demand:

1. Statement of Condition of the incorporated United States;

2. Congress draft an Article of Discharge and Forgiveness setting forth the balance owed to the American People;

3. Said Article of Discharge and Forgiveness be sent to the several states for ratification;


Please spread far and wide to educate the American People of their right to forgive the National Debt, owed to them... at any time... to eliminate all the excuses "government" uses to tax us to death.

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thanks for responding

we have always been on the same page,
concerning this topic
and yes you did piss me off with your answer back to me
just so you know,this is not how to get people to listen to you
but please,tell me",We do have a slight difference of opinion on who has a say however." i copied from your response

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

If I had a dime...

this is not how to get people to listen to you

For every time I heard that I could almost pay off the debt all by myself. However I'm looking to pull people up to awareness not try to brainwash them.

If you don't personally like me yet still read the words and do the homework - you've developed the ability to think "outside the box" in the abstract and you've graduated to the next level of consciousness IMO - at least that's how it's worked for me. There's a few people I REALLY don't like yet I still research their info because I know they are pretty darn smart.

"Yeah that vince guy - I really don't like him very much but at least he does his best to give you the truth without any fluff." It's to your detriment that you let your personal feelings about me get in the way of doing legitimate research on what I attempt to shed light on.

I'm not looking to marry you - I just wanna wake you up!

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now, i didn't say

i didn't like you,because i do,and i don;t have a problem with you
i find you smart,knowledgeable and to the point
when i told you it pissed me off,i was done with being pissed
i haven't developed the ability to stay mad,nor hold animosity
towards people
people butt heads all the time(we aren't clones)that is usually caused by misunderstandings,especially when typing is involved
honestly,i do appreciate what you put to print
what i meant and was hoping you'd pick up on it,about people not listening to you,
that was to your comment about people not l listening to here(you are in great company(many a smart ones left for that very same reason)
lol and am glad you don't want to marry me!!!:)
keep up the good works,most need it and do not know it yet

setting your expectations to high,can cause depressiuon

Wont work - because the debt is represented in large

part through T-bills held by foreign investors.

Treatury bills are "IOUS" from the United States and US citizens

A US citizen is a subsidiary franchise corporation of the parent corp - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - It is the corporation which owes the debt to the American People - represented by T-Bills held by whoever.

(T-Bills = Treasury Bills)

Oh by the way thanks for your defeatist attitude "won't work" that just so helpful :)

"won't work"

Is why we remain in most of our situations!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

GD right...

The PTB have done of superb job of conditioning the masses to defeat themselves simply by creating the illusion that "There isn't a damn thing you can do about it.... WE RUN CHIT!"