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Michael Moore Reveals the Truth About Columbine School Killings

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What Do You Know?

Mikey and I finally agree on something! Go figure.


MSM and congress feed at the trough of big pharma

not sure how miky expects truth from all involved

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007



In THIS clip I agree...

given that his hypocrisy has no bounds.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Michael Moore is full of shit in this clip, too

Blaming drugs for murder is just as stupid as blaming guns. A tool is a tool.

Unfortunately a bunch of libertarians have adopted the traditionally liberal cause of "Let's blame an inanimate object and Big Corporations for complex, emotionally-charged problems and disturbed individuals in society."

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No, stupid is not understanding that

the drugs are altering the brain controlling the finger that is wrapped around the trigger of the gun.

Quite simple.

Oh yes, quite simple. (sarcasm)

My brain is altered by drugs right now. Guess what, my moral compass is completely unaffected.

If a drunk guy goes on a killing spree people aren't blaming Budweiser.

But we know what alcohol does. That's the point.

Does your doctor prescribe alcohol for "melancholy"?
Does your kid's school screen your kid for the need for alcohol?
Does the news fail to mention the fatal car accident was alcohol related?
There's a big difference between deciding to get loaded and filling your doctor's prescription.
You really need to do some research. You obviously have no idea what these things are.

Ridiculous, stupid. Crazy

Ridiculous, stupid. Crazy people should not be given guns and crazy people should not be given drugs that will put them over the edge.

Ventura 2012

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Butweiser was not

prescribed to you by your doctor as a way to treat mental illness.

It really is quite simple.

I can't decide which group is most obnoxious and misguided

1. The anti-gun crowd
2. The anti-violent video game crowd
3. The anti-psychiatric medicine crowd

Dear everyone, complex behavior such as mass murder CANNOT be explained simply by DRUGS. This is intellectual laziness.

Millions and millions of Americans are on a given psychotropic at any moment, and 99.99% of them never do any violent acts, just as 99.99% of gun owners don't do a violent act, and just as 99.99% of gamers don't do a violent act.

To the people who think Michael Moore, that fat fucking disgusting socialist, is a source of truth, you are being horribly misled.

Obviously you've had no adverse reactions.

What are the known side effects of 1 and 2?
The known side effects of 3 are hallucinations, psychosis, suicide, etc.

Are you a drug rep?


Not posting where you got your 99.99% statistics from, and forcing others to do the research is intellectual laziness. If you are going to start putting this info out, make sure you can back it up. Even if I do partially agree with you, you still should post your sources.

Let's do some arithmetic

#of people who play video games = 100 million copies sold of Call of Duty
#of people prescribed anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds = 164 million prescriptions written in 2008 in the US

*Source: Wikipedia*

The number of violent crimes is EXTREMELY SMALL compared to 100s of millions. It is probably even smaller than 0.01% I estimated. How many mass shootings have occurred in the last decade? 200? 500? 1000?

But hey let's watch and spread Scientology propaganda and Michael Moore's opinions and pretend we are truth-seeking.

Finish your research.

You quit sourcing half way through.

It appears you don't

It appears you don't understand how a bell curve distribution works. The extremes of the curve are extremely small. The reactions to these drugs should follow a distribution. At the very extreme of the curve you get someone who shoots up a school. but maybe six standard deviations out they only kill themselves. In the middle they just muddle through to things working okay, more than a couple standard deviations the other direction they lose the ability to function or do anything. That's what it is going to look like. Over 95% are going to be in that safe middle. The next 4+% a bit worse... by the time you get far enough out you halve it because half those people are on the harmless end of the curve. You're left with a tiny number.

With a small sample like a clinical study you aren't going to see it, you might as well play the lotto if you do. Might not even see it when used in full sale to a couple million. But when you start defining normal as "mental illness" and have a hundred million plus as your sample size you are going to see it.

Furthermore there is no good understanding of what someone in their early 20s is going to be like after 10-15-20 years on these drugs. And that's the period we are entering now. This sort of thing could get common.

Bell curve hypothesis

This is most likely the root of finding causation. People do not seem to understand the difference between SSRIs, SSNIs, opiates, diazpam, barbituates, etc. Selective serotonin repuptake inhibitors specifically block certain brain functions on a molecular level and alter the chemistry of the brain significantly. There have been no long-term human test studies for these class of drugs. The prior class of mood altering drugs were tested as a result of World War 2 and had significant human testing. From this war came some of the best remedies, but also methamphetamine and other dangerous drugs. How many educational drug classes does the average medical doctor take about the social and clinical problems associated with drugs from a sociological perspective? About one, as an undergraduate, assuming the doctor won't become a psychiatrist or psychologist. After the doctor graduates medical school, he/she can prescribe ANY drug, even if he/she does not know the correct use or dosage or even understand how it works.

While the older class of drugs have been condemned for "getting patients addicted" or "getting them high", the new class of drug seems to produce an insane mass murderer every couple of years after long-term use with 200 million patients. Let's see what studies the drug industry does on Prozac, it's #1 world-wide best seller. It would destroy the entire industry if the truth came out. And it is obvious for those of us who have studied it.

Links, not sources

And last time I saw you link to a wiki article, you were only *pretending* that the information in the link would support your position.


Not the most reliable source, but thanks for getting back to me.

Okay I'll use the traditional DailyPaul sources.



Some guy made a Youtube video!

Scientology propaganda videos!

Alex Jones!



Conventional interventionist

Conventional interventionist medicine, which these drugs are, sets out to tweak chemicals in the body to bring about certain ends. The actual level of knowledge of what they are doing is rather poor. Violent and/or suicidal behavior is a -known- side effect. It comes in various degrees. So yes, the vast majority don't go this far but there are countless people who simply committed suicide or did something else of a lesser degree.

The violent/suicidal side effect is significant enough that when putting millions of people on these drugs makes these extreme acts of violence a certainty. It's just simple population distribution. Someone is going to be out on the edge of the bell curve of violent adverse reactions. Millions of people is more than enough to bring it about.

Furthermore, these drug companies are not free market. The FDA is there for them. And ultimately psychiatry is an arm of the state anyway.

Okay? Same thing with video games and guns.

Millions of boys play violent video games, so it's a certainty that video games will cause violence in someone, right?

Video game designers need to be held accountable just like Big Pharma, right?

And the suicide-antidepressant connection is weak. That is a very difficult "side-effect" to declare with certainty as there are many compounding factors.

At the end of the day, a drug is a tool. A tool DOES NOT CAUSE CRIME. The anti-psychiatry people (and Michael Moore) are trying to blame the tool instead of the person.

Yes some people are prescribed SSRIs when they shouldn't be. Gun producers sell guns to some lunatics who should not own guns. Ultra-violent video game makers sell their video games to unstable people who probably shouldn't play them. People want to prosecute and blame all of these institutions instead of the perpetrator himself.


The connection is weak? Every

The connection is weak? Every single one of these shooters has been on these FDA approved drugs. That's a pretty strong correlation. Now let's move into causation. Have you ever bothered to look at what passes for FDA studies for approval for products from the politically connected bigs? These things weren't even tested on children. The violent behavior is a documented side effect, but because of the crappy way FDA trials go you're just going to brush it aside the way the drug companies did? Say it can't be proven so let's keep the government forcing these drugs on to more and more children?

I cannot believe in all places I am hearing this defense of a government cartel and the practices of psychiatry which are traditionally connected to the state looking to find a way around natural rights.

These drugs are not something one can take and then have a certainty of functioning correctly. They directly attack the brain's signaling. They are a tool for mucking around with a person's mental capacity, emotions, and decision making processes. That's what they are a tool for. A tool that when used incorrectly, or correctly as one might see it, they alter a person's personality, his emotions, his perceptions, everything that would play into a decision, into his actions.

But here you're telling me that this tool, when used for it's intended purpose, is then some how not a factor? That a person who has had his control system scrambled,altered, tweaked, whatever is totally responsible for his actions?

These drugs are tool for messing with people's brains and through that their behavior. That's what they are a tool for.

What next? You're going to tell me a victim of CIA mind control techniques is entirely responsible for what he does as a result because mind control is just a tool?

I could side with you if these drugs were taken voluntarily with an understanding of what could happen, but they aren't. The government, the government schools, the companies that make them, all do what is at best a fraud (they say the drugs are safe) and at worse outright coercion to get these children taking these drugs. And as such this is hardly any sort of 'free' process. Remember the mother who was arrested when she refused to have her daughter take these drugs?

Oh btw, your attempt to analogize video games to something that intentionally alters the brain's chemical control system is just BS, plain and simple.

Read the fine print

Watch any TV commercial for depression pills. Read the fine print. If you have thoughts of suicide and confusion or anger don't stop medicine and consult your doctor.All medicines have side effects.And yes some of the side effects cause more problems than the illness.

Money talks and dogs bark

Whoa, the socialist actually has something good to say.


This is what's called a limited hangout.

Please watch The Columbine Cause to see what witnesses on the scene at Columbine REALLY reported to police, straight out of official police transcripts that were not released until years later.

Definition of limited hangout:

Pet the dog when he is good.

Pet the dog when he is good. Scorn him when he is bad.

This is Michael Moore being good. It happens now and then... even if its rare.

Good boy Michael, more of this, less of your collectivist bullshit.

I don't care

what this pig says! He has no credibility!
You can't have it both ways...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!


a clip where michael moore's mouth isn't simultaneously his asshole.
i truly did not think this was possible.

but you know after the end of the clip he's saying something like, "NRA is a bunch of redneck nazi's that want to murder school children. give all the guns to government. VIVA LA REVOLUCION!"