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WARNING: Instagram says it now has the right to Sell your photos - Facebook owns Instagram

CNet News:

Instagram said today that it has the perpetual right to sell users' photographs without payment or notification, a dramatic policy shift that quickly sparked a public outcry. The new intellectual property policy, which takes effect on January 16, comes three months after Facebook completed its acquisition of the popular photo-sharing site. Unless Instagram users delete their accounts before the January deadline, they cannot opt out.

Full story...

Basically someone can take a picture with you in it -- you may not even know the photographer -- or know that you were snapped in a photo. Then it's uploaded to Instagram by the photographer, someone can buy it, and neither YOU nor the photographer receives notice or compensation. Next thing you know YOUR picture is posted on some brochure somewhere....or worse, posted as a negative type thing, i.e. YOU'RE the person used in a "fight obesity" campaign - with your pic in hospitals, offices and schools everywhere.

You just 'thought' you owned yourself... meh :) lol....

Instagram parody:


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Instagram has backed down. Go to link provided to see update. Still doesnt change my mind. The fact that they would even consider that type of policy, I can no longer trust them. What's to keep them from going back to that policy once things have calmed down.

I created my own web site instead of using Facebook

I have a family web site for sharing photos and videos. It is password protected, registered anonymously, hosted in another country, and not indexed on search engines. I control who gets notifications when something is posted there. I also use my web site to host a family calendar rather than use Google. Most of my friends and family use Facebook, but I refuse. It isn't that complicated or expensive to create a web page and make it a little secure.

There are others

There are other "Instagram" type of apps. I know of several, but the one that jumps out at me is "tadaa". If some can think of others, post them here.

My wife is all Instagram crazy

And I deleted my Facebook account yesterday.

The Yin Yang of life.

This is something that is happening more and more each day and people just fall for it over and over again becoming "socially dependant" on these technologies to maintain some sort of sense of who they are to other people (I personally don't give a damn). One of my friends ended up on cellphone packaging for Virgin Mobile when they first launched, although that was from a photographer going around taking pics of "edgy" and "funky" people for an undisclosed client. She signed some vague document and poof! Her face is selling cellphones.

Simply alter what you use these technologies for. Maybe don't use them for personal use but rather creative activist ideas or activities.

You want to be social? Dial a number or send a text and MEET FACE TO FACE WITH PEOPLE again.

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Yeah, this is stupid and all...

But is anyone surprised? Why do people think posting their pictures anywhere on the internet should give them any sort of rights to privacy? The internet (especially places like Facebook, Twitter, and instagram) are not private places.

Internet or large corp's

Google got large by unfiltered searches.
Now they hang out with the President?

here is a little test today try it
Google breast in the one 90% of the USA uses and have no safe search on.

take a look at what you get.

then go to http://google.co.uk and do the same searches an see what you get.

Google has sold out to the board of directors
But when they wouldn't stand up for the Truth in China who didn't know?

(They be bad will sell out for money)

On face book get real if your on there and you tell your self what do I have to worry about you need to do a little more research and by when your doing research you may want to use google uk at a min!


Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

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google uk did bring up quite different results. I still do not view the internet as a private place, and people who wish their habits online were private confuse me. If you put it on the internet everybody with an internet connection can find it somehow someway. Want something in your life to be private? Keep it to yourself.

Your so right don't share anything

face book and now google act like they are helping you by updating your contacts.

They are helping themselves to your info and will gladly turn it over to who ever pays or demands.

OLD VALUE stand for something how about what is right.

Some on said and I can't find it but someone said just because a bought and paid for congress said its a law doesn't make it RIGHT.

Just want what seems to be missing, Truth and Justice for ALL
What is fraud except creating “value” from nothing and passing it off as something?

buy stock in mask companies

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Sharing this on Twitter.

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I always needed a

I always needed a distribution network for my big hairy cock pics. Thank god for instagram!!!!!! Nah I'm joking... have no idea what an instagram is.

Facebook has always said this in fine print

When you sign up to Facebook they own rights to all pictures you post. So, if you post a vacation picture of you and your family at Disney, and if they so choose they can sell the use of it to Disney. And the kicker is, they make money on your picture and you get nothing. If you post a picture of your kid they can use it for any advertisement they want. If you think you aren't good looking enough to be used by an advertiser. Be aware that they can use you for negative parts of ads too. "this is what smoking does to you" or "America has gotten too fat" or whatever. You could find your kid the poster child for global warming. And there isn't a thing you can do about it.

This is one of the many reasons I will never have a Facebook Account

Now ask yourself..

Who would be buying a random strangers picture and for what?

I'll give you 3 guesses as to who is the most likely buyer.

Too Slow...


Oh and for facial recognition software and tracking in general.

Yay!! We have a winner!

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Government is not the only answer,

I'll give you three more guesses. Ready?


You're much more likely to buy a product or vote for a candidate if the advertisement includes someone who looks like you. With technology advancing the way it is, they might even be able to make it you in the ad. Imagine that, using you in an ad to sell something to you.

Although you may be correct, I think the more likely

"purchaser" would be the government either directly or by way of companies working for the government.

Sure that would be a neat trick.. appeal to a persons vanity/ego.

Do you have any examples of what you say being discussed or used?

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

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I agree that government is not the only culprit here

But lets be honest... aren't the marketers with lobbyists really just another part of the government?

I'm a photographer

and this certainly shitty news. However, I think they'd still need a model release in order to use a photo with a persons face in it.

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Apparently not...

The language would include not only photos of picturesque sunsets on Waikiki, but also images of young children frolicking on the beach, a result that parents might not expect, and which could trigger state privacy laws.


Another unusual addition to Instagram's new policy appears to immunize it from liability, such as class action lawsuits, if it makes supposedly private photos public. The language stresses, twice in the same paragraph, that "we will not be liable for any use or disclosure of content" and "Instagram will not be liable for any use or disclosure of any content you provide."

They may own the website, but

my image is mine! I still have the rights as to how it's used...

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Wouldn't that be nice....

if it was true? You have no rights when it comes to what you post on the internet especially social media type pages. Don't shoot the messenger either, it is really just that simple.

Simple solution. Don't use

Simple solution. Don't use the website, it's a private run business and no one forces anyone to use it. See how helpful I am?

LOL guess again

Did you read the release form before you clicked "I agree"?

Gotta read the fine print

I find it strange that no one

I find it strange that no one reads any contracts anymore... Isn't it freaking crazy. I mean I see people taking out mortgages and don't even read a page before signing. What happened to common sense or should I say uncommon sense now a days.

"They steal your soul."

That is why many native Americans refused to pose for photographs. Of course, the white people laughed at the silly savages.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Is that why supermodels and Actors are so flaky? Have their souls been sucked out of them one photo at a time?

Something to ponder