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Daily Paul being blocked?

I couldn't get on this site all morning. Wasn't until I used another search engine, I had success without Google's....'WHOOPS!

Anyone else having a problem? Saw a clip on YouTube of someone with the problem. Censorship going on here?

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Problems here.

And it seems to happen almost exclusively when I click on Sandy Hook related threads, although when I try to get to my account, I have trouble also. Connection will reset, screen will dance all over the place, only half the screen will load, etc.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Cannot get on

with IE. I have been using safari. IE tries to recover the page and then has to shut down.

Same problem can't use IE .

Same problem can't use IE . Can only get to site thru iPhone.

Can't connect at work

but have no problem at home.
I suspected work place might be "censoring" anything not work related but maybe not.
Work internet uses google - I use start page for home connect.
So maybe it's google??

I couldn't get on yesterday

I couldn't get on yesterday from my work computer using IE when I always could before. I can get on from my phone though.


I've been reading comments about the DP's screen "shaking" and now I'm getting it too.

There's a script running, and Firefox asks if I want it to continue, or block it, and when I choose to block it my screen goes into an endless seizure like it's reloading something over and over.

I just happened again, and asked if I wanted to stop this Script: (http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.3/jquery.min...)

Yep been having trouble getting on for a week,

Keep daily paul in favs and when i click on the D P header comes up followed by this tab has been recovered followed by microsoft error send report dont send.My pc windows 32bit xp,using different searh engines for old links as they will only work 1 or 2 times.Anyway new pc in january,Hope this problem can be solved cheers...



I can't get on the front page at all anymore!


The problem has continued on and off

for the past few days. I still have to use this post link sent to me via email to access DP. Today I noticed that when I clicked on another post, and DON'T CLICK ON IT, IF YOU ARE HAVING PROBLEMS http://www.dailypaul.com/265890/daily-paul-end-of-the-world-..., I get kicked off again.

Anybody else experiencing that, too?

My usual link to the DP kept getting stuck and kicking me off.

So I Googled DP and used an old DP story to get here.

Seems to work OK for now - not great by any means.

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It might be Firefox

I noticed that if I sent a message to the University I attend, I could fill in the top boxes, but when I tried to leave a message in the message box, I couldn't click and type in it. I was using Firefox. I went through the IT department and they couldn't fix the problem.

I exited out of Firefox and opened Safari. Now I can type in the message box. Firefox worked within the University system up until a few months ago.

I am using Internet Explorer version 7

Can't access the front page at all most of the time. It says it IE has encountered a problem and needs to shut down. I don't have this problem with any site but DP.


You are not alone, skippy d.

Been experiencing that for a few days with version 7. I think the problem is with this post AND DON'T CLICK ON THE LINK OR YOU'LL GET THROWN OFF AGAIN! http://www.dailypaul.com/265890/daily-paul-end-of-the-world-...


Thanks everyone for answering. I do use my server, AOL, to get here [normally] but Google flagged me and shut it off repeatedly. Tried Google, same thing. Tried Start page, same thing. Then after repeated attempts, rebooting several times with no success, tried other sites with success. Remembered Dogpile, got in. Had to use dogpile this time too. This is strange. Maybe Michael has the answer. Looks like quite a few are having a problem too.


I've been having the same problem for the past 2 days.

Got this thread emailed to me by a fellow DP member and friend who knows I was not able to get to this site from my browser (using Windows 7). Thinking about changing to Firefox. What's going on?

Just tried to access DP through the "favorites" button and again I could not do it. Still have to use the link to this thread I was sent to get to DP! Very strange.

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did experience an interruption...

It said to try again later.

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Same here...

I generally just pull it up on my taskbar..had to get jiggy with it..Here I am...I thought maintenance was going on ??

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Trouble here too.

IE wouldn't let DP load. I then realized my computer's clock/calendar was set a week ahead. Fixed the clock, that solved the problem.

Now, my computer at work won't load the DP. Clock/calendar is correct...Very frustrating.

I have been having trouble...

...with multiple searches with Google. For example I wasn't able to access the Rand Paul 2016 page with Google. It's weird...

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



same here. Have to quickly

same here. Have to quickly click "forums" at the top before it crashes, or else use a search engine to get in.

I used "wordy"...Now I understand why we're all here ..LOL !!


Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

it started up all wonky on

it started up all wonky on firefox and then it was ok again

ie works fine every where

ie works fine every where elseon websites . It is dp updating its backend not ie. It is up to websites to update their own sites to work cross browser.

If dp decided to do this as a joke. Then the joke is on them as new people will not bother to check other browsers etc. they just click close and leave.

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Same problem...

same concerns.

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Looks like a problem with Internet Explorer

The site loads fine using the Firefox browser, but IE crashes when I try to enter the DP.

This confirms my long-held opinion that the primary useful function of Internet Explorer is allowing the downloading of a better browser.

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ie works fine every where

ie works fine every where else. It is dp updating its backend not ie. It is up to websites to update their own sites to work cross browser.

If dp decided to do this as a joke. Then the joke is on them as new people will not bother to check other browsers etc. they just click close and leave.

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Other factors..

What are you using for your internet connection.

Is it at work (they may filter web traffic), public (they may filter as well), or home (does anyone filter traffic in your home?).

What do you use for a browser? (This makes a difference with some problems).

I'll also mention what other people have said, just in a different way.

It is a good idea not to use a search engine to go to sites that you already know. If you want dailypaul.com, just type it into the address bar (at the top of your browser), not the search field/box of whatever search engine you are using. Using a search engine to look up a site you already know just adds a layer between you and the site, where anything can happen (anything the search engine decides or accidentally does). Also, search engines can keep track of your searches and click results. Either way, using a search engine for this purpose adds an unnecessary step that can complicate things.

Occasional site hick-ups happen. Yet, it sounds like you are experiencing more than that.

Another thing to try is a different browsers.

Also, you can try looking through your browsers' settings and clear the cache.

There is no great way of knowing without looking over your shoulder while you encounter the problem.

Hope some of this helped.

odds are dp hasn't updated

odds are dp hasn't updated something or has errors in their own backend!

dp has turned into sometype of slot machine for me as everything spins then drops to the bottom .

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Why do you need a search

Why do you need a search engine to get to the DP? All you do is type in www.dailypaul.com where the website address goes in your web browser & it will take you directly here.

It's not necessary to use a search engine to get here, although I know a lot of people go to websites that way.

Just to test it out, I went to Google and searched for "dailypaul," the DP was the first result in the search. Same when searching for "dailypaul.com" and "www.dailypaul.com" as well.

Seems to be working just fine.


typing in the web address

usually works for me, but not today. I get an error window now. Favorites link won't work either. Had to go through a link on dogpile.com. I still can't get the home page to load.