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Daily Paul being blocked?

I couldn't get on this site all morning. Wasn't until I used another search engine, I had success without Google's....'WHOOPS!

Anyone else having a problem? Saw a clip on YouTube of someone with the problem. Censorship going on here?

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it is not, dp needs to update

it is not, dp needs to update or fix their own error's. I get a slot machine effect when dp comes up and sometimes only a banner. I assume dp needs updates so it will work correctly across browsers.

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Can't get here through favorites anymore. Tried typing in the web address directly...got me here, but the only the top banner would load. Finally got on through a link on dogpile.com (first 2 links didn't work, 3rd one was the charm).

I also had a problem getting the screen to load

Works now.


gets here every time

Yes, but.....

When this happens just try a second way in, like go thru your account link. That's how I got in.

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Just tried Google, Bing, and Startpage. The Daily Paul came up first every time.


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I have to go into my favorites to get in.

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I have it on the bookmark tool-bar and it works fine!