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HA, HA! Lovin' the DP Quakes and Frame Shakes! Creative and Fun!

Just thought I'd send a shoutout to the smarties who coded the DP to shake, rattle and roll in light of the predictions that Earth is going to crumble and go to heck in a hand basket on December 21, only days away! Ahhhhhhh *pulls hair* :-P

Thanks for the fun, guys. I haven't seen this thing anywhere else on the Internet. I just wish I could experience more of it. It's happened to me only three or four times. I just witnessed falling text and graphics a couple minutes ago for my first time. That's my favorite one so far. That and the sides shaking are what I've seen. What other Earth ending graphics are there? =D Fun!

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What am I missing here? I'm not getting the sitequakes, but...

...I can't get on the dailypaul without first finding an article on google search and entering that way.
When I simple type in dailypaul.com in the URL window, internet explorer shuts down and won't let me in.
I.e. I can't get to the dailypaul through the front door.
Can anyone explain this? I know it's happening to others as well.
AND I want to see these siteguakes dammit! I'm being ripped off twice!

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stop using IE

(as FAQ recommends)
use chrome: http://www.google.com/chrome
Don't like Google? Then use chromium, the open source browser Google adopted to make chrome: http://download-chromium.appspot.com/
Don't like fast things or having lots of memory? Use firefox: http://mozilla.org/firefox

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Very, VERY cool! Thanks again.


VERY cool, thanks.