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I am so happy I do not own a television!

After all the hoopla online, listening to NPR and just watching a pompous limey belittle his guest on CNN...

I am thankful I do not own a TV. Well.. I own one so my daughter can play video games and we can watch movies. No antenna. No cable.. and complete sanity!!!

I imagine the TV is pounding the school massacre day and night. NPR is so obviously biased toward gun control its beyond measure.

In 2007, FOX intentionally censored Ron Paul in rebroadcast of a debate. For me, it was the highlight of the entire campaign. I was jumping for joy because Dr. Paul spanked their ass on an 'electability' question:


I was so angry when that moment was censored in rebroadcast that I broke my TV.. literally. From that moment on I decided that I would never allow that crap in my home again. No other portion of the debate was cut.. just Dr. Paul.

Moral of the story? Turn off your TV. My life has been so much more fulfilling. Commercials? Never see them!!! Watching politico's beat their chest and do the exact opposite? Never see it.

Getting my news from the DailyPaul and online in general?


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my tv is collecting dust

glad I don't have to watch the CIA pardon me CNN network.

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One can have a TV

and not watch those ridiculous channels...I don't even know what the channel numbers are (CNN, Fox, MSNBC). Hubby likes sports so...we have a TV.

But we are selective...and have weak stomachs...ha, ha.

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I second your joy

I have caught sight of the TV passing though restaurants and bars over the past week, and have seen them broadcasting the images of the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I can't imagine having to live with that inside my home.

I notice that whenever there is a TV in a room, people's eyes always gravitate towards it, as if they need to get their "programming." It is the ultimate mind control device.

After having lived so long without it, it is hard for me anymore to understand the appeal of TV.

Thanks for the post.

Yup. TV is evil.

I am amazed at how people stare at it like zombies and believe anything it says. Its flat out creepy. I equate it as part of my 'waking' up. Once you no longer trust or have witnessed what we all have.. its hard to want TV around me or my daughter.

This may sound corny.. Ive been completely sober for about a month. No alcohol. I haven't gone more than 5 days without whiskey since 2001. I realized I had a problem and decided to stop. It was tough for the first couple weeks. I slipped up 3 times but didn't beat myself up. It was very hard to beat the craving.

A funny thing happened. I started feeling better. Taking better care of myself. Thinking clearly. Caring more. Felt inspired and motivated to push myself.

It looks like I will have the financing for my new business. I have been working on this plan nearly everyday for over a month. I found a niche and plan to exploit it.

I feel incredible. The bags under my eyes are gone. I have so much energy that it is hard to contain. My head is clear.

My daughter and I continue to get closer and closer. I was able to get gifts for all the children in our family for Xmas.

I have the nicest outfit on that I have ever worn. Im dapper all the way down to the socks. Even a fresh haircut.

It feels like I have life by the short and curlies. Im happy.

Making the front page of the DailyPaul for my thoughts is the icing on a beautiful cake.

Thank you so much Mr. Nystrom.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

P.Nicholson - www.livingsobersucks.com is how I beat my

bad habit of excessive drinking. I stopped drinking alcohol completely for almost 3 years but there are times when I'm invited out or even back when I went to a RP meetup group that telling people I didn't drink was more of a pain than just having a beer.

EVERYTIME when I would say I don't drink people would all of the sudden change and act like I was going to go on a bender if they drank in front of me. I've completely broken the bad habit of drinking and I have never bought a beer or liquor since I "stopped" drinking almost 4 years ago.

Tonight I have to go to a company meeting at a resturant and everyone I work with drinks (most excessively) and I'll probably have 2 maybe 3 beers. Drinking doesn't act on my brain the way it used to. I have full control over alcohol now. I can honestly take it or leave it.

I tried quiting drinking for probably 15 years and failed everytime until I found livingsobersucks and Mark Tuschell. Mark has been sober for over 6 years and says he will never drink again. Even though I no longer 100% abstain from alcohol...I've never gotten drunk or even buzzed since I stopped. I tell people now that "Not Drinking Alcohol" is my "Policy" but I have waivers and provide myself with exceptions on occasion. I love the CONTROL I have over alcohol now. It can be done. I'm proof!

Check out livingsobersucks.com and communicate with Mark if you want to. Hes a crazy motherfcuker but his ideas worked for me where AA and other recovery methods failed.

I do think you have to go at least 1 year without any alcohol for your brain to re-adjust. If you don't go at least a year without booze and work though every situation you run across WITHOUT alcohol...I believe most heavy drinkers will get right back into the bad habit again. Something definitely changed in my brain after stopping compeltely for so long. Its one of the best things I've ever accomplished in my life! Hang tough!

Thank you!

I like the way you quote 'stopped' drinking. I am in that boat also. I have had a few drinks but it is getting farther and farther apart. Something inside me just changed. I no longer wanted the comfort(?) of alcohol. It never contributed anything good in my life and I didn't start until I went through a lot of personal trauma in my late 20's. Alcohol has a way of numbing pain that is unlike any other drug.

It is hard sometimes. Last night I was craving alcohol pretty badly but I made it through.. strange though, because the night before there was my favorite whiskey and wine in the house and I didn't have the urge a bit. Turned it down repeatedly while my guest and roommate got hammered. (on a side note, I am staying with a wealthy friend of mine until my house is ready. He drinks all day everyday. He has family money and has never had to work a day in his life. He has every toy imaginable, lives in a million dollar house and women trip over themselves trying to get at him. Yet, he is miserable.)

Marijuana helps me with the cravings. I don't smoke a lot. Just a toke or two and the anxiety leaves. My mind opens up and ideas starting flowing through me like water through a hose. Its a funny thing.. How is such a wonderful drug demonized but yet alcohol gets a free pass in our society? Absolutely baffles me.

Thank you for sharing. I'm gonna continue plugging away at my plans and keeping myself sober. I truly enjoy the way that I feel now. I can't wait to see what happens next. :)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Agree with celeste - great post

You should make this into a thread of its own so it gets wider visibility for others who can be helped by this info.

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Was beautiful.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
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