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I just realized what Boehner is doing..

It just occured to me what the whole conservative "purge" was all about.

Amash and the others were purged because they didn't vote the way leadership wanted them to right? However, I don't believe the purge was in response to past votes...it was to make an example of them to other conservatives for the upcoming vote on fiscal cliff issues.

You see all these articles on how Boehner and Obama are going back and forth on various compromises that alway include raising taxes. So how is Boehner going to get conservatives to support raising taxes? He makes an example of those who vote against leadership by purging them from committees.

So it seems to me as if this is all a buildup to force other Republicans and conservatives to vote for something they would never vote for otherwise. Especially since the death of the whole earmark thing, the leadership is finding it harder to keep the rank and file in line.

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How many Congressional seats are filled by the runner-up?

The President was elected by 30% of the voting population.

And the winner was nobody, who never campaigned and didn't even spend a red cent.

Free includes debt-free!

The build up, the set up, the politics

staying in is the name of the game, and so of course, politics is like going through pergatory with moments in hell and heaven.

I think Obama suggested to Boehner, he get the conservatives off the committee, so they can get the bankers money they both want.


Then you should tell Boehner what he is doing because he clearly does not know what he is doing. I think he is drunk again.

Being in Bohener's good graces means that much?

Don't know. Is a committee appointment so important that it will force a vote against principle, and the reasons people voted for the incumbent in the first place? If so, what it is is characterless republican representatives, that's what it is! A band of opportunists, sucking up to leadership. Be a robot, be corruptible! MY feeling is not so pessimistic. Do believe most reps will vote their conscience anyway, regardless of internal House consequences.

When you get booted off the committee....

...it means you get cut off from the stream of $$$$ coming from the lobbyists who own that committee.

I think most here saw that coming.

It's all for show to maintain the false left-right paradigm. They know and most here know where this was headed from day one. They have to make it APPEAR there's a real debate going on and "our side" is fighting hard for us. Thus they need to remove any roadblocks while also sending a message.

But in the end the choices made will change nothing in the direction of fixing the economy. It will be more kicking the can down the road. Meanwhile the politicians on both sides will pat themselves on the back, boasting what a huge victory this was for Americans, that our *ahem* courageous leaders were able to "come to the table and work together on a solution." Gee aren't we so lucky to have them? Each side will then go home to their constituents and lie, telling them "we didn't get everything we wanted but we did manage to get A,B & C added into the bill", as if there was some other possible outcome, that we should be grateful for what they so bravely fought for and successfully got us. "Yay us!" the blind will feel as we slide further into ruin.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

they are causing inflation on

they are causing inflation on purpose. it is how they pay for their wars.

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I digress, anyone else bored with current events politics?

I think the OP is right and has a insightful viewpoint here.

I would say studying and discussing politics and worldview stuff is a big hobby of mine. But I tend to feast on political and moral theory and usually find the mechanizations of what the politicians are doing boring.

I mean, we all know whatever baloney sandwich Boner and BHO are planning will be some piece of crappery that is just incrementally worse than whatever we have now. That he's pressuring politicians to vote is the trivia of the business, the pimple on the ass of the leviathan.


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Kinda boring, but kinda interesting too

I get where you're coming from.

Politics reminds me of little kids trying to blame everyone else for what happened, while at the same time taking all the credit. I remember doing the same thing when I was little, and something bad happened, and trying to make it look like it was my sister's fault. It is the exact same mentality.

From that standpoint, I find it pretty fascinating that grown men engage in it. Seeing how they do it is interesting. It is also helpful in order to try to thwart & outmaneuver them in the future... But then it all becomes so petty.

- sigh -

He's the man.

Here is what is happening with the numbers.

Estate tax is set to go from 35% to 55% in 2013, The maximum unified credit will go down from 5 million to 1 million for estate tax exemptions; that means a whopping 4 million dollars per estate will have to be exempt by jan, 2013 or else uncle same will take it in probate.

The capital gains tax is going up to 20%.

the annual gift tax exclusion will go up but the IRS has planned to isolate 3500 families and small business owners and see to it 20% more taxable revenues can be applied to the death tax; allowing creditors to leverage buy-out sole proprietorships who can not afford to keep their companies in their estates.

It is a slow kill method; after 2013 we will see the slippery slope where small companies are no longer transferred to heirs but rather are handed over to creditors or the govt to avoid tax liabilities, this is a way for the IRS to keep low taxes on the middle class while draining their employment opportunities with trickle down taxation.

Meanwhile, the capital effects of QE3 will commence. state property taxes and corporate taxes will go up; affording municipalities to create even bigger rackets around tax lien auctions to land owners... that means deed sales are going to go through the roof as tax lien holders will be able to foreclose on homeowners and take the land for the price of the lien itself. This is already happening but it is set to increase in breadth once property taxes spike as a result of QE3.

this isn't even mentioning that obamacare will start being capitalized in 2013 as well, which could host insurance fraud.

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Peter Schiff yesterday...

...he referred to the Republicans with the old joke:

We've established what you are, now we are just negotiating on a price.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

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Yes, it's called politics

And its rampant - rampant I tell you! - in Congress.

He's the man.

Well I guess it's time to see

Well I guess it's time to see who the true big boys and girls are, and whether they are going to do what is right or worry about what committee they may be kicked out of. I assure them all..it is better to be kicked out of the committee than be replaced from their jobs by us, their paycheck.

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

And BINGO was his name-O.

You nailed it!

And for the clincher, get this.

Amash and Schweikert, et al., will be right back to the appointments as soon as those votes are over and the "conservatives" "lost" the vote.

The "conservatives" will still get to vote no, but will have gotten political cover from appearing to have been "booted by Boehner".

And then they'll be right back.

And will do nothing.

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I'd be shocked if they got their positions back after the vote

Why would they even bother with that. Politics is bloodsport, and they go for the kill. What advantage could Boehner gain by giving the positions back?

I doubt it will happen, but I'll keep an open mind

He's the man.

Prepare yourself, then.

They might not get the same ones, but they'll get similar ones.

They needed cover to escape the votes coming. They received it.

It's standard DC "duck and cover".

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Keep us posted please.

He's the man.

Most In Politics Only Care About Getting Re-Elected

The Constitution and the people be damned!