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Proof The Mayan "End of Days" Is a Fraud: Obama Administration Moving All Out To Ban Guns

Proof The Mayan "End of Days" Is a Fraud: Obama Administration Moving All Out To Ban Guns

I never bought into the gloom and doom concerning the end of days. I believe the Mayans were just pointing to the end of an ERA..

Does anyone really believe that if the Mayan rumor were true, the Obamanoid wouldn't be out rounding up our guns, going on TV with 'Fake' tears, interrupting my 49er game, and pissing me off to no end.

There is no end of days. There might not be an end of days in my life time.

The end of days is more of the same old BS. It's just another big distraction, attempting to keep the people in fear. It's about always the people distracted with some sort of useless nonesense and away from the real important issues of our time.

Moreover, there is a perception out there that this Mayan BS is a widespread belief. Personally, I havn't met one sane person who believe the world is going into the crapper on the 21st of December..

Is it just another distraction? What say you?

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Its going to happen. You

Its going to happen. You have to know how to read the signs, have you not noticed how the days have gotten so short lately??? And what about the weather, just a few months ago it was so much hotter. Now, in just a few short months, I'm having to wear a coat many days. And the cows, they've been acting really weird lately. They always know when something is up ya know. Did you know the aliens have been pumping chemicals into the sun the last few months? It probably poison that will spew into the Earth's atmosphere right around 21 DEC 2012 from a massive solar flare...

Ya gotta know the signs men...

Obama is grabbing guns cause he's one of them, he don't wanna get capped.

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for the laughs

How Obama Ban band Guns

When everybody is labeled with a mental disorder.Gun permits will be a thing of the past.Just like people with a criminal past.Take this seriously.Article in 'Silver Bear Cafe'.com Under economic war Blog.Interesting article.

Money talks and dogs bark

Tax The People Untill They Bleed!

Keep Them Bleeding...Ban Band -Aids!


How Obama bans Hand Guns.

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Money talks and dogs bark